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  1. S

    Choosing a CPU for my planned gaming rig?

    This question has been asked a million and one times, but I can't quite get the right answer, because people seem to give plenty of different answers. I'm building a gaming PC in January and plan to play games like ArmA 3, DayZ, Battlefield 4, GTA 5 (if/when it comes out for PC) etc, and I want...
  2. A

    Which Graphics Card would be best for my machine?

    Okay, so I'm still a bit new to the graphics card game, bear with me. I have a Dell Inspiron 9400 with these specs http://valid.canardpc.com/zb6fvv And I'm trying to get a little bit of pep in the old girl's step. Not exactly to play really demanding games like Battlefield 4, just like...
  3. Durant

    7970 Clock Speed Problem

    The clock speed jumps up very high then the computer crashes, I even got a red screen of death. Any ideas ? Picture of Gpu-z: http://gyazo.com/dd437a63969e1a258ab65727b0b0c8bf
  4. dazkyl

    Which cpu voltages effects the temperatures the most ?

    Which CPU voltages effects the temperatures ? Because i overclocked my i5 4670k from stock to 4.4 ghz with voltages : 1.230v fixed and 1.760 Idle temps seems fine 33 to 36 degrees , but when i open prime95 and stretch test it jumps up to 90degrees. Cooler is coolermaster v6gt. And should...
  5. F

    Capture Card PC

    Alright, so i want to buy a capture card for streaming on TwitchTV. I am going to be streaming minecraft and when i stream with OBS(Streaming Program) I lag, i drop atleast 75 fps. So i was thinking what if i buy a capture card? Will the capture card prevent the lag? I am only going to be using...
  6. H

    Another GTX 770 or gtx 780 OR HD7990

    Just want some other opinions on this, i already have a gtx 770 , have had it for about 3 months, its a great card and all but am getting a 1440p monitor in the next 2 weeks and also planning on upgrading my graphics card(s). Now some of you may be thinking why is he even asking this with the...
  7. V

    intel i7 4930k vs Xeon E5-2630v2 for video rendering and editing

    Hi guys, Just building a new grading / rendering machine. A year ago I wouldn't hesitate with the Xeon CPU, but now I see that the i7 is 6 cores as well and at a higher clockrate! - Made me confused! We only process 5K video material and that is 100 % CPU dependent! And RAM, I need loads of...
  8. P

    will my psu burn

    hey guys i bought a EVGA 8400gs and i cheaked my psu and it was only 262 watts but the video card needs 300 watts will anything happen to my computer ecause i was watching a video onyoutue and he said that ecause of a bad power supply he saw spartks and his house almost went on fire now im...
  9. GuestForeverX

    Way to Minimize a Game Temporarily?

    I'm wondering if there is way to temporarily & easily minimize a game running in steam, steam big picture, and other gaming applications. When I played limbo I could get to the desktop by using Win+D or Win+[some number for the win 7/8 pin]. This doesn't appear to work for any other games I...
  10. C

    The Post That Answers All BF4 GPU & CPU FPS Related Questions

    So i see a lot of people asking weather this CPU will get me 60 FPS in BF4 on ultra/high settings and according to benchmarks, unless you have a severe bottleneck with a terribly low end cpu, the cpu you choose will not have SIGNIFICANT effects on your fps output. As long as your GPU is adequate...
  11. N

    Problems with new PC....

    Hey guy's finally got my new PC and have been having a few problems with setup and a few other things. Doesn't help that I'm a complete noob after being outta the game for so long, but am doing my best to speed up my learning curve. I'll try and keep these questions as short and to the point...
  12. N

    How do you set up 2 ssd's in raid 0 on a msi 970a-g43

    Hello, I just built a new gaming rig with 2 corsair ssd's. I was told to run the "raid 0" to get twice the read and write speed. I have had no luck being able to sucessfuly boot while raid mode is selected on the bios(post and pre windows install). I guide or any helpful tips would be...
  13. E

    Good Gaming Computer Part List?

