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  1. H

    Question 2 Clicking noises, Stuck at boot. (main SSD + HDD)

    View: Removing the gpu did not fix it.
  2. Elias1996

    Question my laptop underperforming!!!

    i have an asus fx506lu laptop core i5 10300h with gtx 1660ti and it stutters like crazy in games with low fps i have reinstalled windows 3 time updated bios and drivers and nothing works i used benchmarking software and it is normal all high scores it just stutters and bad performance in games...
  3. K

    Question Repair a Burnt GTX 1080?

    I have a GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1080 Mini ITX 8GB GDDR5X 256bit (GV-N1080IX-8GD) graphics card that is burnt. Can it be fixed? Here are some photos: 1 2 The other side doesn't show any damage.
  4. F

    Question What else can I do to fix my R9 270x

    So I bought a R9 270x listed as broken/for parts as a learning project to see if I could fix it. so far I have gotten a very garbled and messed up display on it but only during the first day of me fixing this, ive tried flashing new bios, updating new and old drivers onto it, cleaning it, and I...
  5. lebuiten

    Question How to fix PC Bootlooping only shows VGA BIOS

    few days ago, my PC malfunctioned. When i tried to turn on my PC, it suddenly got into a boot loop for some unknown reasons. It only turns on, shows the VGA BIOS, turns off, and then repeat. Solutions that he i tried to do : -Unplugged the PSU cable and press the start button for 30 seconds then...
  6. H

    Question PC Bootloop Only Shows VGA BIOS Can't Fix

    (Posting this for a friend) A few hours ago, my friend came up to me for help regarding his PC which had just malfunctioned. When he tried to turn on his PC, it suddenly got into a boot loop for some unknown reasons. It only turns on, shows the VGA BIOS, turns off, and then repeat. Solutions...
  7. R

    Question Clean up tips/tricks for dog urine on computer ?

    Earlier this week, my cousin's dog urinated all over her desktop tower. She quickly unplugged and removed and side panels to allow the components to air dry. Last night I managed to pick up the computer and brought it home with me to see if I could fix it. Today I tried and booted up the...
  8. R

    Question Graphics Card Not Powering On After Hard Crash

    I'm fairly certain my graphics card may have just fried, but looking for any hail mary I can try since I bought it second hand and I'm fairly certain I can't get it fixed via RMA. The card in question is a Gigabyte Windforce RTX 3090. Purchased back in February, been working fine for the most...
  9. RedDeadSpaceCowboy

    Question Certain games cause TV monitor to show no signal ?

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew a fix for this. When playing certain games, my TV (which I am using as a monitor) shows no signal. This only happens with games that auto-launch in a lower resolution such as older Call of Duty games. For certain games, Alt + Enter can force the game to...
  10. Question Black screen when turn on computer! HELP

    So i got this gtx 1050, and when I turn on my computer, it wont show on display, it did detect and fan does spin but it doesn't show anything, even the bios. I have uninstall drivers and I have reset bios and everything nothing work. How do I fix it? please help me.
  11. I

    Question Rear audio output not working

    So I plugged in my other headphones into the front to test them while my original headphones were in the back. now they don't work while in the rear port. I want the rear port to work so I can access it easier. They still work while in front port.
  12. N

    Question No picture on second monitor (only on one computer)

    I've had an Acer AL1916 monitor for a while but never used it, so I decided to use it as a second monitor. Bought an HDMI-to-VGA adapter, connected it, and no picture (monitor is detected, shows up correctly in screenshots but on the actual monitor - black screen). I can confirm the adapter...
  13. M

    Question Welcome screen freezes, pc freezes and lags after i open apps after booting.

    When i boot up my pc i either, freeze at the welcome screen when i sign in, or i sign in sucsesfully and try to do my normal stuff and my pc freezes and lags badly, i have updated windows, drivers, scanned my pc for viruses and ran a disk clean up. Nothing has helped!!
  14. R

    Question When i press my left and up arrow key, it does not do anything but if i hold it, there are beep sounds.

    I checked everything, i unplugged it and switched to another port still nothing, keyboard is brand new working fine, but this thing bothers me. also im not on a laptop btw.
  15. I

    [SOLVED] Only one monitor works when both used together ?

