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  1. E

    Question Prebuilt PC working fine but one game and browsers giving "STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION" ?

    Hey everyone, I've bought a prebuild pc last year and everything is working perfect. But there is one thing that's bothering me. My whole friend group is in an active Battle for middle earth 2 (lord of the rings 2004) community. The games are playable by everyone using windows 10 and 11 on the...
  2. universalrule

    Question Google Chrome - - - allowed to save data on your device for Google account ?

    I'm not sure if it's the right category, but I can't find any category suitable for this topic. Please bear with me. In Chrome, you should add your Google account to let Chrome remember it if you set "Delete data sites have saved to your device when you close all windows" to enabled. So, I...
  3. W

    Question Chrome reset experimental flags

    Under chrome://flags/, does the reset button return the experiment flags back to their default state when you first installed the browser? Chrome reset all flags button
  4. B

    Question YouTube error: "If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device"

    On a fairly regular basis, I get this error when attempting to play a YouTube video without the video beginning play in a prompt manner. The videos occasionally do begin to play, but not after at least a 2 to 3 minute wait but usually not at all. And to make this even more puzzling, if they do...
  5. Ferrariassassin

    Question Google Chhrome and other websites are running so slow that i can not use it whatsoever even with fresh OS.

    I have 4X8/32GB 3600MHz DDR4 Ram , i7 11700K, on a Samsuns 990 Pro M.2 SSD. My internet speed is 400MBs download and 50MBs upload all on Windows 11. When i go to Chrome it is so slow that it takes exactly 30 seconds for letter to be typed no matter what. So it can take up to 10 minutes just to...
  6. CMStewart

    Question Network/Browser error, and browser memory problems since 1/7/24 ?

    Hey everyone, I have a Dell Precision M6800 Laptop with 32gb of RAM, an i7-4900MQ CPU, and running Windows 10 64-bit. I am REALLY losing my mind with this. On the night of 1/7/24, I noticed with Chrome that when a webpage would stay open for a minute (or less), it would suddenly die and say...
  7. D

    Question Installed Avast, have to close and reopen Chrome

    I installed Avast Essential and I have to close and reopen Chrome for it to reach sites and then I have to refresh tabs for those sites to work. I get a warning site not secure for sites I have used before like yours, TomsHardware. I have to click proceed a few times before it will go to those...
  8. O

    [SOLVED] Changing Chrome new tab background

    Hi everyone, I reset Chrome and I'm trying to get it back to how it used to be. I had a background image on new tab but with Chrome theme remaining the default. I now note you cannot do that, when you change the background, the whole theme changes colour which means the browser toolbars are a...
  9. O

    Question Google Chrome website not displaying properly? Does anyone else have a problem with the form not displaying on the Boots flu jab website from above? It works fine on Edge. I tried...
  10. kzainshah

    Why is my Chrome exe running in the Background

    I know, this sounds familiar, but I have tried everything to prevent Chrome from running in the background. This is weird. In Windows 11, after turning on the PC for a few seconds, the chrome.exe process starts running in the background and takes up to 60% of the CPU usage. This also causes the...
  11. L

    Info Google Chrome’s New Privacy “Features”

    Just a PSA for everyone to not click “Got It” on Google Chrome’s new privacy features alert. Go to settings and turn them all off. EDIT: imgur does not seem to work with the forum’s image proxy (at least on my system). The links are still clickable to load the image. But you probably don’t...
  12. S

    Question Black screen on several browsers ?

    Hi,i've noticed lately that when i open couple of browser tabs,picture blacks out completely,i mean on tabs themselves and not windows entirely,i've tried couple of browsers and same problem occurs,when u open couple of tabs if they are like 5-10 video ones or 50 % 50% its deemed to black out...
  13. nancyrector

    Question Another random font issue in Chrome & Edge ?

    I've found 3 or 4 references to this specific problem on the forum but no definitive answer. THIS POST had the exact same font showing up as I do. Happens on random pages and makes them unreadable. Firefox displays fine. Any new insight on this? Thanks! Nancy
  14. O

    Question Chrome downloaded a file when typing in faulting path?

