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  1. KHOR3S

    Question Lenovo ThinkPad T410 - Image display problems

    Hi, after watching videos for some time the screen is showing vertical colored lines. I tried to stress the laptop (CPU, GPU, RAM, Disk) but nothing happens. It looks like it only does this while watching videos (with VLC). It is not mine so I don't really know how it acts while doing other...
  2. A

    Question Flickering and animation problem

    Hello everyone I have problem in my pc when i play any game its flickering in edges i record a video please help me Pc Info ======== 1.i7-8700k 2.Asus z370-E Mother board 3.MSI GTX 1080 Ti Gaming x 4.G.Skill 16GB DDR4 5.Samsung evo 860 500gb 6.Windows 10 1809 (17763.348) Sample of...
  3. F

    Question Do Samsung monitors flicker?

    Hi, i've been looking for monitors for my new pc, and i found this 1080p 60hz thats perfect for it, the model is Samsung LS24F350FHLXZB, or you can check here: https://www.pcgremiocomputacion.com/monitores/2107-monitor-24-samsung-led-ls24f350fhlxzb.html However, i've seen a lot of reviews saying...
  4. Z

    Ryzen 3 + A320M

    i recently bought a Ryzen 3 2200g with MSI A320M pro - vh plus. Im missing ram so i wanna know what ram speed would suit best for that system.
  5. S

    how to download replaced hard drive laptop os asus x540sa

    i changed my harddisk of asus x540sa laptop. how to recover os.
  6. D

    PC won't boot (bugcheck 124)

    So recently while i was playing my pc restarted itself. After that it continued doing the same but right after windows boots up. I checked the event viewer and found out that it is something about bugcheck 124 (0x124). Sometimes it goes past the windows boot - i can open chrome but that's about...
  7. S

    Best 120 GB SSD

    Hello sir, Well I haven't bought my ssd yet because I don't know about it.But I have find out 2 which fits in my budget so please can you help me out by selecting any one of these ssd's which is good. I am not much interested in spending my money so choose that ssd which will run as...
  8. A

    i3-7350K vs Xeon X5690

    the best all around of the 2 ,i have both builds and like 'em both,but i need some money in a hurry and i'll sell one of them,i don't do gaming but i do multitask a lot and video rendering
  9. W

    laptop is running but has a blank screen

    I have a Toshiba satellite there are 3 lights on at the front, from left to right, white, white, orange. It obviously is running but has a blank screen, can you help me please
  10. Z

    Having issue with burning the disc.

    Hello everyone, So i am trying to burn an audio cd, but after burning is complete successfully the tray comes out. When i put the disc in again it shows the empty disc and when i try it burns again but still shows empty. I try to write the disc as a data disc but still get the same issue. 3rd...
  11. K

    Will the kraken x62 fit into the Noctis 450 ROG?

    I checked the case specs and it says it doesn't support that radiator size but when i make my build in PC Part picker, it doesn't find any compatibility issues. Also it doesn't make sense that they would make a radiator that doesn't work with their case.
  12. M

    Can a 400-450w psu work a Ryzen 5 1600 and Nvidia 1030

    PCPartPicker says my build will only come to 190w (I will add 100w for safety and error margins). Is pcpartpicker accurate? Can I get away with 450w? Planned Build: CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 MOBO: MSI B350 Tomahawk RAM: Crucial 8gb 2400 CL17 Dual Ranked PSU: EVGA 550W B3 Case: Aero-500 Extra Fans...
  13. N

    graphics card for this motherboard?

    what would be the best option/fitting graphics card for this motherboard? http://www.asrock.com/MB/AMD/960GC-GS%20FX/
  14. L

    Randomly disconnecting from internet

    Hello everyone, I would like to ask you something. I'm connected to internet by ethernet, it works, but sometimes, it disconnects me, then I get yellow triangle and then I get error message that says something about not being able to connect to DNS. It happens randomly and for a little amount...
  15. J

    32-64 bit mystery.