    Hi everyone, about a month or so ago I disconnected my 4k 32 inch philips monitor because of some setup issues I had to fix and last week when I tried to reconnect my monitor it wouldn't work with my other monitor anymore, It used to just work and now I can only turn on one monitor, they both...


    So I've had this computer for a while now and the specs are pretty good in my opinion but the FPS I get is laughable. I have two pcs and they both seem to have this issue (The parts are listed below). With League of Legends STRUGGLING TO STAY AT 144 FPS and other games like Call of Duty warzone...
  17. Yisrael Nagar

    Question Burnt GTX 1070

    Hi, I recently found an old hdmi splitter and tried connecting it to my PC. I stupidly made the mistake of using the wrong power cable with a higher voltage on the splitter and it immediately ruined my graphics card and computer screen. The graphics card had a burnt smell... My graphics card is...
  18. simonhero1

    [SOLVED] GPU screen flashing after unstable overclock

    Overclocked my GPU with MS Afterburner, stress tested it with MSI Kombustor In MS Kombustor it was fine, but as soon as I turned on CSGO i got to a creepy screen. It was brown mixed with green, it was flashing crazely, there was a vigette effect around it. I was creeped but continiued to watch...
  19. pmz94

    [SOLVED] How can I fix my fan

    I have a Cooler Master Sickleflow X for a long time and it became too noisy. I wanted to lube it to kill it's noise but it got it's bearing sealed. How can I fix this noise? One curious thing is I actually have 2 of this fan model adquired the same time, one for intake, one for exhaust the...
  20. Zaxter

    Question HP Notebook 14 Left Mouse Button Fix

    Hello, I have an issue with my left mouse button that has been bugging me for a while now. It's slightly sinking down on the right side, so it's hard to press the top right of the button, and impossible to press the bottom right. I literally have no idea how to fix this. My laptop is HP 14...
  21. S

    Question alienware area 51m micro stuttering

    As the title states, recently I have been having issues with my laptop whenever i play games. The games i tend to play are games like tekken 7, league of legends, and and old mmo ragnarok online. It seems to stutter every 30 sec - 1 minute in frequency. I run a rtx 2060, 32 gb ram, i7 9700k and...
  22. crimson123123123

    Question my gpu is lagging

    I have motherboard ASUS P8H61-M LX3 R2.0 I was running it with its integrated gpu, then i bought asus gt 730 d3 2gb and i put it in, when i switched to the new gpu, pc became way slower and couldn't run games that integrated could, can anyone give me solution for this?
  23. malvinruslie

    [SOLVED] Color Bleeding

    Hello, I have 2 monitors. One is an old monitor which is 60Hz, and my new monitor is the Asus VG249Q 144Hz and I'm confused about calibrating the colors and I can't seem to eliminate the color bleeding in my new monitor? VG249Q - 144Hz - Color Bleeding Asus VS228 - 60Hz - No Color Bleed How...
  24. U

    Question Gaming Pc randomly shutting down while playing games

    So im having this issue that has started recently that is causing games like Escape from Tarkov or Red Dead when under load to randomly start shutting my PC down no blue screen no error nothing. Im not sure if it is the PSU which i think could be the problem however i just built this PC in...
  25. SQUinn107777

    [SOLVED] Support assist Bios install stuck

    I received a notification from dell that said run support assist to see if your drivers are up to date so I did and I installed my out of date drives keep in mind this is a brand new pc my alien ware aurea r11 bios was out of date this is the problem tho it’s stuck on installing and when you...
  26. SQUinn107777

    [SOLVED] Now we have some important setup to do

    I just bought an Alienware aura R11 and it’s been stuck on the now we have some important setup to do screen for 20 minutes now how long should I wait before I try restarting it
  27. B

    [SOLVED] Need help with my laptop after power surge!

    Hello, recently there was a power surge/power outage and my after that my laptop stopped working. I googled it and tried some methods where it says that the battery may be a problem or the cables but it didn’t work. Took it to a guy to see it and he said the problem is at the chipset and he...
  28. D

    Toshiba Satellite l550-19x - Potential Upgrades.