    Hi guys, I was checking reliability history and saw there was a faulting application. I copied the description of the faulting application path into Google Chrome and it downloaded the file to my downloads folder. Why did it do that? I was hoping by typing that in the URL Google would search for...
  15. D

    Question My PC's File Explorer and Chrome freezes very often for seconds Every (3-10minutes) and cannot do anything. Please help!

    I made a screen video if I can upload here because just happened again... neither right-click nor left, nothing works for seconds... and chrome is the newest,. it was all the time but this. is going on for months now... so previous versions did the same... the pc file explorer doing similar...
  16. r3ddr4g0n

    Mailto links no longer work in Windows 11

    I've tried everything, every google search, every search of this forum, and don't understand why more people aren't running into this issue. The first time I clicked a mailto link in chrome in Windows 11, it offered to set up my e-mail in outlook. Obviously I don't want use Microsoft's software...
  17. PsychoPsyops

    Question Issue with Chrome Browser

    Hello all, We have a workstation with Windows 11 and Google Chrome installed. Out of no where, Chrome is blocking all .pdf file downloads on this one workstation only. I tried resetting all Chrome settings, clearing all browsing data, switching the security level, switched the .pdf setting from...
  18. P

    Question Chrome Browser Hijack? Virus? Any advice?

    Hello, So today I went on Google chrome, and I first of all noticed that my profile on chrome was completely signed out. I was able to sign back in, however my chrome background picture had disappeared. There was nothing on the home menu apart from my bookmarks and favourites. I checked on the...
  19. expatCanuck

    Question Fully disable Chrome form entry recording?

    Maybe I'm just noticing it now, but Chrome (on my Win10 laptop) appears to have started recording all online form entry, and autosuggests entries when I complete a new form with similar fields. Chrome Version 108.0.5359.99 (Official Build) (64-bit) Is it possible to fully disable Chrome...
  20. T

    Question Recently, I changed Windows 7 to 10. Facing Issue with chrome.

    whenever i use google chrome on my system F12 key is automatically open whenever I press enter after that whenever i type something and press enter function twelfth key is enabled again I have used chrome extension to fix this problem, but I am getting this problem again and again I have...
  21. ClassV

    [SOLVED] PC freezes if no processes are running, needs to be rebooted

    I've had this problem for a while, and it seemed to stop itself, although now it has come back in the past couple days a bit more consistently. Basically if I don't have a game, discord, or a video/stream playing, my computer runs the chance of just freezing all my screens and needing to be...
  22. A

    Question Particular site blocked only by Chrome

    Greetings Recently chrome has been updated and after the update a particular site when opened in chrome shows that web page is blocked. Initially I thought it was an issue with my pc so I tried on another pc but same. Then I tried to open the same site on other web browsers, Edge, Opera and...
  23. W

    Question Not enough memory when scroll the Facebook

    I’ve encountered the following situation. I’m an admin of large Facebook group where 20-30 posts are published every day. My objective is to like-comment posts for last three months. Unfortunately, I haven’t found any way how I could sort posts in group by specific date. So the only way to get...
  24. P

    [SOLVED] Windows 11 and Chrome

    I have used Chrome for many years without an issue. All of a sudden it will not speak when I ask it a question. It will if I type the question. I am using Edge which speaks when I ask a question like Chrome used to do. At times I need two browsers. I have tried SFC, DISM, and more. Even...
  25. C

    Question Screen stutter issue with Google Chrome and other browsers !

    hello , yes i know this question was asked and got solution except .. it didnt work for me , i try 3 of these steps : " Try running dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth in cmd and sfc /scannow in cmd aswell, also try running chkdsk. " but it didnt work so if there is a way please do tell...
  26. T

    Question Weirdly slow/slow internet on one device

    The internet in my desktop, my main machine, is very unreliable. Websites time out when trying to log in, YouTube vidoes buffer constantly, etc. My internet itself seems fine. Verizion FIOS, 1gig connection. Speedtests all come back in the high 800mpbs. No problem streaming 4k content on my tv...
  27. TheFlash1300

    Question What files does Software Reporter Tool send to Google?

