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  1. K

    Question my storage keeps getting full for no reason

    windows told me i'm out of disk space and yesterday i unistalled a 15gb game how is this possible? i already ran my antivirus and it doesn't detect anything, i am using bitdefender i also ran windirstat, and most of things taking up storage are only games. what's wrong? how can i fix this?
  2. M

    Question stripe size for RAID 5 with 8TB drives?

    almost all video files, mostly over 10GB each. Connected to an LSI 9260-8i. Previous RAID I made was eight 3TB drives in RAID 5, 256kB stripe size. I'm leaning towards 512kB, or even 1MB.
  3. A

    Question OS location keeps changing

    Hi, after a random windows 10 update I noticed that my PC was really slow l, so i check my storages (1tb hdd and 500gb ssd) and the OS changed location from my ssd to my hdd. I selected the ssd as my boot drive in the bios and it seems to work, but afer turning off the pc and then turning it on...
  4. lotmt

    Question If i have 2 boot drives can I move data from one to the other?

    I just bought an SSD for my computer and I would like for the SSD to be the boot drive and have my old HDD as mass storage, the problem is that the HDD has windows installed in it and I would like to keep the things that are in it so I don't want to format it, so can I use the SSD as my boot...
  5. D

    Question SSD and HDD show up in SATA Information in BIOS, but can't boot from them

    Hi everyone. I've been having an issue with not being able to boot from my ssd or hdd but they show up in the SATA Information section in my ASUS bios. I've already tried starting the system with just the ssd, switching SATA ports, and enabling CSM and disabling secure boot. If you have an idea...
  6. Avik Basu

    Question Need advice on SSD

    I want to upgrade the storage of my system and this is the first time I'm touching SSD so I need advice on it. I want to get the Crucial MX500 1TB for my primary drive and I wanted to know if the M.2 one is compatible with my motherboard. If it is then is it better to get the M.2 or the 2.5...
  7. Tapogam

    Question Can't find M.2 Nvme SSD in Boot Priority

    Hello everyone, I just upgraded my system with new M.2 SSD (nvme 250gb Samsung evo plus) and i was able to install windows 10 x64 on it and after installation everything was running smooth. Also while installing windows on M.2 SSD I physically removed all my other storage device from...
  8. J

    Question FreeNAS with Areca ARC-4038 8-Bay

    I bought a Areca ARC-4038 8-Bay used off of someone for a pretty good price, except that I don't seem to know how to use it :) The manual found here indicates that I have to use the RS-232C RJ-11 Port to connect with a VT100 terminal emulator. No idea what any of that really means (except...
  9. I

    Question SSD no longer recognised in BIOS

    Hi, I have an ADATA SATA SU650 2.5" SSD (model number ASU650SS-240GT on which I had installed Windows 10 some 9 months ago. This SSD is not too old at around of 2 years of lifetime usage - so, I don't think time is the problem. Now when I boot up my system it shows me this message: 'Reboot and...
  10. Tannky043

    Question Change where new content is saved help!

    I am trying to download Sea of Thieves but my ssd doesn't have enough storage for it, so im trying to change where it downloads but everytime I try to change it, a window pops up and says "We couldn't Set your default save location" and comes up with an error code "0x80004004"
  11. Cubeeee

    Question How to store a CPU?

    I recently assembled my new gaming rig, only to learn that it wouldn’t boot windows. After talking to countless tech support people and trying strategies ranging from removing parts to changing BIOS settings, all to the same thing, which was a black screen that wouldn’t boot, I determined that...
  12. G

    Question HDD crashes pc. Error 0x800701b1

    Hello. I'm facing a problem in my pc with my HDD. Here is the story. I has on my pc 3 disks. Windows disk Samsung 970 evo m.2 nvme. Games disk Samsung 840 evo and a data disk HDD 500gb. Last month the HDD looks like a little slow and reading a folder endlessly some times. I bought a new one 2tb...
  13. N

    Question Samsung 860 Evo vs Toshiba TR200

    Hello. Currently I have only 1tb HDD and I plan to buy SSD in next few days. I'm aiming at around 500gb so I can install both windows and more requiring games on it. And among the others I found aforementioned SSD's and I can't decide which one to buy. 860 Evo is 80$ and TR200 is 65$ in my...
  14. Jay_dog

    [SOLVED] Best HDD for Plex Server?

    I am going to get a different HDD than I have right now for my Plex server. Which would be the best HDD in this situation? I run the Plex server off my main PC not a NAS. I am going for 3-4TB. NAS, Surveillance, or regular storage HDD?
  15. styl_impulse

    Question Need help installing new SSD!

    (Disclaimer - I know the bare minimal about PCs) So, I've basically purchased a 500GB Crucial SSD card which I have successfully installed into my PC, my PC does pick up that it is installed, however I'm struggling to understand how to make the SSD the boot drive. I understand how to enter the...
  16. N

    Question Help adding 2nd hard drive to Lenovo L340

    I have a Lenovo 340 laptop which has a 512GB Solid State Drive (M.2 2242, PCIe-NVMe, TLC) and I am quickly running out of space as it's used for some light gaming, office work and CAD. My understanding is that as I opted out of a hard drive, there should be space for an additional hard drive...
  17. T

    Question Upgrading SSD for more storage space what do I need?

    Hello all!:) As the title says, I have i think 110gb SSD, and I would like to upgrade to more space. How would I go about doing that, basically doing a complete transfer of all of my data from the SSD I have now to the one I will hopefully buy soon? Thank you again for reading! Have a wonderful...
  18. ArchiePM

    Question Installed a new SSD issues

    So I purchased a 200ish gb SSD for Windows and some games (Arma, COD etc) so I can boot up faster. I have successfully installed windows onto my ssd and reattached my SATA cables to my hard drive and I thought that’s all it takes. But I have had to redownload stream, origin, discord etc...
  19. Nervly

    Question Best SSD for Video Editing/3D Modeling

    Hey! I do 3D Modeling/Rendering as well as Video Editing at 1080p60. I'd like to upgrade my storage as I currently only have one SSD for my OS and a 1TB HDD. My budget is ~200€ I'm torn between these two SSDs, the Sabrent is a Gen4 SSD (I've got a PCIe 4.0 Motherboard) while the Samsung is Gen3...
  20. T

    [SOLVED] I have bad sectors on my HDD can i use it as an external storage device ?

    I am currently using a Toshiba MQ01ABF050 500GB internal hard disk drive. In Crystal Disk Info it shows health status as caution and a yellow mark on Reallocated sectors count. Upon researching on internet i figured out that my HDD has some bad sectors and soon it will die. So now i have...