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  1. L

    Question Can't find programs to uninstall on SSD

    Hello people, So I have an issue, where the only files I can see to remove in the control panel menu are the programs and games on my hard drive. But I want to know if there are any games I still have on my SSD I don't want anymore. The picture shows what it looks like. I know that i installed...
  2. DinoHUN

    Discussion all my files are gone

    Hello, everyone. I have logged into my computer and instead of "Welcome" I saw "Preparing Windows". Then it came to my knowledge that all the folders and files I had on my C drive are gone. Even the wallpaper got reset. I turned off then back up my computer and some files were back. Then I used...
  3. M

    Question Kepping my important files

    Okay, so I want to change my OS, and in my PC i have two hard drives, one is just for my current OS, and the other one is for my files and games. So my question is how do I keep all my files after the installation of Windows? Do I just unplug my Hard drive with files, then install new OS and...
  4. J

    Question Canceling the factory reset

    Hello, I was resetting Windows 10 all settings through the restore option. I forgot that I left some files on the disk. I canceled the restore in the first stage, when I had the option to cancel before restarting PC. Was my data deleted in some way? What happens during the first recovery phase...
  5. Gosraj

    Question Transferring Old Data to New Computer

    I'm getting a new PC and I want to transfer everything I have on my current one onto the new one. I'm planning on doing this by purchasing a new CPU, motherboard, RAM, etc. Everything is the same brand (i.e. Gigabyte) except for the CPU and GPU, which I'm going from AMD to Intel and from Radeon...
  6. EyyMunchian

    [SOLVED] How to delete a certain file in Windows

    Alright folks, I'm getting extremely frustrated in trying to delete a file off my computer. I reset my version of Windows due to maintenance reasons (happens annually) and there is one stubborn file which keeps the Windows.Old file from being completely removed. I have given my all the required...
  7. X

    AB350M PRO4 still freezing ?

    I want to buy this motherboard but i've seen that many people complain about it freezing, i don't know if it's fixed or not because no one is talking about it now.
  8. A

    Everything is pausing

    I'm playing pandora, youtube, and my music player all the time and it's pausing by its self and I'm ready to break my phone because of it
  9. A

    I want to upgrade my pc but I want to start with my motherboard, NEED ADVICE AND HELP

    If I buy a new motherboard, I know im gonna need to buy another cpu. If ever I will buy a new motherboard, will it fit in my computer case? I wanna buy a new motherboard that supports intel i7 so that I can upgrade into a gaming build. What motherboard will it be? I hope the motherboard will...
  10. T

    Did i destroy my motherboard

    I stupidly inserted the pci-e into my motherboard p8 (atx12v). There was a spark and some smoke and now neither my psu or motherboard will turn on. Is it the motherboard? Is it the psu? What is the best thing to do?
  11. K

    Leave pc on first time setup.

    I want to leave a pc, which I clean installed windows 7 on with drivers and stuff, on a setup, so like the first time setup keeping the files already in it. Is this possible?
  12. S

    Internet speeds slower on PC than all other devices

    I have BT Infinity, and doing speed tests on my phone and other devices I get download speeds of around 50 mbps with around 14mbps upload, and on my Xbox when downloading games I also get around these speeds the majority of the time. However, on my PC, doing multiple speed tests on different...
  13. J

    trojan dectected on clean system

    I recently did a clean install of windows 10 from a usb drive. After installing Vipre Security Suite it detects a trojan, trojan.downloader.JQUA. How do I get rid of this. Reinstalling windows isn't helping.
  14. B

    Can't decide between two SSDs

    Hello, I'm having a dilemma chosing between two SSDs. It's the 960 EVO 250GB priced at $175 and the 850 PRO 1TB priced at $250. I'll be using the drive mainly for gaming, no video editing and I won't be moving large files around. What will be the best choice?
  15. C

    When should I upgrade my processor, PSU and RAM?

    My current PC specs: i7-4790 (non-k) G.Skill Ripjawsx 2x4gb DDR3 RAM ASUS ROG GTX 1070 Strix 8gb ASUS Maximus VI Hero Super Flower Golden Green 600w HX 1x Plextor M6S SSD 1x Seagate 7200rpm SATA HDD 2x NZXT S340 Elite 120mm case fans NZXT Kraken x62 Asus ROG Swift PG279Q Monitor Windows 10 I...
  16. R

    Massive performance drop on i5-6600K, 980ti

    System specs first: 6500k i5 3.5GHz MSI 980ti 6G Gaming MSI M5 mobo GSkill Ripjaws V series 8GBx2 DDR4-2400 Samsung Evo 850 500GB SSD (primary) EVGA 850 80+ Gold psu Fractal define R5 case Win 10 One 1080p 144Hz monitor Issue I'm having is that games that used to run at 144fps seem to be...
  17. B

    Are there any gaming setups involving petaflops instead of terraflops?