    Hi Everyone, I have dusted off my old laptop (Toshiba Satellite l550-19x which was having power issues before i "retired" it. I'm considering upgrading/fixing it over the holidays however i'm fairly new to the whole rebuild/upgrade scene. I've looked online a bit for advice on potential...
  29. DoriD

    [SOLVED] My RAM runs on 800MHz instead of it's supposed 2400Mhz

    Hello there, I just came accross realizing that my Hyperx Beast DDR3 8GB 2400Mhz runs only on 800MHz. My motherboard model is MSI z97i Gaming AC. Thank you.
  30. N

    Question Computer has various sudden problems

    Basically, this started with my GPU making a loud noise because one of the fans was a little off of it's bearing. Along with this, my PC wouldn't boot. The monitor would stay black. I switched out the GPU for an old crappy one, and it still won't boot. Finally, after maybe 30 seconds of not...
  31. InfinityPegasus

    [SOLVED] Please someone help me fix my pc :((

    Idk really know how to word this and it might be kind of long, if this is a bad place to post this somebody please help redirect me, I haven't been able to get any help yet. So basically, about 9 months ago I built my first gaming pc ever, and now when I run games, a lot sometimes run slightly...
  32. MIDROU

    Question Help problems with games !

    i have been noticing recently that my games have been logging more and more worse (pixelated,bad shadows,blue...) i was wondering if any of you can help cpu:intel i3-9100f gpu:it geforce 1660 super ram:8gb (running windows on ssd and some games on hdd but i dont think its the problem) for...
  33. Youxxef627

    Question Broken although light turns on ?

    Hello, im trying to build my new pc right now and I wanted to try outside the case if my components would turn on. Unfortunately they didnt. So im asking myself right now if my motherboard could be broken because I wasnt the most careful person. So my question is can it be broken although the...
  34. JojoErik

    Question How to fix monitor screem

    Hello, today i spot these white screen flickers. How to fix? it scares me. Ty. for your reply
  35. O

    Question Why only ram slot 4 working how to fix

    My computer was working completely fine I decided to clean my filters and took out my gpu to clean the fans I plugged everything back in and my computer would turn on and turn off again and again I saw that the dram light was on my motherboard so I took my ram out and tried every slot and my...
  36. mati99

    Question No display on boot - 1 long 2 short LED flashes, what might be wrong?

    Hi guys I recently replaced my motherboard as my PC was not working - and picked up an Asus Strix Z270-I , which according to pcpartpicker is compatible with the rest of my build which consists of : i5 6500 CPU Palit 750ti GPU Kingston HyperX Fury 2x 4Gb RAM 480W EVGA PSU What happened with...
  37. M

    Question Headphones have bad quality sound if i activate my headphone mic?

    I have the JBL Tune500 Bluetooth headphones. When I have the mic on with the headset on, the sound is distorted and very bad. you always hear a crack in your ear. But when I turn off the mic, the sound quality is perfect and there is no cracking any more. But I need the microphone e.g. for...
  38. miggyyboi

    [SOLVED] Seagate 1TB (ST1000VM002) Unallocated 3.86 GB

    After 1 month of usage, I suddenly noticed some of my apps that were installed in my HDD their icons were changed to a paper/note. I tried troubleshooting it and I found that in my Disk Management my HDD went from 1 TB to 3.86 unallocated. I tried reallocating it and it says: "The request could...
  39. barabawka98

    [SOLVED] MY RTX 2070 Super Msi with Ryzen 9 3900x is performing waaay below expectation.

    Recently built myself a new PC Motherboard - Gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite CPU - AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-Core GPU - NVIDIA Geforce RTX 2070 SUPER RAM - 2X8 GM DDR4 SDRAM CORSAIR 3000 MHz Memory - Hitachi 1.5TB, WDC WD 1TB (NO SSD INSTALLED) (My Memory is really old, around 2012~) PSU - CORSAIR RMi...
  40. TarikS

    [SOLVED] Should I buy a GPU that has artifacts under loads

    So I am looking for a new card to buy and I run up onto an MSI GamingX RX 580 8GB gpu, the owner says it has short black lines when its under a load. It is really underpriced. What could this mean for the GPU? Is it dying, does it just need new thermal paste, drivers etc. The owner also offers a...