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  1. M

    Can a Kraken x52 fit in my case

    I have a Fractal Design Define C TG, and was wondering if a Kraken x52 could fit in the TOP of my case. I have done some research, and I can't find any thread asking about the X52, only the x62. If someone could get back ASAP that would be great, thanks.
  2. M

    ECC ram on desktop motherboard

    Hey I have a ga-g41mt-s2pt motherboard I want to get 8gb of ram and I see a good deal on ECC ram does the ECC memory will work with it
  3. J

    Acer Aspire One Cloudbook 14 will not boot past Acer Screen with no other screen.

    I tried to factory reset my laptop, an Acer Aspire One Cloudbook 14, it has been a while so I don't remember my options in trying to do so, but it will no longer boot past the Acer Booting screen, no loading bars, or anything, and it keeps resetting itself. I see an Acer screen, and it goes to a...
  4. T

    Pc suddenly freeze for no reason - no warning at all

    I was just watching youtube when the computer froze. But the keyboard and mouse is still working because i see their led light but everything just froze. What could be the problem here
  5. B

    Powered USB hub not getting enough resources (after installing SSD)

    This happened after I added an SSD to my PC. I installed a fresh copy of windows on the SSD but also kept my HDD (I'm booting from the SSD). I've reinstalled all my drivers, including the ones for my motherboard (GA-Z77X-UD3H by Gigabyte). My USB setup worked completely fine when I was using...
  6. K

    thoughts on a good gaming monitor below 300$

    Just looking for a gaming monitor for my little brothers to play their ps4 and future PC games on. Under or at 30" diagonally please.
  7. A

    Windows 10 crash loop

    I recently installed windows 10 on a new build and had a couple of weeks with no problems. I then started getting increasingly regular BSODs, usually 0xc00000021. After it got to the point where I could only boot into recovery options, of which none worked and i could not boot into safe mode as...
  8. G

    Gaming On The Couch: Corsair's Next-Gen Wireless Peripherals, Hands On

    Corsair aims for the living room with a family of wireless peripherals, including a lapboard that solves some of the problems we encountered with the company's Lapdog. Gaming On The Couch: Corsair's Next-Gen Wireless Peripherals, Hands On : Read more
  9. Sovik

    Which processor will be good for gaming ?

    Hello Everyone, I'm planning to buy motherbord, processor, RAM. Actually I'm a gamer so can anyone please suggest me a good processor, RAM and Mother Board ? My total budget is 471.90$ I'm currently using:- PSU: https://www.enigma-phil.com.ph/brands/product/huntkey-green-power-500w-psu GFX: R7...
  10. S

    My system is continues restarting

    My pc is continues restarting and asking bios reconfiguration every time. my mother board is gigabyte aorus z370 gaming 7 please find solution
  11. A

    My CPU is giving electric shocks. Can it affect motherboard,RAM etc?

    I'm using a UPS but still for some reason I get mild electric shocks from my CPU I'm not using the cable which was given to me by the shopkeeper, could this be the reason? As far as I remember there was no cable in the box of PSU... Shopkeeper gave me a separate cable. All I want to know is that...
  12. Kkody2

    PC keeps crashing at random times...

    So I have a custom built (about a year and a half old, ssd, gpu, and PSU are about 6 months old) that has worked flawlessly for me. However, recently it has decided to crash on me a lot. (probably around 10 times within 1-2 months) It never blue screens, the screen just turns black then reboots...
  13. J

    FRAME RATE TEST i7 7700k/Gtx 1070 VS i5 7600k/GTX 1060

    Hi guise!. need help Me and my brother bought brand new gaming RIGS at the same time. with windows 10 64bit. however on testing games. on MU LEGEND and League of Legends it seems like the i5 7600k with MSI GTX 1060 is getting more FPS than i7 7700k with ASUS GTX 1070. The i5 7600k/GTX1060 is...
  14. T

    Experience with Toshiba N300?

