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    Question Can't print using Chrome

    For a few days now, I have been unable to print anything while using Chrome. I've tried all kinds of trials to isolate the problem. No matter the web page, email, or document, if I initiate the PRINT command from Chrome nothing happens. Using all the same test parameters and Firefox, I was able...
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    Question Is there a way to run Chrome 49 on ReactOS?

    Chrome won't work on ReactOS. Can get to work?
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    Question Chrome constantly crashing to black after adding SSD

    I added an SSD and I did a complete wipe and reinstall of Windows 10 and my hardware drivers. Afterwards, I installed Chrome, which by default goes on the SSD. Ever since, Chrome frequently crashes to black. I don't just mean the rendered page either. The entire Chrome window freezes for a...
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    Info DONE - Google Extinguishes 'Campfire' Dual-Booting Windows 10 on Chromebooks

    Code changes in Chromium show that Google has deprecated Project Campfire, an initiative that would have brought the ability to dual-boot Windows 10 on Chromebooks. DONE - Google Extinguishes 'Campfire' Dual-Booting Windows 10 on Chromebooks : Read more
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    Question Chrome restarts my PC(Win10)

    So recently my computer has been shutting down and turning back on straight away, like if power got cut off, it happened rarely but now whenever I have google chrome open my pc will restart after 1-2 minutes, this doesn't happen when I play games, or use another browser like firefox. Specs...
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    Question Chrome: freezing and blank pages when changing tabs

    I've tried using the chrome community site to solve this problem and the reddit page but haven't been given any help so I thought I might get some help here. I recently set up chrome for the first time on my PC (logged into accounts, installed extensions) and already I'm having trouble with...
  7. Question Bug? Word pops up by itself on Amazon's search bar in Chrome.

    Whenever I visit, on Chrome or Brave, the word "abs" always pops up on Amazon's search bar by itself. I already used CCleaner to clean all cookies, and Chrome's built-in feature for cleaning passwords, cookies, history, etc., but nothing makes "abs" stop popping up on my screen. I...
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    Question Is there a way to run Chrome 49 on Windows 98?

    Chrome won't work on Windows 98. Can get to work?
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    Question Nvidia RTX 2070 + 8700K weird stutters

    Hello, I bought a RTX 2070 to pair with my I7 8700K last friday. And I'm having some weird stutters, some of them happen when I play youtube music on the background and It lags my games. I managed to capture a video of me playing WoW and when the video changes the clocks go crazy. View...
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    Question Chrome causes fps drops, Firefox crashes comp

    Watching any kind of video in chrome causes consistent fps drops in most games I play, vsync on/off doesnt matter, windowed/borderless/fullscreen doesnt matter. I've uninstalled and reinstalled my gpu drivers multiple times, doesnt matter. I tried firefox per a friend's recommendation and it...
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    Question Screen tearing when using tabs over chrome

    I usually use task manager and windows explorer when browsing in chrome. For some reason today they started to stay on the screen and I have to click the minimize button to get rid of them. Screen Tear 1 View: 2 View:
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    Question Web pages slow to open in Chrome until Edge is opened

    After building a new computer last weekend I've had a strange experience with opening web pages that has persisted for the entire week. I use Chrome as my primary browser. After I turn on the computer web pages, for several minutes, are slow to load in Chrome. I get the "Establishing secure...
  13. Question Cannot connect to Microsoft or few other websites..

    Hi , Today i just noticed that i cant connect to & for some reason this error shows :- I tried trouble shooting the error, and the troubleshooter tells me this :- ========================================================= Other websites work perfectly for me but only...
  14. Question Chrome suddenly changed font to a near unreadable one.

    Hey! Recently my chrome decided to suddenly switch the font in some places. Here are examples: View: View: As you can see only some text is affected, and sometimes it makes the text nearly unreadable.
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    [SOLVED] YouTube is choking my PC. Months of troubleshooting is inconclusive. What could be causing this?

    When I click on a YouTube video, each and every time the video was play for a second or two then stop while the audio plays for another second or two then also stops. When this happens YouTubes video player is also unresponsive or very slow. After a 3-15 seconds the video will catch up and all...
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    Question P5 Chrome Build

    Hey guys, so it’s time I started a new build. Been over 10 years!!!! Going to post what I got and can use anyones two cents and constructive criticism or flat out jealousy or hatred lol bring it. Anything helps! P5 thermaltake case ( eventually wall mounted ) Asus Maximus XI Formula Intel CPU...
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    Question Google chrome and apps slow to open but then run fine when they do?

    I'm not positive this is a storage issue so please point me in the right direction if you can but this issue started happening around when my SSD filled up, I then cleared 120gb from the 500gb SSD but everything is still slow to open I have a decently fast computer (Video Card: gtx 1060 6gb...
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    Question Chrome unbearable slow Fresh Install on New PC

    Hello, New to the forums but a little while back I got a New PC Dell OptiPlex 5040 workstation. When I first got it Chrome would not work at all. I kept getting the same error message about DNS not found. I reinstalled it and eventually gave up after trying so many different things. I was on a...
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    Question Random Freezes

    So i did a fresh install of Windows 7 on my system but i am experiencing something really strange, when ever im in CS:GO randomly my Discord will stop working like im still connected but my MIC is not working same issue in game. I try going on google Chrome, it freezes and stops responding, then...
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    Question Low GTA5 FPS with Ryzen 7 2700x & EVGA RTX 2070 Ultra?

    So, this is the first game I've noticed this issue on, unless I should be getting higher FPS in other games that I'm just unaware of. I play on a 2k monitor, and usually see around 80FPS and higher. 70-80 on Anthem highest settings which I think is good. When I play GTA V, however, I seem to...