Question Deleted files


May 20, 2014
I have 2 hdd and 1 ssd.

I used the ssd to install the os and some program installed under the disk too.

Most of my files are saved under my hdd.

I understand that when you deleted your file and clear the recycle bin, you files are still able to recover. Because they are store at something called 'master file table'.

The questions are:
1) How much can they store at the master file table until they have to be overwrite?

2) Is the master file table store at my ssd since i dowloaded my os there. If its there is it safer to just burnt the current ssd and buy a new one and os?

3) Or is it all the hard disk have the master file table and if the files are deleted from hdd "1" it will store there and if its from hdd "2" it will store in master file table in hdd "2" so it will only start to rewrite if i have new files store at the hdd

Hope you guys can understand my question


Mar 16, 2013
The "master file table" is just an index.
Like the Table of Contents for a book. Does not actually "hold" the files, just the supposed location for them.
Each physical drive has its own.

Deleting something only tells the OS that "This space is available to be used." If some later action writes data to that same space, the old file is gone gone gone.

Deleted files are sometimes recoverable. Sometimes.
Given the right tools, they can maybe locate where the actual bits are. If they have not been overwritten.

If you value your data, don't pin your hopes on data recovery. Instead, proactive backups on some other physical device.

Generally, 3-2-1.
3 different copies, on at least 2 different media, at least 1 offsite.