Question What files does Software Reporter Tool send to Google?


Mar 15, 2022
There is a process called the "Software Reporter Tool", part of Google Chrome. I heard that the process scans not only the Chrome browser, the Chrome history, and the Chrome extensions I use, but all files, everything on my SSD. Is this true? If I have important, copyrighted files, are they being stolen and sent to Google., too? What about .txt files with passwords and usernames, and chat history on Discord?

Also, how do I know the connection is 100% secure? Does the process encrypt the information it sends from my SSD to Chrome? If I use an unsafe, unprotected Wi-Fi network that doesn't have a password and encryption, and the process starts, can a hacker see what files and information the Software Reporter Tool transfers from my SSD to Google?


"I heard...."
Where did you hear this?

"Software Reporter Tool is a discrete process in Google Chrome that tracks your Chrome installation and reports if any add-ons conflict with the browser’s normal activity. "
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