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  1. Z

    Question Amazon warranty/return policy helping request / MWE 650 cooler master

    So I've tried to request an rma to amazon,the thing is bought from 3 mounths ago (10/12/2018). I found a guide and cant find the option Return or replace items. And thats it my PSU just died and I cant rma it,cant get anything done on my pc. HELP and thanks.
  2. M

    Question Windows 7 freezing problem

    Greetings to everyone who sees this, and who wants to help me with my problem. Let's get straight to the topic. I have a problem with Windows 7 (64 bit) operating system. I don't have any problems with starting a computer, but after a few minutes, after I get on the desktop, the Windows freezes...
  3. R

    Question Help

    Cant decide, do you think i5 4690 worth to buy for $8-$10 more than the i5 4590?
  4. S

    Question The right choice for headset + mic for 2019?

    Hello to everyone reading this post! Today I have a question about choosing the right headset + microphone for listening to music and mainly gaming with friends (CS:GO; R6) on the budget I have. I am using „Ali” headset (the audio only), because microphone captures the sound of them and makes...
  5. W

    Question Switch to iphone for apple car play ( From Galaxy s8+)

    Hi, due to no support of android auto in my car ( and only apple car play - Belgium doesn't officially support android auto sadly ) i'm looking to replace my android device with an Iphone. I daily use a samsung S8+. When i compare pure technical specs to the iphone xs it almost looks like i'm...
  6. G

    Question I'm Switching Motherboards, and I need help.

    So, I currently have two different motherboards and I want to change it to an 1155 socket from 1156 (i5-750) so I can use my i7 3770 cpu. But the problem is that I'm not sure of what extra components i need before switching them. The only thing that I know is that both motherboards are...
  7. 3

    Question Will the LG Ultrafine 4k work on a Nvidia RTX graphics card using Windows connected through the Virtuallink USB-C port?

    Will the LG Ultrafine 4k work on a Nvidia RTX graphics card using Windows connected through the Virtuallink USB-C port? Can someone verify that the monitor works by connecting it directly to the USB-C Virtuallink port of the RTX card? If it does work, can I manually adjust sound using Windows...
  8. R

    Question Can i connect my old vga monitor to my pc motherboard using a hdmi to vga cable (not the small box)?

    so i have an old VGA monitor, that i want to connect to my computer. My computer motherboard( i don't have a GPU yet) is a z270 krait gaming and it has HDMI and display port connections. I saw that there is a cable that i can use to convert it but i also saw like a small converter box. After...
  9. toxicwarrior7

    Question CPU/MoBo Upgrade/Case Upgrade??

    I need a new CPU... bad (check signature for current specs). This would also mean a new MoBo, so changing to an AMD processor would be ok. Also, i have an HP Pavilion which has a kinda small case, so should I get a new one for the new MoBo? and will I need a new PSU? (mine is 300w)
  10. S

    Question I cant talk with anyone on anything.

    So i've just built my new pc (this also happened with my friend when he reinstalled on his ssd) and my mic on literally everything sounds like a screeching dying robot and i have no idea why im using a pair of Razer Kracken 7.1 v2 (so was my friend it seems what fixed it for him was buying a...
  11. A

    Question About an ssd

    Hello,i don't know alot about computes and i'd like to install an ssd ( but i don't know if it is compatible or if a have the necessary cables,my computer specs are View...
  12. L

    New laptop for gaming and school, max 2000$

    Hi! I'm an architecture student who needs a new computer, who can handle renderings and programs such as photoshop, and other adobe package stuff. In addition I'd like it to have some decent gaming performance. I've been looking at several different options, like Razer Blade or MSI GS65, but...
  13. K

    Question Games are flickering and minimizing

    While im playing games, screen just turns black,starts flickering blinking and then minimizes to a desktop, ive uninstalled my AMD drivers and installed again, i reinstalled windows, i tried all things i found on web but nothing works. It occurs on Rocket league, Warframe , Paladins. But...
  14. A

    Question PC Suffered a Power Surge - New Build -Assistance appreciated

    So heres the short story. A few weeks ago my pc suffered a power surge. I bought a new power supply but it stil didn't work. I took it to a repair shop to get the problem diagnosed and the components tested. The diagnosis was as follows: CPU - Untested (he didn't have a suitable motherboard)...
  15. M

    Question Looking for an HD Audio extension to move front panel audio to the rear of my pc

    As my semi-question says looking for an HD Audio extension to move front panel audio to the rear of my pc. There is just too much interference from the graphics card and motherboard running the cable to the front audio header. I have tried to research this type of header but with no luck. This...
  16. M

    Question Mixing single rank and dual rank in dual slots

    I have single rank ram of 4gb ddr3 and dual rank ram of 4gb ddr3 can I mix these?
  17. Most of TomsHardware screen is useless

    Here is a screenshot showing how little space is left for content. I have a PC, but it feels like having a tablet TH should consider that, for legibility, users do not use standard zoom. The cross to close google ad at the bottom goes out of the screen. The menu bar at top should be...
  18. F

    Question Need help to determine issue in my pc!

    Hey everybody, Just 2 days ago my PC turned off randomly and wouldn’t turn back on. I checked the back of the psu and the green light was blinking. I purchased a new psu assuming the psu died, but after installing the psu, the pc still wouldn’t turn on. I tried the following methods already to...
  19. D

    Question Hard drive clone isn't working-Can't find a reason.

    OK so I previously cloned by computer's OS disk from a 500GB to a 1TB hard drive. More space etc, made sense to me. I also have a 1TB secondary drive. Recently I've been experiencing a dramatic and anomalous slowdown of my computer, SMART shows the spinup time has increased from 2,500ms to...
  20. toxicwarrior7

    Question Laptop GPUs

    I recently got a Dell inspiron 17 7535 from a friend. It has an i7 4500u with 8gb ram and intel 4400 graphics. I want to upgrade this, but im not sure if its possible to buy and install a laptop GPU. If not, what is your suggestion for an adapter so I can use an external GPU?