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  1. C

    What graphics card?! New 22inch monitor

    Hey, my first post! :hello: Anyways, not really clued into the latest graphics cards etc. as I'm more of a console person. I'm buying a 22 inch widescreen monitor (Samsung 226cw) and want to get a new graphics card aswell. I dont really use the PC for gaming, mainly for watching movies, web...
  2. M

    WinTV GO tv tuner /software

    I just got a tv tuner and i've heard about a software that i can use to descramble cable tv. Is it true? and what software can i use to do that.
  3. B

    Which is the better chip?

    Hey.. I need a quick and easy to comprehend answer to the following question. I'm considering buying a Radeon 9600 or 9600Pro due to the low cost of the card, but what are the major differences, and which chip can I consider the best, in terms of price vs. performance? Also, if there are...
  4. G

    Dell UltraSharp U2412M Monitor

    I'm looking for a good 24 inch monitor for 1080p gaming. The Dell UltraSharp U2412M Monitor with LED is 300$. Any other options? Thanks
  5. G

    Trinity Legion book?

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Which book outlines the Psi Order of the Legions? They were centered in Australia, right? Dex
  6. J

    Dell SP2309W 23" Questions / Concerns

    Here is the screen in question. It's currently "on sale" for $229 as of today. (The price tends to fluctuate on Dell's site.) Questions: - The unit has a strange resolution, am I going to run in to problems with my video card? (Radeon 5850) - Are the webcams in these units worth a damn? -...
  7. P

    Need a Special Answering Machine

    I'm looking for a device that I can hook my fax machine AND answering machine to. It then receives the call; determines whether it is a voice or fax, and routes it to the right unit for pick up. Any tips?
  8. A

    Dot Pitch or Resolution?

    Which is more important when loking for a CRT monitor, a lower dot pitch or higher resolution?
  9. C

    Ping: Shiflet

    Archived from groups: (More info?) What's your account? I've got some previously ladder-only goodies to hand over... -Clay -- the eng lang is gettin 2 abbr.
  10. Dougx1317

    RAID 0 with a desktop and notebook harddrive?

    Since no one was able to help me with my other thread, I came up with a new plan. I have a 320GB Internal harddrive in my desktop. I also have a 320GB Internal notebook harddrive that is currently in an enclosure. Both are SATA-300 and 7200RPM. Can I connect the notebook drive to my desktop...
  11. G

    Can sum ppl try out my first CS1.6 server pls? :-)

    Archived from groups:,, (More info?) Connect to or Remember this is my first server so I want to see what problems I have :-) Thanks in advance...
  12. R

    download not authorised ???

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I turn on WoW this morning, and it starts downloading a patch. Then a error message pops up: 'This download is not authorised by the tracker'. Anyone had this happen to them?
  13. G


    Archived from groups: (More info?) After I capture another Civ (or just a city) it seems that I'm stuck with one shield production for a very long time. I've even seen 12 workers in the city, and only one 'effective' shield being produced. It looks like the rest are being...
  14. hernan9999


    i know this website is not for software but here i can find really good specialist with pcs.the problem is i saved a file in a temp folder i worked on it and then thnking i had saved it in other place i deleted it.i can find this file in the registry? thanks hernan
  15. enzoamata

    Review my overclocking with feedback

    I'm wanting to post my results here to see if a friend and I have done things correctly or if there are more tweaks we don't know about? Any feedback is welcome. If anyone needs more screen shots to determine any further information then let me know.
  16. J

    What happened to

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Is there an IF competition this year? I saw the post a month ago by Stephen Granade confirming the start of the competition. But, I haven't been able to access the website for about a week now. Has the site closed? Will the...
  17. G

    Nice new Punkbuster updating tool

    Archived from groups:, (More info?) Evenbalance have released an open beta of a new GUI tool to manage updates to PB client (and server) files for all games that use PB on your PC. I guess this will eventually replace pbweb.exe. It's much...
  18. ProSnipor

    Quick Question About My Power Supply

    Hey guys, I have a quick question for all of you. Whenever my PC shuts down my PSU makes one click before it turns off (fans will then slow down due to no power, etc). The power supply makes no noise (except i can hear the fan spinning faintly) the click only happens when the power supply turns...
  19. E

    Case for a new PC

    To cut the story short, I'd like to hear your opinions on the cases I'm looking into for the PC I'm putting together MB: ASUS P8H77-M LE Intel H77 1155 or ASUS P8H77-M Intel H77 1155 CPU: INTEL Core i5-3550 3.30GHz GPU: SAPPHIRE ATI HD7770 Vapor X 1GB DDR5 OC edition RAM: G.Skill RipJaws 8 GB...
  20. L

    Is 1 case fan and 1 cpu cooler enough for my system?

    Hi guys. I was wondering if 1 case fan and 1 cpu cooler would provide enough cooling for my system. My case fan is a pretty nice 6 dollar fan. And my cpu cooler is a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus...