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  1. Y

    Question How to retrieve data from internal SSD (ADATA AXNS381E-128GM-B)?

    Hey everyone, I recently encountered an issue with my old laptop, which seems to have a problem with either the graphics card or the motherboard. In order to retrieve my data, I removed the ADATA XNS381E-128GM-B SSD that contained all my files, including Windows. Now, I'm attempting to...
  2. noname223

    Question Does an SSD boost fps in Open World games ?

    Hey guys! I want to know if putting games like Post Scriptum/Hell let loose/Squad (huge map games) etc on an SSD boosts or improves fps? When im playing Post Scriptum for example in the first 10-20 mins of the game i get decent 30-40 fps but when match gets intense my fps starts to drop on 12...
  3. J

    Question New M.2 Drive No Boot Option

    Hey there! So I just bought and installed a new M.2 drive, cloned my old drive to this new one, but I can't seem to boot from it (triple checked the OS DID copy over). The new drive shows up in disk management, Speccy, Windows explorer, and I can use it like normal, but it does not show up in...
  4. McFLYVidic

    Question Why are my M2 slots on Asus tuf x570 plus not working?

    So my problem is that my m2 slots are not working. They show up on windows and on bios but as i go into a game lets say "fifa 23" the disk M2 will stop working the game will crash and files on that disk will say that "Is not accessible, A device which does not exist was specified". I updated...
  5. B

    Question Is my Hardrive failing, or do i have some sort of virus?

    So after a while of using my computer, within the hour or sometimes longer, my hardrive gets errors like "a device which does not exist was specified" when trying to move or access certain folders (not all) or when scanning my drive for issues it fails to even scan the drive's errors. Once i...
  6. Z

    Question Help: Hard Drives Visible in BIOS but Not in Windows 11

    Hello, I just took two hard drives (one SSD and one HDD) out of my old computer and added them into my new computer. They are visible in the BIOS, but when I try to find them in Disk Management in Windows, they don't appear at all - not even as black-colored drives (not sure if that stands for...
  7. H

    Question Asus Z790 Inaccessible Boot Even While It Shows The NVME's in a RAID, But Not in NVME Menu - PLEASE Help, This One is Tricky!

    Hello Folks, I would REALLY appreciate some help with my new build. Summary: I have a newly built system that I installed Windows 10 Pro on a Samsung 970 Pro Evo NVME 512GB, installed Chrome, Steam, and a few other basic programs. Then I went to update the BIOS. Updated the BIOS from 816 to...
  8. X

    Question Decent M.2 NVMe?

    Hi, I'm looking for a decent M.2 NVMe so I can store games on it. Not thinking of spending too much on one, maybe around £40-£70. 1TB capacity onwards. Thanks!
  9. StolenPotato

    Question Computer very slow, especially on desktop. But fine in games?

    As you can see, my desktop is very slow. The PC sometimes feels slower than it should be in some programs, but usually it works fine and I can play games just fine. My specs are: Ryzen 5 5600x 3070Ti ASUS ROG STRIX b550-E wifi Corsair 2x8 3600mhz (ram is working at full speed I checked) Samsung...
  10. talhaskrillx

    Question Will Gigabyte Arorus 5000 series work with PS5?

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to confirm if this will work with ps5. Image : View: I would really appreciate it if someone with the same SSD could share the experience. Thanks
  11. S

    Question Moving/cloning drive to another on dual bootable PC help needed!

    Hello guys, I am currently using an m.2 nvme ssd and recently bought a sata ssd. I have a second Windows 11 license so I will use it to make my PC dual bootable. (Nvme for games and sata for school etc.) I want to move everything from my NVME to the SATA driver so I can fully clean my nvme...
  12. ssineD

    Question I installed a new nvme but noticed a 30% fps loss. Help

    I recently replaced my 860 evo ssd with a NVMe 980 pro but I've noticed a drop in fps in various games by 30%. My pc specs: CPU: i9-10900F Motherboard: MAG Z490 Tomahawk Ram: Corsair Vengeance 16Gb 3600 GPU: Gigabyte RTX 3060 Ti Storage: Samsung 980 pro Psu: Asus ROG Strix 750w Gold I don't...
  13. Jon Chew

    Question [SOLVED] Powering my HDD causes my SDD to disappear

    I've had intermittent trouble with my SSD, usually in the form of it randomly appearing and disappearing (both from Windows and from the BIOS). After trial and error I seem to have narrowed it down to a power problem. The SDD seems to work fine when plugged into SATA and power, but using that...
  14. Czar1453

    Question Move all files (aside from OS) from old SSD to new SSD

    I am planning on adding some more storage to my PC. I currently have an NVME M.2 SSD and want to keep that for OS and games I play frequently. I will add a second SSD for everything else. What is the best way to move all my other files to my new drive?
  15. I

    Question Storing monitors in the attic ?

    Hi, any info is appreciated. Just moved a few monitors to the attic. My question is, can they stay there year round? There are no leaks and its a ventilated area. I live in Chicago, temps during the winter reach between 26 °F - 36°F, with summer coming up temps average around 78°F – 92°F
  16. Sparxz

    Question Bought 1st NVMe PCIe 4.0 m.2 storage. But enclosures for sata ?

    I bought my first NVMe type device: Kingston NV2 NVMe PCIe 4.0 SSD 250G M.2 2280 - SNV2S/250G With intention to use in on older sata laptop, using an enclosure. I thought this was an m-key connector when I look it up. But all state "5 pins" identifier. Strangely...
  17. mxraider

    [SOLVED] NVMe causes odd boot behaviours

    I recently bought a WD BLACK AN1500 2TB NVMe SSD with the intent on using it as a new boot drive. This is my first time using a PCIE slot type of storage so I expected some things to go weird but there's still two issues I haven't been able to solve. For context, I cloned my original boot...
  18. mekyle99

    Question SSD compatibility question

    Hello. I have a ASRock Z370 Pro 4 motherboard. My friend linked me an internal SSD to use for a decent price. Would this work on my motherboard? I do not trust myself to make...
  19. CoDrift

    [SOLVED] Can't get PCIe SSD to show up

    Ok, a backstory: So I badly needed a storage upgrade since I'm currently running 5 small (Mix of 128s, 500s, 320s) SSDs and HDDs. Thought I'd move to all SSD storage and I wanted to use two separate SSDs. One as boot drive and the other as my main drive for storing data and games etc. My...
  20. S

    Question Is it possible to upgrade the current EMMC storage to a Samsung SSD storage on my ASUS FlipBook 12?

    Hi all, I just cracked open my ASUS Flipbook 12 Model TP203N in the hopes of upgrading the SSD to a 500GB Samsung SSD. But I dont know where to find the current Storage Drive on it. Can anyone take a look at the pictures I provided and circle where the Storage is for the Flipbook 12? (edit the...
  21. Hobak

    Question My M.2 NVMe SSD Boot Drive is no longer detected in BIOS ?

    There was a short power outage while my pc was in sleep mode. Normally, this doesn't really affect anything and it usually just shuts down just like this time. Only now when I turn it back on it displays a message that says " No operating system found -- Try disconnecting any drives that don't...
  22. F

    Question Upgrading SSD on X99 mobo

    I have x99 system and I am looking to update my SSD since it's getting old and my HDD can't handle anymore the tasks that I require which is running multiple android studio emulators at the same time. My ram and cpu and gpu are just fine, but I really wanna upgrade my storage to SSD nvme at...
  23. N

    Question How to Install Windows 10 on New Drives?

    Hello everyone, I am getting INCREDIBLY frustrated with this problem I have been having. I cannot seem to find a solution for the past 3-4 months and I do not feel like spending $100+ to have this diagnosed at a PC shop, seems like a scam to me. Anyways, I have finally bought my first SSD. I...
  24. Inver_ShaRingan

    Question Can M.2 NVMe cause stuttering in games ?

    For some reason games installed on my Crusial P3 Plus (PCiE 4.0) 3.0 in use as 10th Intel doesn't support 4.0, games stutter. I9 10900k with Two tower cooling 16gb 3600mhz cl16 Crusial Ballistix RTX 2070 strix Z490 Msi gaming plus While installing something, when this drive was used as...
  25. Winter Atomic

    Question M.2 NVME is not recognized by Bios

    One day while playing Overwatch my PC froze, I couldn't alt F4 or anything and had to force quit. This kept on happening more and more over the last week until the PC froze After 5-7 mins of doing nothing. I figured that there was a problem with my Graphics driver so I uninstalled it to reset...
  26. E

    Question Losing Display while the PC is still on

    I had this problem for a while now, on some occasion my PC display would suddenly turn off while the power is still on so I have no choice but to force shutdown it. Tried reaching out to other Tech specialist if they could pinpoint what's the problem I am having but none of them could fix and...
  27. G

    Question My computer doesn't recognize my Samsung 970 Evo Plus SSD ?

