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  1. S

    Computer started to lag a lot

    Hi to all pro's and people who are willing to help at Tomshardware i need your help!!! So let me explain what is my problem: From about 2-3 weeks age my laptop started to lag , a lot especially when i open more than 10 tabs in Google Chrome and when i a VPN but the weird thing is that it...
  2. Tomjoppe28

    Best DAC under €200

    Hi i'm kind of new in the audio stuff but i do have some nice equipment. I'd like a dac to add to my speakers for under 200 euro. My speakers are a pair of B&W DM110's and my amplifier for them is a NAD 3400 its from the monitor series. (not much information about it on the internet but it sound...
  3. Z

    Black screen crashes?

    I'm new to the community and done everything I know to try to fix the problem on my own. I just recently updated my graphics card from agforce 560 TI to the new 1070 MSI GTX for the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion. Upon installing my graphics card I noticed that every so often it would...
  4. L

    open webcam in dell inspiron windiws 7

    i want to click a pic from my webcam but i am unable to open it .from where can i open the webcam?which program should i click? :??:
  5. N

    Firestrike Score too low for 1080 SLI?

    Hello, I just finished my build. i7 6700k (overclocked to 4.8Ghz) 2 Asus GTX Strix 1080 SLI (2.13 Ghz each) But for some reason when I ran fire strike I only got a score of 13130 which is REALLY low.... what is wrong?
  6. J

    RX 480 or Zotac Amp Extreme GTX 970

    Which one should I get? In my country, the Zotac Amp Extreme GTX 970 is currently $40 USD cheaper than the reference RX 480. Should I get the GTX 970 instead then? Also, the aftermarket for RX 480 will be more expensive than the referenced cards right? Will there be a big jump in performance...
  7. amulsingh01

    Help choosing PSU

    This is for my new PC build and I need help choosing between two power supplies. EVGA 850w p2 or Corsair hx850i
  8. P

    Do I have to use sys fan 1?

    Do I have to use sys fan 1 or can i just use 2 & 3?
  9. A

    Will I have enough power and slots for this upgrade?

    As you can see looking at my build below, I want to add a second graphics card, a sound card, and some memory to my system. However, I am concerned that I will not have enough slots, space, or power for my build. As configured on PCPartPicker, I am at 744 of 750 total watts on my PSU. Is this...
  10. P

    i5-750 Overheating at Idle 75.5℃

    I have an old i5-750, along with a ph755-m mobo, running on stock cooler. I recently wiped all drives, so there is no Operating system installed. When I entered the Hardware Monitor menu in the bios, it shows my cpu‘s temp is at 45℃, then it went from 45 to 75.5 in a minute. So I took out the...
  11. Q

    Non touch screen replacing touch screen?

    I have a dell laptop without a touchscreen and a toshiba laptop with a touchscreen. The toshiba has a large crack in the glass part of the screen. If I were to take the screen out of the dell, could I use it to replace the toshiba screen. I'm aware the touchscreen wouldn't work. I just don't...
  12. S

    Raid 10 with different drives (sshd & hdd)

    Hello everyone! I read many topics but couldn't really find any answer, so here I am! I currently have three Seagate st1000dx001 (sshd), and I want to create a Raid 10 array with them. Obviously I need a fourth disk for that. Can I use a regular hdd for that? (I was thinking the Seagate...
  13. HeltonFonias

    Motherboard just turn on after i remove the BATTERY!

    Hey Guys, i'm Helton. and i've got a serious problem. first things first. Yesterday i was playing normally, and at night i just turned it off correctly. And today at morning, i tried to start my Computer, but it didn't shown Video on the display. so i though that the problem was only the Memory...
  14. M

    Need new CPU Cooler for i5 3450

    Hey guys, I just upgraded my PC but I noticed that my CPU temperatures are way too high.. When I'm playing Battlefield 4, my CPU gets up to 85°C while my GPU only gets to a maximum of 68°C. That can't be healthy for the CPU... My specs are: - Sapphire R9 390 Nitro - Intel core i5 3450 -...
  15. T

    Processor and Motherboard compatability?

    Hi all, I'd just like to start with the fact that I am on a tight budget. However, I was shopping, and came across two items, and I'd like to see if they are compatible, and if not, what i should use instead for around the same price. I was looking at an MSI z170a Gaming Pro motherboard and an...
  16. E

    has anybody used mpc cleaner? I downloaded it from their site and so far it seems to work.

    It seems like a pretty good cleaner so far. Anybody used it?
  17. J

    i5 6500 box upper side seems to have taken hit?

    So today I got all my systems and everything seems to be just fine except the i5 6500 box seems like it took some hit while exporting as the box appears like slightly bend on the upper side but when I opened the box no damage inside as I know they make all these boxes really durable so it...
  18. B

    Contemplating my first build, could use a little help

    Hello, folks! I've completed a theoretical build: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/F2FbFT However, the price tag is a little high for me, at just under $2000. I was hoping you good people here might help me shave $200-400 off the price without sacrificing too much in terms of functionality. This...
  19. N

    pc running slow

    so one day i got a mallware and i reinstalled my windows and before i reinstalled my win cs go was running with 30 - 40 fps on lowest setings plus with a config and now the max i get is 20 i tried cleaning my pc of dust cuz my gpu was 75 C Help
  20. T

    Is this build compatible?

