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  1. c_lynn_1899

    Question Trouble using SSD via SATA after drive was used in USB Enclosure

    I have trouble getting a 4Tb Samsung 860 QVO to work via SATA after it was initially formated in an external enclosure - "ADATA EX500" USB 3.1 Enclosure with the HDJMZZB1 controller inside. The MBR got corrupted while inside the enclosure and all data was lost. To avoid the MBR going "bad"...
  2. Z

    Question Fully Encrypting Formatted SSDs for resale

    I have some SSDs that were formatted using diskpart clean, not clean all. Since then I have decided to use bitlocker and encrypt the full drive and just wanted to check that this method will encrypt everything on the drive, even previously deleted data? My worry is that because it has been...
  3. F

    Question SN850X supports Hardware-Encryption ?

    We looked everywhere in WD's website and SN850X documentation, but nowhere could we find any information about support for hardware-encryption on this drive. Generally speaking, when a manufacturer does not advertise a feature, that means that such product does not have/support that feature...
  4. TheFlash1300

    Question What files does Software Reporter Tool send to Google?

    There is a process called the "Software Reporter Tool", part of Google Chrome. I heard that the process scans not only the Chrome browser, the Chrome history, and the Chrome extensions I use, but all files, everything on my SSD. Is this true? If I have important, copyrighted files, are they...
  5. TheFlash1300

    [SOLVED] Is NetShare safe, secure, and encrypted?

    Hello. I would like to use my tablet as a Hot Spot to give internet access to all my devices, without connecting my devices to unsecured Wi-Fi, and risking getting viruses. So, this is what i did: I downloaded NetShare+ on my tablet. I connected my tablet to a Wi-Fi network that isn't secured...
  6. R

    Question Hardware encryption

    My PC had a Samsung PM951 NVMe m.2 hard drive which apparently has "internal hardware encryption" that is always on according to the Samsung website. It was recently stolen and all that it had on was a Windows 10 password. Does this mean the hard drive is not encrypted and the thief could access...
  7. Gazownik

    Question Decrypt old files on the same HDD - Windows 10 encryption

    Hey, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post about it - if not then I apologize. Lately, I was forced to do a format and as usual, I've installed all drivers etc. Everything works fine but I've had a folder with my files necessary for work that has been encrypted using Windows 10 tool...
  8. wasted1803

    [SOLVED] Will pending/bad sectors turn my BitLocker encrypted HDD into a brick?

    Hey guys. I have recently got me a brandnew Seagate Exos 10TB Enterprise HDD and I have used over 80% of its free space. The Harddrive is 100% healthy right now. I'm taking this HDD to my office and I have to encrypt the whole disk to protect my sensitive data. When harddrives get older...
  9. Zaporro

    [SOLVED] Does Lenovo Legion Y540 support Hardware Encryption (BitLocker, eDrive)

    Hello, I was wondering if Lenovo Legion Y540-17IHR (the one with i7 CPU and GTX1060ti on board) laptops support Hardware Encryption with BitLocker and eDrive? I'm talking about procedure that is described in here...
  10. A

    [SOLVED] Removing Bitlocker Blue Loader Screen Win10

    I have a Windows 10 laptop; which i need to update, however i cannot remove the Bitlocker Blue loader screen on startup which asks for my password every time . Bitlocker has been removed from my system and not showing when i check on c: prompt I need to remove the requirement for the...
  11. Shaun98

    [SOLVED] Need help with encyption

    Hi, I have recently encrypted my system drive using veracrypt but I have multiple other drives for storage of games and files. What im trying to do is encrypt all my hard drives and backing them up to back blaze. How would I be able to back them up without anyone else gaining access to my...
  12. jamaloo

    Question Does bit locker always ask for recovery key when connected via USB?

    Hi, I have a laptop with bit locker encryption. I replaced my hard with another non encrypted hard disk and installed fresh windows on it. Now when plug my encrypted drive via usb3 and tries to bot via it.... bit locker asks for recovery key which i can provide and boot from it. My questions...
  13. M

    Question Best way to encrypt/secure HDD?