    Hello, so all of a sudden my computer stopped recognizing my M.2 drive. Windows runs on a Samsung SSD and in the past week I've noticed that it takes a while to load and it stays for around 30 seconds on the bios logo and today the M.2 drive where I keep my files just disappeared. I checked disk...
  28. PhysicalPsycho

    [SOLVED] System using up 400gb of space

    I just restarted my pc and when i went to check the storage folder it told me that 400gb/1tb of space of is in use even though i just restarted it. When looking closer it says that "Other" is using up all that space. What could that be, is windows 11 that large or is something else? Help much...
  29. phoenix_7878

    Question SSD health 97% after 3 days of use.

    I recently bought a 1 tb Crucial BX500 SSD for my laptop and its health is already down by 3 percent Should I be worried? Is this normal?Screen shot from diskinfo
  30. msbento

    Question External SSD loses data after removing it from the computer ?

    Hi everyone, I just bought an external 8Tb SSD and I was starting to copy-paste some stuff into it - movies and TV shows basically. However, after removing it from the computer, it always loses the data. In the pictures below, you'll see: a Dragon Ball Z folder of 251Gb with all the content...
  31. Z

    Question Seagate BarraCuda / BarraCuda pro alternatives

    Hello, So i was looking for Seagate BarraCuda pro 14 to 18 Tb HDD but i can't find it here in Canada or any decent size (10 Tb or above) Seagate BarraCuda pro. I heard that Seagate discontinued the Barracuda series and I don't think Seagate Ironwolf (NAS) or Exos (for Servers/data centers) will...
  32. Ptk_23

    [SOLVED] Had a problem adding an HHD to my Laptop.

    I recently bought a 'Lenovo ideapad gaming 3 15ach6 amd ryzen 7 5800h/16gb/512gb ssd/rtx 3050ti/15.6" '. For what I read/saw online, it was possible to add an HDD. Also the laptop came with an HDD tray and screws for it, so I assumed that was the case. When I opened the laptop here's what I...
  33. Z

    Question Which (14-18 Tb)HDD should I get for normal desktop PC usage?

    So I want to store my videos, audio, applications, steam games backup (my PlayStation 1,2,3,4 games' ripped discs/blurays/folders/backups) and to install some older games, Application setups, Archive files Photoshop/premier/Cubase projects and unreal engine / blender / Daz Studio library and...
  34. Mr.CJ

    Question Samsung EVO 850 SSD with corrupt data?

    Dear smart ppl, I am having some weird issues that I think are related to my Samsung SSD, which contains my win10 OS. The smart thing might be to just get a new one and reinstall windows, but I would like to keep configs and such. Hoping there is a way to fix my issue without a clean install...
  35. HelpWhatDoIDo

    Question Ok now seriously what do i do

    so i got a new m.2 SSD and my motherboard only has 1 m.2 slot with an ssd in it already. this ssd has windows on it. i also got a 1tb hdd though and I really want to upgrade from my installed ssd to this newer one i got but how do i literally swap them out and fresh install windows with an usb...
  36. K

    Question Can't get my 2nd SSD activated ?

    I bought and built this PC about 9 months ago and everything was perfect but I don't know how to activate my 2nd SSD (nor can i tell them apart of which one is actually doing all the work) my SSDs are Samsung 970 Evo Plus 1TB NVME M.2 2280 Samsung 870 EVO 1TB SATA6GB 2280 I tried going into...
  37. D

    Question Difference in transfer rate

    Well, I'm about to spend some money on a setup, but came across a major question. I found two HDDs. Both SATA. Very different storages. One 20 TB and the other 8TB. But what's intriguing are the specs. 4TB one says 3000 megabytes per sec 20TB says 285 megabytes per sec but they also include the...
  38. F

    Question Migration of data from HDD to SSD

    Hello I have C: SSD with Windows 10 and D: HDD with the data like documents and so on, but also I use that D: for games installation folder. And for example, Steam and Epic etc. are installed on C: but games are put in D:. Now I want to completely get rid of that HDD and put SSD instead. How to...
  39. I

    Question Moving or replacing SD slot on Lenovo Ideapad 3i

    I bought a Lenovo Ideapad 3i, and i like to have a 256GB SD card inserted into my laptop that acts as "permanent" storage so that I can keep my work on an encrypted removable device, even though it is almost never removed. It's a bit idiosyncratic but it's what I like. Anyway, the Ideapad has a...
  40. R

    Question moving an ssd to my new pc

    hello, i am currently about to do a completely new build and my question is if i just take out 1 of my 2 M.2 ssd's out of my old pc and install it in my new computer, will i have to still re download all my games and applications? i have no real care for my files i just mainly want to be able to...