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    Question PC front panel USB strange situation

    Hi, I just build a new pc. I have a strange problem. When i plug out a USB from the front panel hub, the PC turns on or turns off (depends if the pc is on or off when i plug out the usb). It could be some sort of short circuit with the front panel USB hub and power switch pin? Does someone have...
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    [SOLVED] How does passive cooling work?

    Hello, I am interested in how does passive cooling work. Here are just some questions i have: Why is some sort of metal used? Would not that make it hotter? What is the difference between using cooper and aluminium? Does one conduct more heat? Does the heatsink need to be high or is it okay...
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    [SOLVED] Kindly give advice

    Is Dell Optiplex 9010 (Ultra Small Form Factor) suitable for upgrade GT 1030 ddr5 ? I am planning to buy GT 1030 graphic card to improve gaming performance
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    Intel 9th Gen CPUs Are Great...if You Can Find Them

    Intel's 9th generation Core processors are suffering from high prices and low stock. Intel 9th Gen CPUs Are Great...if You Can Find Them : Read more
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    looking 4 upgrades

    my system is as follows windows 10 64 bit. CPU amd FX6300 vishera 32nm technology. ram 24.0 gb dual channel ddr3 @ 669MHz (9-9-9-24) motherboard gigabyte970a -DS3P FX(CPU 1) graphics nvidia geforce GTX 1050 ti (msi) storage 1 tb hard drive and 120 gb ssd1 optical drives asus DRW-24B1st j...
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    How to get ms office 2007 key

    I am unable to get product key ms office 2007
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    Help with buying the right monitor for casual gaming!

    Hello, i would like to ask for help choosing the right monitor to better suit my needs. My budget for the monitor will be 240-260 EUR, i live in the EU, i will be using it mainly for casual 1080p gaming and watching series/movies. My cpu will be the Intel i5-8600k and gpu will be the GTX 1070ti...
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    Any idea what is causing this mild white light?

    So im using a Radeon R9 390x but whenever im in game im getting very faded white lights. For example in Payday 2 it is rows of very faded white squares and in league of legends its almost like moving white bars. Just to be clear i am running the newest drivers. I rolled back the drivers to the...
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    I want to sell my old used PC parts, but i have no idea how much i should ask.

    So as the title says, i kinda need help on what i should ask ish, Im from belgium as well and im the first owner of all the parts. None of them ever got overclocked :) i3-4160 3,6 GHz + stock cooler Asus AMD Radeon R7 260x 2GB 2GD5 (http://) Crucial Ballistix Sport 8gb-1600 MSI H81M-E34
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    Case air flow question

    Hey guys. I've recently build my pc for the first time and had a question about airflow. My case is a NZXT h700i, i have a 360mm radiator with 3 120mm fans on the front as intake. 3x 120mm fans on the top as exhaust and a 140mm fan on the rear as exhaust. But im waiting for my 1080 ti ftw3...
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    USB Safety remove not showing only when Front Panel USB was used.

    I recently built a new system with Gigabyte GA-AB350M-DS3H and a Tecware Quad Case with One USB 3.1 Gen 1 and Two USB 2.0 Front Panel USB Headers. My problem is that every time I use these front panel USB headers, the safety remove device icon does not show on the taskbar unlike when flash...