    Ok, in 32 bit windows, the processor I have works just fine q9550 on a dell Vostro mobo G33M03. When I switch to 64 bit, a few things happen. 1. If I leave the CPU in the socket and attempt to install 64 bit, the computer hangs at the windows splash screen. 2. I install a E**** (duo core), the...
  16. D

    My motherboard can't find my gpu.

    So the other day my psu fried and I replaced it yesterday. Now that I installed my new psu I found out my ssd with os fried as well. So I reinstalled windows with my other ssd. After an hour trying to figure out how to create a new partition and converting my ssd to gbt. I was able to finally...
  17. A

    System doesn't recognize graphics card but when I plug it into monitor display is fine.

    I have a 1050 gtx and just recently factory reset my pc. It will not download any drivers for it and it doesnt even recognize its there dxdiag doesn't show i even have a GPU but when i plug in the hdmi to the monitor the display works. When i go to the nvidia website and hit auto detect your gpu...
  18. O

    Is it possible to use a usb rather than a Hard drive

    So at the moment I have everything apart from ram and a hard drive and I only have enough cash for 1 till next month. Would it be possible to buy ram first and use a usb flash drive to get the computer set up and then buy the hard drive later. Would this work ? And what would the minimum size...
  19. H

    How much better is the i5-7500 than i5-2400?

    So I'm thinking of upgrading my CPU along with my motherboard and RAM, and I think I'll go for the i5-7500. My question would be, how much better is the 7500 than the 2400? Will I see a big difference in FPS? (I'm going to spend around 200~ euros for a CPU, so if there's any better variants for...
  20. Y

    I have an odd problem with recording gameplay on my pc

    I have had a weird problem with either OBS, games that I try to record, GPU or monitor. So I usually record in 60fps in OBS and the footage lags, freezes and is just impossible to watch and enjoy. But this only happens if the game isnt capped at 60fps. If the game stays in 60 the recording is...
  21. P

    Replacing laptop's MB with BGA soldered AMD APU to MB with Intel CPU

    First of all, sorry if I put this post into a wrong category, but I didn't see any "Laptop Upgrades" category or similar. So.. HP made a 255 G5 laptop in different variants, mine has AMD A6-7310 APU. The APU is not-bad but the integrated GPU sucks. I was looking if it was possible to replace the...
  22. B

    7820HK Won't Overclock, The Clock Speed Max Out at 2.9GHz

    I am using a AW15 R3. I tried using BIOS and Throttlestop, the results are the same, it just won't go over 2.9GHz.
  23. R

    Asus X99 Deluxe II motherboard power question

    I'm just wiring up my very first PC build and have a question regarding the power connectors on my motherboard (an X99 deluxe II) and my Corsair AX1200i Psu , and the motherboard manual is a little vague. I have connected up both the 24 pin and 8 pin power cables to my PSU but do i still need...
  24. R

    Intel core 2 quad Q9550

    Intel core 2 quad ddr2 ram support
  25. W

    New PC Feels like it's severely under performing.

    My PC specs are: MSI H170 Gaming M3 Motherboard (DDR4-SDRAM, DIMM, Serial ATA III) Intel Core i7 Quad-Core i7-6700 3.4GHz Processor CPU GIGABYTE NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 G1 GAMING Corsair CP-9020061-UK Builder Series CXM750 ATX/EPS Semi-Modular 80 PLUS Bronze Power Supply Unit, 750 W Corsair...
  26. KR2

    Is the i5-4460 any good anymore?

    Hello everyone, About 7 months ago I bought the i5-4460 but only began using it about 1 month ago when I built my computer but I wanted to ask the community something ever since I bought it, is the 4460 any good anymore? Will it be able to run the latest Triple-A games at relatively good...
  27. N

    Graphics Card LED issue please help

    I just built my new pc and everkthing is working great including the graphics card, except for the fact that the LEDS do not light up. MY rig: I7 6700k H100i v2 MSI gtx 1070 16GB ram 750W corsair power supply Asus Z170 Mobo Windows 10 Any ways my graphics card is on and functions except that...
  28. T

    Upgrade with £250 (~$300)?

    current setup is: pentium g840 *sandy bridge* GTS 450 1GB 8gb corsair ddr3 1600mhz ram my pc is pretty trashy and can only run gta v at low 1080p 30fps, i have £250 saved up (about 300 dollars) and i need to upgrade this rust bucket to be able to do some gaming, currently i only play LoL cause...
  29. B

    What cables and wires do I need to maximize my PC?

