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    MSI GS70 Charger Replacement

    Hi guys. I'm looking to find a charger that would be compatible with my laptop and the charger I got with it recently broke. I'm UK based and majority of these sites that sell the chargers are chinese fakes according to trustpilot etc. Any help is appreciated.
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    I need help selecting a monitor for my new gaming PC

    I am looking for a monitor that will allow me to display the maximum specs that my computer is capable of, I invested a large sum of money in this computer and want to be able to see what it can do in all its glory.I'm going to be using this pc for gaming My specs are as follows. CPU: intel core...
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    Microphone connected but not receiving any audio, level stays at zero.

    Microphone connected but not receiving any audio, level stays at zero. No microphones receive any audio and I tried re installing all the drivers but still got nothing. I have not activated windows yet but dont think that is the issue here. Is there a driver I am missing? I just built my PC...
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    My mp3 player

    How do i go about transferring music from my alcetel one touch 4060A (AT&T) to my Digital Audio mp3 player. And what transferring cord? Thanks everyone...
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    Church computer need help rebooting

    My laptop has been hacked and I cannot get it to come on anymore can't even get gateway to pop up I need help resetting my computer is there anybody out there who can help me this is for a pastor and his church
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    My Pepsi mp3 is not charging

    Not charging Please tell me to solve the problem
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    Need Help between Graphic cards

    So i just held a post about which graphic card i could use in my Optilex 780 to play at least GTA 5.I am on a budget and can't afford a new PSU or change Bios Cards- GTX 1030 vs GTX 750 Ti Please tell me which i could have with valid reason and if you have a better card please do tell PC SPECS...
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    Fx 4320 didn't work

    I have N68-VS3-FX motherboard, I bought secondhand FX 4320 but it didn't work, I updated bios it still doesn't work and it is too hot please help me
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    Windows wont update

    So the newest windows just came out which is 1803, i think but i have an emachine et1831-05 it currently has win 10. But i was wondering do i really need this new update for windows to work smoothly? if i do what can i do I've tried updating it but ive kept on having errors, and i do have the...
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    Modem without Router

    Looking for a Modem with speeds at least to 400 + 600 prefered. No built in Router and be VoiP is there one out there
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    someone has given me an aiwa music centre and although it lights up I cannot seem to get any sound from the two speakers, have

    help with wiring two speakers into an Aiwa music seems to light up but I can't get any sound out of it...have I wired it right ??
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    Best gaming laptop with at least 2gb vram for less than $960

    I just got a new job and am saving for a gaming laptop so i can ditch my old dino alienware replacement laptop the shop sent me. My budget is $960 including tax and shipping costs. My requirements: nvidia or amd dedicated gpu with at least 2gb vram at least 8gb system ram wifi of course doesn't...
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    my newly built Pc isn't responding at all

    the PSU fans nor any other fans are being triggered. i replace the MOBO thinkin i had a dead MOBO but the same problem is happening eveything is connected the 4 and the 24 pins the front panels too, the PSU--is a cheap PSU but i tested it with the paper clip hack and it spins. but i hook it up...
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    Spilled coffee on my laptop.. helpp!!!!!

    I Spilled mocha all over my keyboard too, it's a lenovo yoga, the screen works fine but the keyboard doesn't work nor the mouse. What can doo?
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    Transferring My OS's & Drives Help

    So I have four main disk drives. Two of them have an OS on them and I regularly switch between them upon boot for different features and applications (I have Windows 7 and Window 10). My drive details are as follows: - Corsair LS Force 60GB SSD: Windows 7 boot drive; 60GB - Seagate 500 GB HDD...
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    Multiple sound bars on one tv?

    Hi, I'm wondering if its possible to run two soundbars simultaneously with one sound bar connected via optical cable and the second sound car connected via Bluetooth? The reason why I want to run the second soundbar via Bluetooth is that I don't want to run cables on the floor. My TV...
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    AMD 9590 Possible Overheat

    Hello, I'm hoping someone on here can help me out with my pc. I have experienced overheating issues with my pc for a while now (almost a year). I cleaned the case out real good and it helped for a little bit, but now my machine is crashing on my in the middle of intense work. (fornite) Below are...
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    Cpu and mobo issues

    My gaming rig worked flawlessly for months until new years of this year it would not turn on. It would blink when powered on for a millisecond. So I called corsair and got a new replacement of the one I had cx850. Well I took all my hardware out as in my 2 1080s TIs hybrids and memory and cpu...
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    Gaming laptop or desk top?

    Hi all in a dillema, I recently purchased a gming laptop its a - MSI 17" Leopard Pro GP72MVR So 17 inch screen, 1060 3GB graphics and 7700HQ processor-This cos me £1k exactly However i have recently seen a HP omen 15 inch but witha 120Hz screen (the MSI is only 60Hz) with 1060 6GB instead of 3GB...
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    CPU, motherboard, RAM upgrade

    So i am upgrading my CPU and here's what i'm planning to buy. CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 1300x Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-A320M-S2H RAM: KINGSTON 8GB DDR4 2400MHz KCP424NS8/8 Will this go well together or is there something else i have to worry about? EDIT: I have a gtx 1050 2gb if that matters. And will...