    Hi, Got a standard PC using Win10 that's a few years old being used in an office. They have several dozen word, excel and access files with sensitive customer data. These files are password protected. They want to encrypt their whole drive, but is this the best way to go about things? I can...
  14. I

    Question Unable to enter encryption password on boot up, after buying new keyboard

    I bought a new gaming keyboard for my very old computer (10 years+). The model of gaming keyboard is "Scorpion K632" and when I enter my password for "TrueCrypt" encryption, it says incorrect password. (Yes i know I need to use "Bitlocker" instead, because of the security flaws in Truecrypt)...
  15. abryant

    News FBI: End-to-End Encryption Is an Infectious Problem

    Just in case there were any lingering doubts about U.S. law enforcement's stance on end-to-end encryption, which prevents information from being read by anyone but its intended recipient, FBI executive assistant director Amy Hess told the Wall Street Journal this week that its use "is a problem...
  16. K

    [SOLVED] Connectivity issue with new hub one one device only

    Recently my landlord changed their internet service to a different package using Sky cos of which they are now using a new Hub. When my Desktop connects to this new Hub, the internet connection is terrible. Google UK home page takes minutes to load. Every now and then in maybe once in a couple...
  17. M

    Question Incorrect display of available storage in explorer.

    Okay so when i add up my 4 default hard drive folders (pictures, documents, video, music) it gives 150gb of data. But when i go to my drive on which all this data is stored it says there is only 150gb left of the 500gb originally. So apparently i use i use 200gb more than i can see from the...
  18. W

    Question PC locks up during sleep, losing power to monitor

    I'll post the info I have. I'm a newb, so bear with me...My PC locks up during sleep mode. Sometimes I'll notice the monitor is blank and the power light orange. Ill toggle the monitor switch and no change. Press reset on the PC case and the PC will perform a quick reset cycle then resume as...
  19. T

    [SOLVED] gaming on ryzen 3 2200g/ryzen 5 2400g worth it until upgrade?

    hi! i'm thinking of builfing myself a student-budget pc (here's the partpicker's list : https://pcpartpicker.com/list/xRdtFt ) for now i'm thinking of gaming on the vega graphics and eventually upgrading with a graphics card eventually when my gf and/or budget permits it. on top of that...
  20. T

    [SOLVED] Setting hard drive as main hard drive

    I have a SSD for my windows 10 and i want to use my other HDD as my main download and storage drive and i think i did that but now everything i download onto that drive is also put onto my desktop and when i delete it from my desktop it is also deleted from the HDD,
  21. B

    Windows restarts on boot up, but not while in safe mode.

    New build PC shuts down, then restarts randomly. As soon as Windows 10 loads. Or in 10, 30 seconds. Or, in 5 minutes. Completely random. I've updated the bios on the new motherboard, an MSI Gaming M5, installed a new i5 8600k processor, reused GTX 1080 Video Card, and new Ram. The funny...
  22. Merklemore3D

    BSOD loop, no recovery disk

    Hi folks! I have a custom PC (dated, built in 2013). I am fairly certain the motherboard is going bad, but I'm hoping I can salvage it for a bit longer. The computer is stuck in an endless blue screen loop. Unless I force a shutdown, it boots, blue-screens, then reboots, blue-screens again...
  23. M

    970A-D3 GIGABYTE support

    Does 970A-D3 rev.3 GIGABYTE support nvme boot ...with JEYI NVME M.2 PCI-E X16 2280 Expansion Card???
  24. F

    Asus VG245 Overclocking

    Hey, I was whondering if it was beneficial to over lock my asus VG245 monitor and if so what refresh rate should I overclock it to. Also by doing this would their be a possibility of damaging my monitor.
  25. A

    [SOLVED] fx 8350 is slow doing anything

    It takes me minutes to boot, and when I open up csgo and play for a couple of minutes the screen will freeze and I have to turn off the system manually. this happens in chrome as well. Specs: Gtx titan x Corsair rm1000x Asus m5a97 r2.0 32 GB of ram ddr3 Crucial Ballistix sport
  26. K