    I have an UNRAID server and planning on upgrading the size of my parity along with a couple drives. Does anyone have experience good or bad with the Toshiba N300 series drives good or bad? More specifically the 4 TB models? I'm looking at getting 3 or 4 of these and while the reviews look...
  15. N

    Disconnections And Dns problems.

    Hello people of toms hardware,i always found an answer when it came to a problem in the past through this website but unfortunately today i came across a tough scenario. I keep getting disconnected ,and through relevant searching i spotted a mixed case. Long story short i either get a...
  16. E

    keyboard specific ok ?

    Do you know if somehow can make my pc presing zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and if i am not at my pc ??
  17. N

    Is my laptop dead?

    My old Lenovo ThinkPad x201 has been experiencing, well, "old laptop" issues for a while, but has still worked fine. However, randomly, a few weeks ago, it won't turn on. What will happen: the charging light is on (if plugged in) and the sleep light is on, if I turn it on, every light will flash...
  18. P

    Buying bigger M2 SSD - only one M2 slot on mobo

    Ideally would like to clone the 128Gb I've got onto the new 512Gb one - to avoid having to reinstall windows. BUT there is only one M2 slot on the mobo. Am I right I'd need to but a M2/SATA caddy so that I can plug the new SSD (temporrarily) into SATA?
  19. T

    ***Help Please*** Old build, what should I upgrade?

    I was wondering what I should upgrade first for my old gaming pc. My main questions are 1) Is my processor good/will I get good performance if I just upgrade my gpu? 2) If I upgrade my GPU what GPU should I get? 1060,1070? My budget is around 500$ and I was planning to buy something on cyber...
  20. A

    SD Card Unreadable

    Hi friends, i am having trouble recovering my data from SD card. this is how it happen my phone felt into water i took it out working for sometimes but gradually failed to opened and got another phone inserted the SD card but couldn't reads tried in computer still couldn't i have some importance...
  21. A

    I can't play any game in my laptop

    I can't play any game in my lenovo ideapad 110 laptop.Can you tell me game that is supported in my laptop.if you know the link of game please tell me
  22. K

    New pc build

    Hello! I'm trying to build a pc and I was wondering if this is something that would work! So far i've been reading some guides and watched some vids but i feel like i still miss a few things. This is what I got so far: CPU: AMD - Ryzen 7 1700 3.0GHz 8-Core Processor CPU Cooler: NZXT -...
  23. H

    WD Black 4TB vs WD Gold 2 TB

    Hey guys, I've been thinking about buying a high-end HDD for my main rig. The OS will be stored in my Samsung EVO 750 and the games, videos and recordings on the HDD. Right now I've got three options: Either a WD Black 4TB https://ibb.co/iA3xTa Two WB Gold 2TB in Raid 0...
  24. C

    What is better?

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/ASUS-P6X58D-Premium-Intel-i7-980X-Extreme-3-33GHz-LGA1366-12GB-Combo-12460/302410307487?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649 Or This? https://cosprings.craigslist.org/sop/d/motherboard-cpu-ram-liquid/6194085193.html
  25. 2

    Do I Need A Better PSU? Overclocking the Ryzen 5 1600x.

    Specs- Motherboard: Asrock B350 Pro Memory: GeIL SUPER LUCE 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-3000 GPU: PNY gtx 1070 CPU Cooler: MasterLiquid Lite 120 & five 150mm fans with LED. The PSU powering up my computer is a Rosewill arc 650W Long story short I was able to overclock my ryzen 5 to 3.875ghz@1.375v and...
  26. A

    Problems with graphics

    Gtx 1050ti not even edges (corners are visible along the edges), On hd 7850 there is no such Ultra settings, anti-aliasing enabled What is the reason ?
  27. E

    First PC Compatibility Check

    I'm going to start saving for this build I've conjured up. It's my first build, so I don't want to be disappointed when the parts get here and don't work with each other... Could someone see any flaws with my choices or maybe tell me of a some better part choices? Thanks...
  28. W

