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    Question FreeDOS Won't Run MS DOS "compatible" BIOS Update

    Been trying to update the motherboard on my old Dell Inspiron N7110, (current bios version A8) since I've been having a lot of issues booting other OS's (specifically right now ubuntu server 20) Most recommend turning off safe boot or trying legacy/UEFI options, but this bios version has none of...
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    Router stopped retrieving ip and dns from isp....

    So i have frontier Fios. My router is an r7000. Frontier gave me a Arris NVG468MQ and some other device ARRIS MEB1100 my previous modem was a netgear cm600. So I ditched the arris nvg468mq right away. I had the coaxial run to this meb1100 then that's powered by usb. I plugged that USB onto my...
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    First build problemo: Black screen upon booting (nothing)

    Ryzen 3 1200, MSI B350M Gaming Plus, x1 8GB DDR4 2400MHZ Ballistax Sport LT, GTX1050 Hiya all, so when I finished my build, I went to switch it on, but, with HDMI connected to the GPU and RAM in specified slot, I got a black screen, however, all the fans were running, including the CPU and GPU...
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    Msi z270 m3 backplate

    the backplate of the msi gaming m3, is the styrofoam of its backplate back should be remove or not before installing? cant find any instruction about it, so much appreciate if anyone can help c:
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    i5 4460 or i5 6400 or i3 6100?

    I am running a i3 2100, 8gb ram & gtx 750TI. I am looking for a upgrade within a budget. I can either buy i5 4460+ mobo & re-use the ram Or i3 6100 with mobo+ ddr4 ram If i want to buy the i5 6400 i have to borrow from other people because of budget & I'm shy of that. I'm more leaned towards the...