    There is a process called the "Software Reporter Tool", part of Google Chrome. I heard that the process scans not only the Chrome browser, the Chrome history, and the Chrome extensions I use, but all files, everything on my SSD. Is this true? If I have important, copyrighted files, are they...
  28. TheFlash1300

    Question How to prevent Chrome's webpages from restarting after some time of inactivity?

    Hello. I use Google Chrome for browsing. When I open 3 tabs, for example, and I work only with the 3rd tab, while the other 2 tabs are kept inactive, once I stop working on the 3rd tab, and click on tab 1 and tab 2, they will restart themselves, the webpages will be restarted, and I will lose...
  29. yurid13

    [SOLVED] Out of memory

    So, sometimes when I've got a lot of chrome pages open my browser will say it is out of memory and will stop responding. The thing is, I have 16gbs of ram and when I check the task manager it states that only half of that is being used. Also, when I'm gaming and using discord, sometimes discord...
  30. TheFlash1300

    Discussion How long is Chrome history saved for?

    Hello. Can someone tell me for how long does Google Chrome keeps your history? Is the history kept forever, meaning you can have access to your past browser history at any time, or does old history get erased after X time? Is there a way to make Chrome keep my browsing history for as long as i...
  31. P

    [SOLVED] Every .exe file opens Microsoft Edge

    A friend ran a batch script and used the Assoc command to associate every .exe with Microsoft Edge... I'm struggling to revert this. How can I fix this?
  32. Harshana_Leel

    [SOLVED] Google Chrome uses almost CPU load.

    This happened once after I install a game. It may be something with DirectX installation with the game.
  33. D

    [SOLVED] Identifying a malicious Chrome extension

    I use several browser extensions on Chrome and recently realized that one of them is responsible for installing a malicious search engine called "SearchNet". For obvious reasons I want to get rid of the extension, but removing them one by one while reseting all my browser preferences is not a...
  34. M

    Question What is the browser that does not have any caching?

    So-called privacy browsers are not enough. They still keep my browsing info and search strings I typed on my personal computer. You might say "Just use Chrome and, to turn off browsing history, change settings as in" But that's...
  35. T

    [SOLVED] How do I turn off Firefox needing Windows credentials to export passwords? Happens in Chrome too, so I think it's a Windows issue.

    So, I think this may be a Windows thing because it happens in Chrome too. Every few months I like to export my passwords and bookmarks to a portable SSD just to have backed up. Now, when I go to export my passwords into an Excel file, it asks for my Windows login credentials. I 100% know my...
  36. T

    [SOLVED] Constant temp login

    Hi all, Very strange issue going on with multiple problems. I was moving data from a customer's old laptop to his new one. Removed the hdd and did the transfer like I've done hundreds of times before. Put the hdd back in, and his old laptop failed to boot, giving an ntfs error. Windows...
  37. V

    Laptop recommendations for SIM card usage and WhatsApp

    Greetings, My company needs a laptop which you can insert a SIM card for using non-business WhatsApp like it was a mobile phone. The point of getting SIM card capeable laptop is that, it would act as a mobile device with big screen and mouse/keyboard support so that you can log in to WhatsApp...
  38. Vatanaz

    Question Windows 10 ver. 1607, Google Chrome and emoji

    Hello! Is it possible to do something with fonts without updating/reinstalling the operating system and without using third-party extensions for chrome? For example - None of the emojis are visible (in chrome). View:
  39. OMGiTxREALHASSAN not opening!!!

    So I don't know where to put this one so I'm posting it here. Basically, this forum is not opening in my PC weather which ever browser I tried the result was same,it was like "can't access it because of too many redirects, try clearing your cache". I tried to clear my CHROME's cache but still...
  40. A

    Question Chrome Downgrade: Can't Restore Backed Up Cookie and Password Files

    Recent versions of Chrome have been a disaster, crashing constantly and frequently taking windows with it. I backed up everything in C:\Users\me\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data. I uninstalled the current version of Google and installed a recent version (86.0.42x). I then copied the cookie...