    M5A97 + Phenom II + 16gb DDR3

    Hello, i have phenom ii x6 1055t cpu, M5A97 motherboard and G-Skill RipjawX 1600mhz 2x8gb RAM. My question is, when i set my rams as "Unganged", most of the time bios doesn't recognize my rams as 16gb total, instead, it only shows just 8gb. What's more, BIOS-Motherboard knows and shows there are...
  29. R

    Minecraft server costs

    My friend wants me to buy Minecraft. He said he will rent a server that will cost like $1 a month. I looked a little into it and I don't think he knows what he is talking about. If you rent a cheap server, how good of quality will it be? Thanks in advance!
  30. A

    is my mobob bricked everyone ?

    i downloaded a bios update that dell detected for me in the official site, anyway when i found it on the desktop i tried to install it, when my pc restarted it showed my boot agent info as always and then the pc went dead, the fans are spinning both cpu's and gpu's , i got that orange light of...
  31. H

    Corsair h100i v1 AIO loose backplate

    Hello, I just switched over to my first intel cpu, a i7 6700k. While installing the corsair h100i backplate onto my Asus Strix Z270F mobo I noticed that it was pretty dang loose, so i read up on adding washers to it, So I added some rubber washers ( the rubber washers from a NZXT HDD bracket)...
  32. F

    Battery charging limit to 70% (Voyo vbook V3)

    Hello everyone. I bought a Voyo vbook V3 with CPU N4200 and OS windows 10. The problem is that the battery charge stops at 70%. Even if it’s plugged, it stops charging. Basically it behaves as it’s 100%, except it’s not. It’s not just a visual glitch, because the battery lasts only 3 hours and...
  33. T

    h100i v2 Displaying red warning LED

    I've had my computer build for a few months now. Haven't had any problems. But today I noticed that the corsair logo led turned red which never happened before. I went into Corsair Link and clicked on LED and my color is set to white but also saw that there is a warning option that makes the LED...
  34. B

    PSU noise issue

    Hi, recently i have been hearing a loud pitching noise coming from my PSU, the problem is that i cant really locate the source of the problem whether its coming from the fan or the psu itself. Now i know i will replace the PSU eventually but the problem is that i cant do it at the moment. The...
  35. M

    Computer starts up, but all USB ports are locked, it cannot see the Keyboard/mouse. I'm locked out.

    I have a Wintel New Build Desktop. Despite going through Device Manager and disabling every power-save I could find; my USB ports get blocked at Startup after a fortnight or so of perfectly normal use. I have a pretty picture on my screen and no control whatever, I cannot communicate with the...
  36. B

    How to play audio from chrome cast on surround sound?

    I have a pansonic tv (av, 3 hdmi, and optical port) as well as a Philips hts 3051 blu-ray player w/ surround sound (hdmi, coaxial digital and av). I want to play my chrome cast through my tv, but have audio played through the surround sound. Before I buy an adapter for the coaxial to optical...
  37. K

    Condo network system

    Hi all .. thanks up front for any help. I´m not an IT expert just a normal user who has been tasked to find an answer to our condo´s internet access. I`m helping to run a condo with 66 apartments, i´m looking to install a network system so that all the apartments can have access to the...
  38. D

    150W stereo amp recommendations

    Hi I have a pair of 75W diamond 9 bookshelf speakers, and am currently looking for a amp for them. I have been previously recommended to get a 150W stereo amp, but not sure what to look for. Any recommendations? Cheers Daniel
  39. V

    I have queries against this product.

    1) Does this product support 2 TB Ext. HDD? 2) Does this product have USB 3.0? 3) Does this product have Gorilla glass?
  40. N

    Compatibility on this build.

    Hey, i'm building a PC, and i don't know anything about compatibility so i just wanted to get it checked. Here's the build: Processor: Ryzen 5 1400 Graphics card: AMD R9 270 Motherboard: Asus Prime B350 M Motherboard Socket AM4 (uATX) Storage: Seagate barracuda 1tb Power supply: Corsair...