    Hi Guys, I am looking at building my own gaming pc. I want this thing to be powerful enough to play some of the newer games such as BF4. I am also looking at beginning a youtube and twitch channels so i need something that can handle live streaming and video production. My budget is between...
  14. P

    Would an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 be a mid-range video card?

    I would like to play games like Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Watch Dogs, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, FIFA 14, Saints Row IV, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Crysis 3 and upcoming games at least at medium resolution and settings.
  15. M

    Is program files and program files (x86) part of the widows system files

    Hello again, here my problem I just gotten an Samsung ssd 120gb. I deceided to clone my win7 OS to the ssd. However, I have 297gb on my 1tb wd HHD and I just want to migrate the win7 OS. Now going thru the Paragon migrate wizard, it tells me I need to uncheck those file and folder not being...
  16. Z

    Low FPS New GPU

    Hey guys, I just bought a Gigabyte Geforce GTX760, installed it and noticed that my FPS wasn't much better than my MSI Twin Frozr II that I bought about 3 years ago. I was wondering if my set up is wrong or if there's some bottleneck going on. I also haven't overclocked anything. I also use a...
  17. A

    Cant hook up the modem to a different computer?

    The computer i currently have it hooked up to needs to be repaired, so i'm trying to hook it up to a different computer (on a different floor) so i can still have internet. But i can't get it to work. I plug everything in and it does pop up on my computer but the internet still doesn't work and...
  18. C

    Need help in picking the right graphics card

    Hi, I have Dell Optiplex 760 SFF Desktop Computer with windows 7/ 4GB/ 1 terabyte. Motherboard Manufacter Dell Inc. Model 0F373D A00 Chipset Intel Q45/Q43 Rev. 03 Southbridge 82801JD (ICH10D) Rev.02 Processor Name Intel Core 2 Duo E7300 Code name Wolfdale Max TDP 65W Package Socket 775 LGA...
  19. C

    Upgrading AMD to Intel

    So basically, heres my setup: M5a78l-m usb3 asus motherboard AMD FX 8120 eightcore 8gb ram Nvidia gtx 650 1GB win8.1 64bit I want to move over to Intel for an i7/i5 for the gaming performance boost, as my 8120 gets hot, loud, and isnt that great. What do you guys recommend. Money shouldnt be...
  20. Y

    Ultimate Game Station

    Hey, I want to know what the best Game Station would be. I have a budget of $20k, I want the desktop itself, monitors and all other peripherals (Keyboard, mouse etc.) Together with that I also want a desk and chair with it. I would like something that would last quite a while.
  21. S

    Advice on upgrading from a Radeon HD 6450

    I bought the 6450 just to have something in my system better than stock graphics. It actually runs Skyrim, but at the lowest settings imaginable. If someone could advise me on a card to pick up from Amazon.ca, NCIX.ca, TigerDirect.ca (or any place that ships to Canada if you know a better one)...
  22. S

    Weird power issues with custom built pc

    I have an issue with my power for my newly build pc. This seems to happen only for this specific scenario. Lets say I have a new pci card I want to add to my computer. Okay so first I shut it down, then hit the power switch on my power supply and then take out the power cord. Then when ive...
  23. C

    Computer case fan duel!

    So. Here's the first thing I need help with. I have 15USD left before my budget on my first built caps out, and I need some case fans for my Apevia X-Sniper 2. It comes stock with one blue LED fan on the front, and that's it, so I need something for the back. I was going to go with the Xigmatek...
  24. G

    Using phase inversion to match mics

    Archived from groups: rec.audio.pro (More info?) I asked a Q recently about matching stereo mics in-store (ie. GC) and Scott Dorsey had the great reccomendation of recording two mics, one perfectly out of phase with the other, either with a cable or with a phase switch and see how well they...
  25. T

    Cpu fan and case fans not spinning no post

    this is my first computer build was playing bf4 for a bit paused to go to bathroom came back no pic cpu fan and case fans not spinning PSU and graphics card fans run fine any help would be great thank u