    I'm building a new pc but I don't know if all the parts are compatible, can someone check if these are all compatible? I couldn't find the case I already have but that is the case of a Medion, the model is: PC MT 7, the type is: Med mt 450g. If you open this link you will find the build I want...
  21. L

    Windows 10 Scren saver not working with Nvidia Graphics card

    I have windows 10 on my pc an i am trying to get the screensaver to work when i am away. I have done all the updates on my video card an pc but still can not figure the problem out. Current spec are AMD A10-7850k CPU with 16 gig of ram with windows 10 64 bit version. My video card is a Gigabyte...
  22. C

    I7 920 Overclocking

    How much overclock can I do with i7 920 and stock cooler? Is it possible to reach to 3.2GHz? My cooler ain't recommended for overclocking, but my temperatures are low (62 deg in full load). Thanks.
  23. G

    Huge temp difference in Ai suite and HWMonitor!

    Hi. I have a i7 6700k oc'd to 4.8 GHz at 1.375 volts on the asus maximus viii hero... the thing is in ai suite the max reported cpu temps are only 68C but in HWMonitor i get all the way up to 81C... witch should i believe??
  24. M

    Would upgrading to VDSL make my life any easier?

    I live in Greece,in a small town you could even call it a village which as you can tell by yourselves gets me nowhere when it comes to internet speeds.I get 12Megabits on DL and 0.8Megabits on UP.According to my ISP,my city doesn't support more than that.Is it true?Would upgrading to VDSL help...
  25. A

    Stuck for GPU choice

    So I've been looking up at what GPU's are capable at running the latest games at high settings, 1080p with a smooth FPS.. I see the R9 390 come up often, as well as he R9 380. Here's my problem.. I'll have £430 budget by Tuesday. My current system: A6-6400k APU RMX gold 80+ 650W PSU F2A68HM-HD...
  26. W

    Asrock P67 Extreme4 Gen3 BIOS Update 2.20 Problems Galore

    Hi there. As the title says, I'm running an Asrock P67 Extreme4 Gen3 motherboard. I've had this computer for 4 years now and never had a problem until I tried to do the update. I upgraded to Windows 10 fairly recently and came across the 100% CPU load problem, so I wanted to try to remedy that...
  27. T

    HELP my my new computer build will not show an image on my computer screen

    SO i have a new computer build (my first one) and nothing will show up on my monitor. I don't think the PSU is the problem because all the components light up or start running. My motherboard - is the Z170A Gaming Pro (not M7) CPU - Core I5 - 6600K LGA 1151 RAM - two sticks of corsair vengeance...
  28. S

    How is my build?

    Looking for opinions on my build, I have around a $1200~ budget (AUD) PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant CPU: Intel Core i5-6500 3.2GHz Quad-Core Processor ($294.00 @ IJK) Motherboard: ASRock B150M Pro4 Micro ATX LGA1151 Motherboard ($135.00) Memory: G.Skill Ripjaws V...
  29. T

    Windows.old folder question after auto-update

    After an auto-update, my new Windows10 PC is like completely blank, as if it was a blank slate or reset. All my old settings/programs/downloads/apps/etc are now under a file called Windows.old. I'd like to go back to the way things were, how do I go about doing this? How do I have windows...
  30. P

    When I drag photos into Photoshop, they are normally 5x the size of the canvas

    So I recently installed Photoshop on my new computer and I've been using it for about 2 years now, so it's not foreign to me. However, every time I drag a photo into Photoshop it loads in about 5x the size of the dimensions of the canvas I set for it. Any help is appreciated, I tried Google, but...
  31. P

    4tb external harddrive storage

    I hope this the right place for this so i am big on buying blurays and burning them so i can watch them on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 when im not at home. so I just bought a 4gb external harddrive a seagate and when i use my otg cable it asks to format so it does but only at 1.65gb of space. how...
  32. J

    Accidentally ordered the wrong ASUS STRIX 980 Ti

    Hello! So the title says it all. I've ordered the non OC version of the ASUS STRIX 980 Ti, http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814121979, and I want to know if I should return it for the OC version or keep it and OC it myself? Is there any disadvantages not having the OC...
  33. X

    Is the i5 4210u good for gaming

    I am getting the i5 4210u however it has 2 cores and ht but i dont know if it is good for gaming i want to play games like bf4 gta5 minecraft gmod and counter strike a bit but will it be good enough to have a decnent fps
  34. D

    can i remove pre-installed softwares on win10 new asus notebook?

    i bought a new asus Eeebook for my uni but there are lot of junk softwares that are already installed, can i remove them , will it effect any daily usage and which are important to keep and which one i can unstall here is the pic for all softwares installed http://pasteboard.co/b2k1g1Q.png
  35. D

    Assassin's Creed Syndicate can't get past initial intro screen.

    I am a big fan of the AC series and since I just finished upgrading my new rig I decided to pick up the PC version. Installed the game and the drivers and when I load up the game for the first time, it crashes after about 10 seconds from the "press a button to continue" part. Any fixes? AMD...
  36. A

    Logitech G700s vs Corsair M65 RGB

    Hello, I have the razer taipan and it's making me problems for over 2 years that i got it (you can look in my threads to see). I want to buy a new gaming mouse. I play GTA V, CSGO, Far Cry and all of these new games, so I doesn't really need a pro special 80000$ gaming mouse. I thought about...