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  1. WhyChrome

    Question Mysterious chrome applications taking up CPU and Memory?

    On booting up, after a new minutes. Random chrome applications open up. I haven't opened chrome but they appear. If I 'end' them they will close and nothing will change, chrome will still function after closing them. - The unusual chrome tabs taking up my CPU...
  2. D

    Question Help with chrome virus

    When I restarted my computer and chrome popped up, a tab called "" showed up. When I closed it, it opened a new app with pornography on it. Whenever I opened a tab, a new tab of opened as well. After 2 minutes, it stopped doing it, and I scanned...
  3. Question Chrome bookmarks hover text - annoying!

    Does anyone know how to disable the hover text when you're scrolling your Chrome bookmarks? I find it really annoying. I disabled the Chrome hover cards but it's not the same thing.
  4. Question Javascript doesn't work in any browser

    I've had this issue ever since I first got this PC, so I figured it's about time I try get it fixed. In every single browser I've ever used, I have found that certain scripting functions just blatantly will not work. I'm not technically knowledgeable enough to know which functions, I just know...
  5. H

    Question Problems with Gmail Passwords, please help this teacher!

    I am a teacher at two different schools. I have three different gmail accounts, my personal and my two school gmails. I can't seem to figure out how I can stay signed in to all of them at the same time. Can anyone help me? Thanks.
  6. Cheat_

    Question Browsers Won't Open - Virus Suspected

    For some reason when I open chrome, it opens into a "new tab" but it won't let me alt tab into it or click from the taskbar to open it, I have tried uninstalling chrome and using Microsoft Edge's new chromium browser, it was working perfect for a good two or so days, but now it's doing the same...
  7. Z

    Question Issues with All Web Browsers

    I've been having issues with Google chrome lately, which could potentially be after I used a VPN. These issues also occur when using Microsoft Edge too. I've reinstalled Chrome and deleted the cache and also uninstalled unwated programs on my pc however webpages are still loading slowly or...
  8. OrdJk

    Question What happens if you install chrome on a nvme ssd ?

    I installed chrome on nvme ssd and the refreshing of tabs and stuff is faster Is this because the nvme is directly connected to the motherboard or ? If you know any things about this topic be sure to inform me Thanks
  9. Giantatom

    Question Google chrome won’t open

    When i try to open google chrome it closes immediately. I’ve looked it up and none of the solutions I’ve tried have worked. I tried booting windows in safe mode and chrome did open. I have tried: Scanning for malware (With malwarebytes) Reinstalling chrome (With and without revo) Checking task...
  10. A

    Question Ram usage spikes to 99% then locks up pc, when practically doing nothing.

    Alright fellas i need help with an issue that has stumped me. I bought new ram like 2 weeks ago, 16gb corsair vengeance 2400mhz. Works perfect, i game with absolutely no issues. Past couple days i've been having some lockup issues. I'll be browsing chrome, watching something on VLC and then...
  11. gundolf

    Question screen split/overlap in video players

    so recently I've noticed that almost every video player outside of youtube has this issue. the issue is that whenever I am streaming something on chrome there is a horizontal split in the middle of the video. I know that this isn't a problem with my monitor because it still happens if the video...
  12. S

    Question Suddenly my Pc cannot 'run' 1080p60 videos without pauses on youtube

    About a week ago, my pc could not play 1080p60 videos without a pause in video and audio every second or so. While it is not the most high end (Core 2 Quad and gtx 750 ti) It used to play the videos perfectly fine, even 1440p was no problem (not that I have the screen res for it). I have tried...
  13. M

    Question Chrome works for a bit, then freezes, then doesn't open anymore

    I've had this problem for a couple of days now, when I open chrome it opens and works fine for a couple of seconds but then when I try to search something the search never ends. I just see a spinning wheel. Even when I go to chrome settings they don't load. Then when I close chrome I can't open...
  14. A

    Question Importing Chrome passwords to new PC from Dead PC

    I have built a PC for my step-fathers business since his old PC's Motherboard went. I have access to the files on the old PC's HDD through the new PC. I have been at this for hours now and TomsHardware never lets me down. The problem is somehow he doesnt know his email or passwords to what...
  15. sw244

    Question 9100F 100% usage Fortnite

    So i recently upgraded my PC. I had ScatterVolt's Tron V1. It had a Pentium G5400 and a GT 1030. I just upgraded to a 9100F and a 1060 3GB. I am trying to play Fortnite, and even on lowest settings, I will start freezing. I check task manager and my CPU is at 100%. I have no extensions on chrome...
  16. ivitivi

    Question Upgrade from i5 to i7 ? Developer Environment IDE Chrome

    Anyone having experience in upgrading from a 4x4 CPU to a 4x8 CPU ? ( 4Core, 8 Threads ) My System is i5-4690s , 16GB DDR3 1600, SSD@Satta3 I prefer i7-4790s because of the energy consumption and I need the GPU. Background is code development , office - no games. In a few circumstances I would...
  17. icewolf461

    Question Browser Game has different log out inactivity timeout on different browsers? Why?

    Hi. So there's this Facebook flash game I play called Dance Planet. I used to be able to login once and if I refresh, I wouldn't get logged out for inactivity unless I close the browser (chrome) But lately, I don't know why, if it's a developer update (unlikely since they never fix anything...
  18. B

    Question screen tearing while watching video online

    i get screen tearing while watching video online but if i download the video the tearing is gone. already tried useing adaptive v-sync (globaly and on chrome only) and it doesnt help. windows 10/gtx 1060 thanks in advance
  19. M

    Question Youtube spikes my CPU usage randomly

    I have an AMD FX-6300 six core, using Chrome. This issue is random, so nothing specifically to pin down. Most of the time, I have no issues with Youtube, so I don't know where this stems from. When watching a random Youtube video, my CPU usage, according to task manager, will increase between...
  20. O

    Question Audio/video desync or freezing & stuttering

    Hello! I wasn't sure what category to put this under as I'm not 100% sure what the root cause of the problem is. Essentially, when watching videos on Chrome via Youtube/Twitch etc. the audio becomes gradually out of sync with the video. This is using my speakers that are connected via...