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Page 3 - Forum discussion tagged with Facebook.
  1. Pesto Crumb

    Can't overclock after bios update

    Hi I have a msi h81m-p33 and a g3258 cpu with ballistix sport 8gb ram. When i first got it i was able to OC the g3258 but i just updated the bios to v1.10 and it refuses to OC now. It let me overclock the ram.
  2. A

    Samsung Magician System Compatibilty

    So whenever I'm in Samsung Magician, it constantly bugs me with this message. I have no idea what it wants me to do. Anyone have any similar experience or knows if this causes issues?
  3. Ivan Pavlovic

    [SOLVED] Sata to 6pin

    So i got hp compaq 8300 elite and since it has different psu there is not any molex in it so could i use sata to 6 pin to power my r7 360 2gb card in it or is it not safe to use sata to power gpu this way?
  4. S

    [SOLVED] [Q&A] SSD|HDD|Optane Memory

    Hey Guys! Just got the new Pc, but unfortunately because of lack of money, couldn't buy SSD! So now I'm up for it after 30 days! The question is I tried searching a lot... And found out that SSD makes things faster what's installed inside it, it doesn't boost up the performance of the HDD. Ex...
  5. J

    [SOLVED] What are Windows insider users thoughts on it, is it recommendable?

    Is it a viable option as a primary OS on your primary ? If yes what is better slow or fast? Can you get it for free on a new pc? Is it worth it?
  6. W

    Adding 1x8GB to 2x4GB RAM also adding Samsung evo 970

    Hey, I want to add Samsung evo 970 500GB and 1x8 GB ram to my PC would that be possible ? Current Ram : RipJaws V 2x4GB 2400MHz 15CL 1.2v Ram I want to add : Kingston HyperX Fury 1x8GB 2400 MHz 15CL 1.2v Motherboard : MSI Z170-A PRO CPU : I5 6600k GPU : GTX 1060 6GB SSD 120 GB,HDD 1TB Would...
  7. I

    Zyxel router hacked by fing apk

    My zyxel router is being hacked by fing.apk which steals the session of the dynamic guests that login by the username and password derived by the zyxel router...the session time just counts on the actual users but the internet connection is stolen and used by the hacker
  8. domc4354

    SSD causes CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED on fresh install

    • i7-6700k CPU • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB GPU • 8GB DDR4 Memory • MSI b150 Gaming M3 Motherboard • Sandisk SSD Plus 120GB • CPU-Z text report: https://pastebin.com/raw/UhHhEhT0 I've tried reinstalling windows multiple times, different cables, updating and manually installing SATA AHCI...
  9. M

    Can i fit b450m and gtx 1060 in this case

    I recently bought gigabyte b450 m ds3h and ryzen 5 2600 and a gtx 1060 and now i am planning to buy this case called jonsbo rm3 ! Is this case compatible with all the parts that i have mentioned ! First time building a pc
  10. F

    Question about PSU and GPU

    im thinking to buy a EVGA gtx 760 4gb, so it needs 6+8 pin connector, so my PSU does not have a 8 pin connector, just a 6 pin, so my question is if i can just connect the 6pin connector to the 760 until i buy a new PSU soon (PD: I found gtx 760 cheap, and i dont have too much money to buy...
  11. D

    rate my pc build

    rate my new pc build https://pcpartpicker.com/list/XdC8XP
  12. P

    8700k clock speed always at max?

    I overclocked my delidded 8700k to 5.0mhz at 1.35 volts. I set the AVX Offset to 2 which I think means -200 since the description in the bios says it's in the negative and silicon lottery said to set it at that number. My clock speed is always at 4.8-5.0Mhz when idle. Is this normal? Is there...
  13. N

    Swapping to nvidia card

    My pc has 2 cards an nvidia card and an intel built in card. I cannot get my pc to swap back to my nvidia card for some stupid reason, it only ever starts up on the built in card and doesn’t activate the nvidia card, therefore i cannot access the nvidia control panel to swap cards. I’ve tried...
  14. V

    Buying a second monitor, what components should i upgrade?

    Hi! I have a 60hz monitor and want to add a 144hz monitor. This is what i have in my pc currently: -Cooler Master B500 500W PSU -Intel Core i7-4790 -ASUS B85M-G, Socket-1150 -HyperX Fury DDR3 1600MHz 8GB -GeForce GTX 960 2GB -1TB SSHD -250 Samsung SSD I use my setup for mostly gaming. What...
  15. reclus

    Unstable Wifi / Cable internet after re-installing and updating windows 10

    Hi everyone, The problem all started when it freezes everytime when I tried to login to windows 10. It either freezed right at the login screen, in which I can’t even type, or it freezed right after I log into windows. So I decided to check windows update and see if there’s any fix, no luck...
  16. N

    Gaming PC displaying no video

    Hey guys, Normally I'm decent with electronics etc.. but I'm completely stumped! Here is the issue: Recently upgraded my 3D 1080P optoma projector HD26 to a 4k 3d optoma projector UHD51A, using a 4k 3d sony receiver Str-dn1050 (7 Hdmi in and 3 hdmi out) For the life of me I cannot display video...
  17. S

    CPU at 100% all the time - no idea what is causing it

    So I have pretty high end gaming PC. I just recently noticed my CPU is at 100% during idle and all the time after booting. It never drops below 100% even there shouldn't be anything running. All cores running 4700 Mhz (XMP on from bios, has no effect when it's off either tho) 60C temp in idle...
  18. K

    I want to upgrade my motherboard while making sure it's compatible with my current parts.

    I bought my pc back in 2014 pre-built but wanted to use to graphics cards with SLI only to find out that my current one does not support it. What's a better alternative that's still compatible with my current parts? Current Motherboard: Gigabyte - GA-Z97-HD3 ATX LGA1150 CPU: Intel core...
  19. C

    Periodical no start-up

    So I bought a bunch of delicious components that worked fine for about 2 weeks. My problem is that my computer sometimes doesn’t turn on, there is absolutely no response when I press the power button. My solution have been to pull everything out except the cpu and then it has usually helped...