    I've tried everything... PC turns on for only a second

    I'm not new to this game and I'm stumped, so I've recently got an old HD 7870 back from a friend as they've upgraded, it's in fully working order (tested personally with their system) and I thought I could sell it on eBay for a quick buck, so I decided to self refurbish it, deep clean, new...
  27. T

    Laptop Keyboard on older HP

    Hello..... I have a perplexing and infuriating problem with a friends laptop that I am trying to repair. The laptop is an older HP model, HP Pavilion TouchSmart 15-n090sa Notebook PC. The laptop was running crazy slow so I suggested changing the hdd for an ssd. I bought the ssd before I realised...
  28. N

    What is 512ssd equal to in hdd

    I don’t understand computers
  29. G

    Monitor saying "Check Video Cable"

    I just got an HP monitor like 40 minutes ago and since i plugged it in to my computer with a DVI cable, it's been saying there is no signal for DVI and also says Check Video Cable after a few seconds. I'm not sure what's wrong. I'm using the same DVI cable I was given when the guy i bought the...
  30. M

    Is 300w PSU enough for Zotac Gtx 1050ti mini?

    I got Acer Aspire Tc-705 pc with Gtx 745, 8gb ddr3, i5-4460 3.2ghz and 300w PSU. Will I be fine if I upgrade my GPU to Zotac 1050ti mini?
  31. L

    Are EVGA motherboards any good

    I know EVGA is well known for having a good warranty, but I just wanted to know if their motherboards are any good? I always have used gigabyte and asus in the past but I'm willing to try out and evga board this time. The one I'm looking at is this one right here...
  32. The Tiger

    Neighbour has installed high power WiFi that's taking my network down. What to do?

    Our old neighbour moved out and the new neighbour has installed a high power WiFi router (probably the 1000 mW TP link one with 9 dBi antennas.) As if the 10x power atrocity wasn't enough, the bandwidth has been set to 40 MHz. Now, I invested in a new router a few days ago - TP Link Archer...
  33. S

    SMART Hard Disk Error

    Upon booting my HP Pavilion Power 15 laptop today, I got a SMART Hard Disk Error. It states that the hard disk check has detected an imminent failure. I tried to run both quick and extensive hard disk test like the error told me to, but I either get 'not available' or 'failed' before the test...
  34. J

    New cpu or new gpu?

    So I just played a game of battlefield 1 yesterday because i just go a new monitor with 144hz. The problem is thet my fps is not so good, the fps is bad when i play on ultra and low settings, there are some other games that doesn't rung good as well so i whant to know what the problem is. My...
  35. U

    GTA SA: When New Car I added, Game vill crash(In the Opening)

    Hello. When I add new vahicle game openig show then game crash. I did auto installer it will crash. I did manually and it again did crash. VHy? Can you solve this. P.S. Every new vahicle it is happened.
  36. R

    When turning volume down to 0 i hear POP sound for my headphones

    why is that happening and sometimes it randomly pops
  37. D

    Hard Drive noisier than usual.

    The whirring is noticeable than before. I turned my PC off and when I turned on again for a few hours. The whirring is louder. Hard Drive: Samsung SP1213C (The noisier hard drive) and Seagate ST3320820AS (Dropped Hard Drive, check my previous post about it) Motherboard: Asus P5G41C M LX Power...
  38. P

    Unable to use RGB on this motherboard (ASUS ROG Strix z370-g)

    I've looked and looked for solutions to this but here I am asking you guys for any viable options for RGB. As far as I can tell (and researched) there are no RGB headers on this board and I wasn't aware during purchase, since then I have bought multiple Aura Sync compatible gear (fans, aio...
  39. N

    Not sure about my Choice

    I am building this build and I am not sure that this motherboard is the right one for my build. Especially against something like this one Also my budget is no more that 180 for the motherboard. I don't plan on having 2 graphics cards anytime in the near future, I am sticking with this CPU for...
  40. Tacticall993

    Best Verizon Fios Gateway G1100 replacement

    I'm not a big fan of this modem, it disconnects frequently and I really don't trust things that this company provides me. I went ahead and changed my plan to the gigabit service and I definitely need a new modem. My house was built in 2015 so we still use moCA and wiring an ethernet cable...