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  1. layschips5

    Question Random Files on me Secondary HDD

    For some reason I appear to be having these random files generate on my secondary HDD. Most of them appear to be empty however some of them contain a file with the extension .file that I can't open. I am able to remove these folders with no problem but they show up again after a little while...
  2. N

    Question files in sd card are damaging rapidly

    Today i noticed that some files in sd card are damaged . It happened two weeks ago too.some Images and videos were damaged and can only see their thumbnails. some Apk files were damaged too. What can i do for this issue ?
  3. I

    Question Restore Point leaves program uninstalled but files still there?

    I recently reverted to the most recent restore point on my Windows 7 machine but it uninstalled 1 big big program (15GB) but left the file folders untouched in C/Program FIles. I want to free up space on my SSD and reinstall that same program again. But what do I do now? Do I just delete the...
  4. S

    Question USB files have disappeared after aborting transfering them to my Mac.

    Hello everyone, I was transfering my SanDisk USB files to my Mac when I needed to abort the action by clicking cancel. Now the files are gone. Completely from the USB. I used Stelllar, Recoverit, Minipower tool, and Disk Drill with no luck. Any suggestions?
  5. G

    Question Samsung Note 8 from Sprint Locked Screen (NO Google/Samsung account, stock software)

    A customer of mine has a Samsung Note 8 from Sprint that has a screen lock. Apparently, the customer has never had a password or security of any type (fingerprint, pattern, etc) on the device, and they have no idea how it got on there. I had them call Samsung/Google/etc to try and resolve the...
  6. tar14444

    Question Need recommendation's on how to save over 6tb's of files

    Hello, I'm looking to get your thought's on how I should properly save over 6tb's of Video's/Game's/Photo's. I have heard that external transfer rates would take forever to move the files around but I myself have never owned a external drive. Would it be best to purchase a external HDD or...
  7. M

    Question Recover data from an unallocated SSD after it was unplugged.

    Hi all, Thanks in advance. Please point me in the direction if you know of a solution else where. I was under the impression my motherboard allowed me to hot swap my SSD drives, I needed to get some information off another SSD and just went ahead and swapped out a storage drive, after the deed...
  8. virtualflying

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 Network Sharing to automatically sync

    I do a lot of video editing for school. I have a laptop and a desktop, and I prefer to do editing on my desktop. I set up a Windows 10 network, so that when I edit on my laptop on the go, I can come back home, open my laptop, and connect to the laptop projects on my desktop. One of the problems...
  9. nikkolaus

    [SOLVED] Transferring files to new Win10 install

    So, I know this sounds stupid, but it's been forever since I've done such things and I just need a helping hand... I have two M.2 NVME drives. They are both mounted to my motherboard. The old M.2 has an old version of windows on it, all my files, photos, documents, desktop icons etc... The new...
  10. W

    Question Internet Explorer cant download files normally

    Hi, I'm have problem with the Internet Explorer 11. After I created new SCCM preconfigured image first thing I noticed after installing is that the downloading files in IE is strange. When i start to download some file there is two options to select - Save/Run. When I click run, file starts...
  11. D

    Question Do Files Degrade From Viewing Only?

    1. Assuming that the hardware is brand new and proven 100% functional, does anybody know if Adobe Illustrator's files will degrade only from viewing them without making any edits, changes, resavings? Or for that matter, is there any adobe product that will cause file degradation only from...
  12. SimonSeesX

    Question Why do I have a folder full of photos and videos - each file's size is more than 58. GBS and size on disk 4KB and the files don't open? anyone?

    These photos and videos: were exported from my mobile to my PC. are not opening with the following error: "it looks like we don't support this file format"
  13. Question Can't find programs to uninstall on SSD

    Hello people, So I have an issue, where the only files I can see to remove in the control panel menu are the programs and games on my hard drive. But I want to know if there are any games I still have on my SSD I don't want anymore. The picture shows what it looks like. I know that i installed...
  14. DinoHUN

    Discussion all my files are gone

    Hello, everyone. I have logged into my computer and instead of "Welcome" I saw "Preparing Windows". Then it came to my knowledge that all the folders and files I had on my C drive are gone. Even the wallpaper got reset. I turned off then back up my computer and some files were back. Then I used...
  15. M

    Question Kepping my important files

    Okay, so I want to change my OS, and in my PC i have two hard drives, one is just for my current OS, and the other one is for my files and games. So my question is how do I keep all my files after the installation of Windows? Do I just unplug my Hard drive with files, then install new OS and...
  16. J

    Question Canceling the factory reset

    Hello, I was resetting Windows 10 all settings through the restore option. I forgot that I left some files on the disk. I canceled the restore in the first stage, when I had the option to cancel before restarting PC. Was my data deleted in some way? What happens during the first recovery phase...
  17. Gosraj

    Question Transferring Old Data to New Computer

    I'm getting a new PC and I want to transfer everything I have on my current one onto the new one. I'm planning on doing this by purchasing a new CPU, motherboard, RAM, etc. Everything is the same brand (i.e. Gigabyte) except for the CPU and GPU, which I'm going from AMD to Intel and from Radeon...
  18. EyyMunchian

    [SOLVED] How to delete a certain file in Windows

    Alright folks, I'm getting extremely frustrated in trying to delete a file off my computer. I reset my version of Windows due to maintenance reasons (happens annually) and there is one stubborn file which keeps the Windows.Old file from being completely removed. I have given my all the required...
  19. X

    AB350M PRO4 still freezing ?

    I want to buy this motherboard but i've seen that many people complain about it freezing, i don't know if it's fixed or not because no one is talking about it now.