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Mar 14, 2023
Hello people out there who still use Windows Vista to this day, I wanted to tell you this is a topic about gadgets.
This one is about the old Stocks gadget that some people used back in the day, but now it has stopped supporting.
I couldn't find another gadget of this type, as they use Yahoo! Finance's csv files which they do not work anymore.
This gadget used MSN Money service, with attributions.asp which it just goes to the error page of
That's just sad for most users. But I'm here to save this gadget.

So guys, can we fix this gadget? I found in the code in localization.js, but, can we fix this by replacing with the newer MSN Money or Google Finance?
I hope so to make it work in the future.
Thank you so much.
Update: I also contacted 8GadgetPack to fix this gadget, but no reply. Sorry about that.
Here are some images of this gadget: View:
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