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  1. L

    How does this look for a build? is everything compatible?

    MotherBoard $79.99 Processor $199.99 Ram $139.99 Hard Drive 0 $49.99...
  2. B

    Problems with Coolmax CUL-850B

    So I may have made a noob mistake. I built a rig using a Coolmax CUL850B PSU. I got it bundled with a bunch of other components through Since getting it, I've run into some issues. If, and I say IF it powers on the computer, it will run just fine without issue. The moment I shut...
  3. samuelspark

    Back to Square 1 - New Graphics Card for New Gaming Build

    Hey guys. You guys know how I was going to get a GTX 560 Ti, but then I decided on a 6950 as it had 9 more FPS on BF3 in the review done in Tom's Hardware. However, the new graphics cards for the money article said that the two cards are tied. SO....... I need help picking a card. Best Bang for...
  4. M

    Advice on what comonents to get

    Hello, I want a fast, snappy, desktop PC for work. Day to day i will be using Outlook at the same time as surfing Linkedin, at the same time as surfing the net in general, at the same time as using Word. Can any one offer any advice on the type of PC i should be buying in terms of CPU, RAM, etc...
  5. xJayymassacrex

    Fx 6300BE vs phenom ii x4 965BE

    this is for Gaming and programing my specs i have are hd 7770 gpu 8gbs of kingston hyperx ram and Ocz 500w psu and my mobo is an AS Rock FX Socket AM3 Plus NVIDIA GeForce 7025 A V GbE N68C-G which cpu would work the best with this setup thanks
  6. B

    Gigabyte MA790GP-DS4A: PCI-E slot x8 not working

    I have a set up with a Gigabyte mobo MA790GP-DS4H, a AMD 9850BE, 2x 1Gb 1066MHz memory, 1x WD Velociraptor 150Gb, 3x Samsung 1Tb and 2x Gigabyte HD4850 graphics cards to be set-up in Crossfire. So far I received 3 (THREE!!!!!!) new mobo's from the shop, and it is impossible to get any output...
  7. G

    Arcade games just got a whole lot easier.....

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Just got my brand new arcade cabinet up and running after a few niggles over the weekend. Just played Moon Patrol on it...... and found it so much easier to play. It's amazing what difference a 29" screen makes. Off now to play...... Mr Do...
  8. J

    Which of these Velocity Micro Systems will have the best performance?

    Which of these Velocity Micro Systems will have the best performance? Detailed Description * 100% Aluminum chassis Velocity Micro's flagship, 100% aluminum LX case provides a stylish, industrial look that fits perfectly with...
  9. W

    Razer Barracuda AC-1 in Win 7 64

    I haven't been able to get the Vista 64 drivers to work for my Razer Barracuda AC-1 sound card. I didn't know about the driver signing conflict, and tried to install. When the OS kicked it out, I tried to find a way to disable driver signing. While I appear to have stopped the check...
  10. jsanthara

    Unable to join homegroup

    I used to have a homegroup set up on computer B, but then i decided to host the homegroup from computer A (my most recent build) because computer A is running more often than any other computer now. So I set it up on computer A and set a password (I know they have to be case-sensitive). When I...
  11. G

    Do you have an OK Baby cabinet?

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Can anyone tell me if the control panel comes off? I know it flips, but I'm wondering if the top (with buttons and joysticks) and underside come off completely. Thanks, Charlie
  12. Exoticheals

    What upgrade next?

    My current build is: ASUS M4N68T-M AMD Phenom II x4 945 @3.0ghz 8 gigs of Ballistix RAM @1800ghz Gigabyte HD 6850 overclock version 585w power supply I have a decent case but I will probably get a new one. Any suggestions on a case would be nice. Basically I'm a newbie at this stuff...
  13. G

    Blu-Ray DVD on the outiside looking in...

    Archived from groups: (More info?) .....temporarily? It looks like the borg is leaning towards HD-DVD instead. A good list of reasons on Tom's Hardware for those wishing to peek around the corner of consumer DVD...
  14. J

    Dual Boot Windows XP and Windows 7

    I have Windows XP 32 bit version installed and attempted to install Windows 7 64 bit version on a second drive (my computer supports 64 bits). Everything went ok until Windows 7 attempted to restart the computer to complete the installation. Basically, the computer re-started, the dual boot...
  15. M

    Ideal CPU Tempurature

    Hello all. I just built my new pc and was wondering what the ideal tempurature is for my cpu. I am using a AMD Phenom II x4 3.2 BE. Also is there a good free monitoring software i could use besides checking it in the bios? Thanks.
  16. Vxshifter

    Wondering about a certian GPU (Gtx 660 ti SC+ 3gb)

    Hello, Was wondering is the EVGA GeForce GTX 660 Ti SC+ 3GB ( better then a reference GTX 670? Thanks, John
  17. G

    Hidden Partitions

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Will I be able to unhide the hidden drive partition(s) when I receive my Dim 9100? I want to be able to image the partitions to a usb external hard drive for safekeeping so I can then delete them from the internal drive. I have Partition...
  18. jsc

    Michael Moore is a 99%'er

    Michael Moore is a 99%'er. Just ask him. Then ask about his vacation home:
  19. P

    ethereal edge, hunh, what's it good for

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I've now found two of these things: Ethereal Edge Silver-Edged Axe Two-Hand Damage: (232-260) To (412-461) (322-360.5 Avg) Required Level: 74 Required Strength: 156 Required Dexterity: 55 Weapon Speed: [0] +150-180% Enhanced Damage (varies)...
  20. C

    Installing a new graphics card question

    My computer has integrated graphics on my i5-3330 and I was going to upgrade to a gtx-660 my issue is do i need to do anything special besides attached to the pci slot and the PSU? i only have 1 monitor so i do not know if i need to disable the intel graphics or not either