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  1. jnjnilson6

    Question Core i7-12700H and Chrome

    Well, I do suppose many people would be experiencing situations of synonymity regarding Chrome. The experience hereunder concerns Windows 11 Pro 23H2 (+all latest updates) and Chrome 119 (latest version) and all the latest versions of drivers. What I do on my PC consists of tasks which are very...
  2. M

    Question Google Chrome Problems

    Hey all, I am having this issue for quite some time now, anytime I go to a website that has to be translated, one of two things happen. 1. Page turns into a picture,nothing is clickable and I have to close the page and start from the beginning, normally. 2. I get this error "Application error...
  3. D

    Question How do you encapsulate a shortcut to a Microsoft Edge Dev shortcut into a Google shortcut in your Google bookmarks?

    The new Bing Chat with AI based on ChatGPT4 is live. I created a shortcut on the desktop that forces it to open in Microsoft Edge Dev even though my default browser is Google Chrome. Now I want to put a bookmark in my Google Chrome bookmarks so I can open the bookmark and it can open the...
  4. S

    Question BSODs whenever using Google Chrome; minidumps not created, no errors detected by any software or windows utilities, need help.

    I have an Eluktronics Mag 15 laptop that's been running perfectly fine for nearly 3 years; 16GB 2666MHz DIMM RAM, 1TB SSD, NVidia RTX 2070 GPU. Relevant screenshots in my reply below As of last week, my laptop started getting BSODs. It only gets two, and it seems pretty random which one it is...
  5. TheFlash1300

    Question What files does Software Reporter Tool send to Google?

    There is a process called the "Software Reporter Tool", part of Google Chrome. I heard that the process scans not only the Chrome browser, the Chrome history, and the Chrome extensions I use, but all files, everything on my SSD. Is this true? If I have important, copyrighted files, are they...
  6. TheFlash1300

    Question How to prevent Chrome's webpages from restarting after some time of inactivity?

    Hello. I use Google Chrome for browsing. When I open 3 tabs, for example, and I work only with the 3rd tab, while the other 2 tabs are kept inactive, once I stop working on the 3rd tab, and click on tab 1 and tab 2, they will restart themselves, the webpages will be restarted, and I will lose...
  7. TheFlash1300

    Discussion How long is Chrome history saved for?

    Hello. Can someone tell me for how long does Google Chrome keeps your history? Is the history kept forever, meaning you can have access to your past browser history at any time, or does old history get erased after X time? Is there a way to make Chrome keep my browsing history for as long as i...
  8. TheFlash1300

    How to export my Chrome data?

    How long does Chrome save search history for? I would like to download data of links of all websites i have ever visited, full copy of my whole browsing history. How do i download the data i want?
  9. R

    Question Chrome Tabs Randomly Crash ?

    Needing some troubleshooting help with tabs within Chrome randomly crashing. - "Aw, Snap! Something went wrong while displaying this webpage" - Error code: STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION Not sure if its more so a: RAM issue Particular Chrome Extension issue A Chrome Extension not jiving with...
  10. D

    Question Chrome has a weird blank line glitch

    So lately, Chrome started showing this blank line every time i click on text on every site i go to . It has gotten annoying. I tried to uninstall chrome hoping it would work. Alas, it didn't. This forum won't let me post a gyazo gif so to put it simply, it's like my webpage is a word document...
  11. B

    [SOLVED] Browsers not working on windows 10

    I downloaded Google Chrome after resetting my laptop, it worked normally for about a day and then randomly closed itself. When I try to open it, it opens for about a second then closes itself. Microsoft edge still worked so I downloaded Firefox. Firefox is able to open but it won't search. I...
  12. MRMaroon123123123

    Question New PC restarts without warning and for no reason

    Hey everyone, I recently built a new pc featuring: RTX 3070 Inno3D Ichill 3 Ryzen 5 5600x 2x 8GB corsair vengeance ram Asus TUF x570 plus wifi Motherboard 2x Samsung 870 Evo SSD (one of which was salvaged from my old build) Be quiet pure loop watercooler Corsair RM750 750watt PSU Now, this new...
  13. B

    Question Google Chrome Last Visit Date wrong

    The last visited date on my chrome browser is off by a day.
  14. aidfarrell70

    [SOLVED] Setting website downloads to specific location

    Does anyone know if it's possible to set downloads from a certain website to be located to a specific folder using chrome? For example, if i created a folder on my desktop and downloaded files from, all the downloads from youtube would go to that folder?
  15. editor1

    [SOLVED] how did windows send web page to different device ?

    Hi I was trying to use paypal online the other day. I always get the page to crash after 45sec-1min an 1/2 after it ask me to clike the icon if I want to stay connected. So why and how does windows do this:
  16. weybrew

    Question All Gmail links failing

    I seem to be having a strange Gmail problem. None of the links in my emails will connect to,com. All email will open without problem and links in websites work fine, I simply cannot get outside of Gmail. Even Settings to HELP and REPORT a PROBLEM don't get out. I've tried both Opera...
  17. X

    Question Razer kraken audio messed up by chrome

    I have this headset Razer Kraken 7.1 v2 for awhile now but always used firefox and everything is ok with it, the only problem is I'm trying to migrate to chrome but this sound keeps popping up in the headset when I open some links and websites. What could it be? Thanks in advance
  18. weybrew

    Question Entire bookmarks folder mistakenly deleted

    When I originally installed Chrome on my home PC, I imported all my bookmarks from Firefox. Part of this process, apparently, created a "imported from Firefox" shortcut on my bookmarks bar. Since I already had another shortcut extension to show my bookmarks manager, I brazenly decided to delete...
  19. S

    Question How to solve "CRX_HEADER_INVALID" on Chrome?

    This question is for a THEME, not for an extension. I'm only finding answers for extensions all over the internet. I recently had to reinstall the theme cuz I formatted my PC. I was using the same theme since 6-7 years but when I installed (unzip, then drag and drop) it again today, it says "...
  20. G

    Question Google Chrome video color issue

    I tried other web browsers like Firefox and Opera, watched Youtube videos and there no issues, so only on Google Chrome have color issue that the video show redish color instead black color, and here a image that have a bit redish color video with black page while other browser the page and...
  21. Gosraj

    [SOLVED] Connected to Internet but it ain’t workin

    Hoo boy this new pic is givin me some gray hairs. So for some reason, I’m completely connected to the internet, but some things like Chrome and Steam straight up don’t work. However Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer work perfectly fine? Ya boi head hurt EDIT:resetting the network through...
  22. K

    Question Transfering a certificate

    Greetings everyone! I've ran into a problem and don't know how to solve it. My uncle bought a new computer, and I don't know how to transfer the bank certificate, since the export private key option is grayed out. The old computer (computer A) is an old Toshiba laptop with Windows 8.1...
  23. noxinum

    Question Hardware acceleration

    Hello, I recently purchased a new screen (144hz) and when I watch videos on google chrome on youtube on that same screen, I get some “artifacts” but when I enabled Hardware acceleration those same “artifacts” went away but in its place came a choppy youtube video ( video freezing while audio...
  24. M

    Question Chrome unbearable slow Fresh Install on New PC

    Hello, New to the forums but a little while back I got a New PC Dell OptiPlex 5040 workstation. When I first got it Chrome would not work at all. I kept getting the same error message about DNS not found. I reinstalled it and eventually gave up after trying so many different things. I was on a...
  25. exfileme

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