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  1. TechyInAZ

    Discussion POLL: What Web Browser do you use and Why?

    Hello community! What web browsers do you use the most? I personally use Firefox the most, usually people say they use it for privacy reasons, but I use it firstly for speed as it is just as fast as Chrome if not faster, and I also like the privacy features they have. Then for a second browser...
  2. P

    Question Move multiple chrome profiles to a different computer (not linked to google account)

    Any way to do this? There's multiple profiles and not all of them are linked to google accounts. I seem to remember that in the past you could just copy and paste. But lately when i've tried all the settings vanish (bookmarks, etc). Specifically, i've tried moving...
  3. datgman7

    [SOLVED] Edge is the only browser that works, any other does not.

    Greetings. So a little bit of history: When I first built this PC and installed Windows 10, I installed Chrome. It did not work even though Edge did. I have tried tinkering with it but I just decided to download Fire Fox and that worked. Then everything went well until one day where Fire Fox...
  4. fastergrace

    Question Why is Chrome killing my computer?

    Alright, have quite the annoying issue on my hands here. I have a desktop running Windows 10 64bit with the i4770K processor, r9 280x graphics card, & 32 GB of ram - can give more details if needed. Over the past few days, Chrome has randomly gone from slowing a little, to slowing to a snails...
  5. B

    Question How to get surround in Chrome

    I've already tried the flags and command lines but i still doesn't work. It works perfectly on Netflix, so why won't chrome do the same?
  6. R

    Question Windows acting weird with highlighting and not letting me click on the windows I want. Also BSOD on update attempts

    So this has been going on for awhile now and I cannot figure out what is wrong. When I try to click into a chrome window by hovering over the chrome icon on the taskbar, it will do this flicker thing and then refuse to bring up the window I click when I manage to click it: (sorry, won't let me...
  7. K

    Question Audio-video sync issues on chrome

    Hello, I've been having this issue for a few months where on youtube, twitch etc. the audio slowly starts getting ahead of video. It starts becoming noticable after about 30s and gets worse and worse. I have tried clearing cache, cookies etc. tried reinstalling, turning off hardware...
  8. J

    Question [PLEASE HELP] Google chrome search results fonts big and blurry?

    Today, suddenly when I used google to search for something, the search result fonts are big and blurry? this only happens when I am logged in to my google account. Not logged in and normal text (replace "dot" with "." because I couldn't post links)...
  9. Gosraj

    Question Connected to Internet but it ain’t workin

    Hoo boy this new pic is givin me some gray hairs. So for some reason, I’m completely connected to the internet, but some things like Chrome and Steam straight up don’t work. However Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer work perfectly fine? Ya boi head hurt EDIT:resetting the network through...
  10. A

    Question Chrome not working after fresh windows 10 install

    I recently did a clean install of windows 10 and since, chrome no longer works. Both Edge and Firefox work fine, but chrome will not load any pages, the connection times out. (it can however load google searches.) I have uninstalled and reinstalled and that did not help. what else can I try? As...
  11. Shektron

    [SOLVED] Different Google Chrome shortcuts to open different pages?

    So, I have a bit of a weird request, don't know if it's possible or not. I have two basic ways of opening Google Chrome - either through the shortcut on my desktop or the pinned icon on the taskbar. What I basically want is that when I click the desktop shortcut, it open the basic 3 tabs that I...
  12. W

    Question Can't print using Chrome

    For a few days now, I have been unable to print anything while using Chrome. I've tried all kinds of trials to isolate the problem. No matter the web page, email, or document, if I initiate the PRINT command from Chrome nothing happens. Using all the same test parameters and Firefox, I was able...
  13. Y

    Question Is there a way to run Chrome 49 on ReactOS?

    Chrome won't work on ReactOS. Can get to work?
  14. F

    Question Chrome constantly crashing to black after adding SSD

    I added an SSD and I did a complete wipe and reinstall of Windows 10 and my hardware drivers. Afterwards, I installed Chrome, which by default goes on the SSD. Ever since, Chrome frequently crashes to black. I don't just mean the rendered page either. The entire Chrome window freezes for a...
  15. L

    Info DONE - Google Extinguishes 'Campfire' Dual-Booting Windows 10 on Chromebooks

    Code changes in Chromium show that Google has deprecated Project Campfire, an initiative that would have brought the ability to dual-boot Windows 10 on Chromebooks. DONE - Google Extinguishes 'Campfire' Dual-Booting Windows 10 on Chromebooks : Read more
  16. R

    Question Chrome restarts my PC(Win10)

    So recently my computer has been shutting down and turning back on straight away, like if power got cut off, it happened rarely but now whenever I have google chrome open my pc will restart after 1-2 minutes, this doesn't happen when I play games, or use another browser like firefox. Specs...
  17. T

    Question Chrome: freezing and blank pages when changing tabs

    I've tried using the chrome community site to solve this problem and the reddit page but haven't been given any help so I thought I might get some help here. I recently set up chrome for the first time on my PC (logged into accounts, installed extensions) and already I'm having trouble with...
  18. Question Bug? Word pops up by itself on Amazon's search bar in Chrome.

    Whenever I visit, on Chrome or Brave, the word "abs" always pops up on Amazon's search bar by itself. I already used CCleaner to clean all cookies, and Chrome's built-in feature for cleaning passwords, cookies, history, etc., but nothing makes "abs" stop popping up on my screen. I...
  19. Y

    Question Is there a way to run Chrome 49 on Windows 98?

    Chrome won't work on Windows 98. Can get to work?
  20. C

    Question Nvidia RTX 2070 + 8700K weird stutters

    Hello, I bought a RTX 2070 to pair with my I7 8700K last friday. And I'm having some weird stutters, some of them happen when I play youtube music on the background and It lags my games. I managed to capture a video of me playing WoW and when the video changes the clocks go crazy. View...