    Hi, the title may be confusing, however I am new to all this so please bear with me. I am planning on purchasing a 1440p monitor with 60hz along with a GTX 1070, and I am wondering what cables i need to help get the most out of what i have, and i was also wondering what other cables i need in...
  30. D

    Cloning OS From Desktop to Laptop.

    I am getting a new Laptop soon and I would like to migrate everything I have from my current Desktop PC to the new Laptop. The Laptop comes with Windows 10 home single Language My Desktop has Windows 10 Professional for which I have a key. It is not necessary for the Desktop to have its OS...
  31. W

    close thread please

    close thread please, thanks! close thread please, thanks! close thread please, thanks! close thread please, thanks! close thread please, thanks! close thread please, thanks! close thread please, thanks! close thread please, thanks! close thread please, thanks! close thread please, thanks! close...
  32. thehardwarehacker

    how do i tell if a CPU is a 'match'? thinking of upgrading an early 2008 macpro 3,1

    Hello all. i got my hands on an early 2008 mac pro 3,1, and im considering installing a second quad core in it, taking it to 8 cores. in my research it seems to do so, i would want a second E5462 to stick in the machine, but what i also discovered is that the 2 processors need to be 'matched'...
  33. T

    PLEASE Help!!! Atempting To Install Win7 On Hp Stream 11 Over Ubuntu Issue!!!

    A Few Months Ago (maybe a year.. I Had Windows 10 On My Hp Stream 11 And It Had Problems So I Installed Ubuntu Over It And Did "Replace Windows 10 With Ubuntu" And Now I Just Want Windows 7 Not Ubuntu Or Windows 10 Just Win7 And I Tried To Install Win7 But It Said "No Device Drivers Were Found"...
  34. L

    Locked out of bios, hard drive done cant boot from other drive>

    Hello: So I have a lenova yoga 1.... well let me back up a bit.... I have had this computer for about 4 years ago. When I first got it I had some provlems with booze and benzos. So my memory is a bit shot from those days. Since went through the hell of getting off benzos and back on my feet...
  35. crysisman546

    What would be the best CPU to upgrade to for my current rig?

    I'm looking to upgrade both my CPU and possibly motherboard (if i choose to go Intel over AMD). I own and play some CPU intensive games such as Battlefield 3 and 4, GTA V, Saints Row IV, etc and i wanted to know what CPU would be the best upgrade from my current FX-8350 in terms of performance...
  36. F

    case air pressure

    I might be getting the 10 series strix edition cards in the near future, I saw that you can use the fan headers of the gpu so that your case fans will mimic the 0db fan mode of the gpu, while this is nice, i am afraid that it will turn my setup into negative pressure, since only my cpu fans will...
  37. V

    Can I upgrade my laptop GPU for gaming

    I am having Acer e5-571-563b laptop Can I upgrade it's GPU Or what sort of games it can run For eg gta4 fifa gta5 etc
  38. M

    How do I separate my mobo with my case??

    so I bought this case http://pcpartpicker.com/part/rosewill-case-srm01 it came with nothing to separate the mobo with the case, was this intended or should I contact the manufacturers? If it was intended how do I separate the mobo from my case?
  39. N

    Sound coming from cpu or near it maybe fan

    This "psst" sound is coming from my cpu or somewhere near it. it only happens when i have prime95 running. doesnt matter if it's stock or OC'ed the sound is still there. but the sound is quieter when its at stock. it is not the hard drive. heres a video i took you can easily hear the "psst"...
  40. N

    I accidentally disabled my video driver

    I accidentally disabled my video driver and now my computer won't connect to my monitor, it turns on but doesn't connect to the display. I already tried removing the CMOS battery but nothing happened and pressing F8 doesn't take me to the BIOS. Please help!