    Has anybody built something like that for gaming?
  18. J

    Graphics Card Advice

    Can anyone recommend a graphics card to fit this machine - - to be able to play GTA etc with no probs? Thanks
  19. Enxity

    Ethernet No Internet

    I've looked around for solutions, top 25 on google don't work. I've tried a cmd command including netsh int tcp something stuff, there were 4 commands Turned router on and off for 20 count, unplugged and replugged Ethernet cable. Wifi on phone is working well, all cables connected. Normal...
  20. Mastersaofan

    Secure computing UPS 3000VA UPS

    Hi, does anyone have information about this brand of UPS? I bought it already but Im worried that its really not a reliable brand since not much info is available online. My fault for not doing research 1st but it was the only UPS that has a 3000VA which I needed for my work. Any info about it...
  21. A

    Best Power Supply for $90?

    Hello everyone, I want to buy a PSU for $90 that is quiet, efficient, and semi or fully modular. No mail in rebates please.
  22. E

    Could my PSU handle A 750 ti's OC?

    good day sirs! I was wondering if it would be safe to OC my 750 ti with this PSU? My other components are i3 4170 h81m-ds2 8gb ram 1333...
  23. Floydsound

    Strange BIOS and HW Monitor readings

    Hi, everyone! My system is this: - Processor: i5 2500K 3.3GHz [Stock] - Video card: GTX 970 EVGA SSC - Motherboard: ASUS P8Z77-M - Memory: 16GB (2x8) Corsair Vengeance 1600MHz - Drives: 1x SSD Samsung 850 EVO 250GB + 1x HDD Seagate Barracuda 320GB + 1x DVD-RW - Coolers: Hyper 212 EVO (with...
  24. D

    Best GPU for my system

    Hi guys, I'll be in the US in a few weeks for the holidays, and would like to purchase a new GPU while I'm there. I just want to make sure I don't end up walking away with a graphics card that isn't compatible with my system, since I'll be installing it when I get back to Europe and won't be...
  25. B

    Is Skylake worth the extra money?

    I'm building my first PC this December, and I'm pretty happy with my build ( I'm now wondering if it's worth getting new a Skylake CPU and DDR4 RAM (rather than Haswell and DDR3), but as a consequence have to downgrade my GPU to something like a 750ti to...
  26. Y

    Advice on getting a laptop

    My sister wants to buy a laptop for extensive graphic use, as well as all the usual stuff. She has her heart set on one of the macbook laptops, and her budget is £1000. What would be the best one for her to get in this price range? Thanks in advance
  27. J

    Am I running at 2400mhz by default?

    I just bought ADATA 16GB Kit (2x8G) DDR3 2400 1.65v - AX3U2400W8G11, and wondering if it's at 2400mhz once installed or have to go in the BIOS to do so. If have to, how do I and is it recommended?
  28. T

    Free windows for students?

    Are there any windows OS free to students?
  29. H

    HELP with Builting a pc!

    I am building a new a pc first time! Here it is: I am from india and spending over Rs.38000! So make me sure it will work and most important give me a link of best video that would help me to build my pc! I can't afford more...
  30. H

    Samsung 840 Evo low iops issue

    I just installed my first ssd today, and at first things were great. Everything installed nicely, and I was getting maximum sequential read/write and mad iops read/write, and the sdd I felt was reallllly fast. Then my friend was checking his email and the of blue screened and auto restarted. I...
  31. T

    R9 280 question.

    I'm bad with components and the like. Could someone tell me if the AMD Radeon R9 280 3GB GDDR5 PCIe 3.0 x16 Video Card (Single Card) supports DVI? Thanks.
  32. Max Guymer

    Looking for a laptop build guide.

    Hello, I have recently been interested in building a laptop, but I haven't been successful in finding a legitimate laptop build guide, I keep finding troll videos when I'm generally interested in building one. Is it a mainstream thing? I would really like to know, and if anyone knows of any...
  33. Nikos K

    Crossfire on Gigabyte GA-Z97P-D3

    Well,Ihave the Gigabyte GA-Z97P-D3 motherboard and it has one PCIE x16 slot and a PCIE x4 slot for graphics cards.Can I do crossfire on it?
  34. V

    Overclocking 980 EVGA Precision X (voltage increase)

    So currently I'm using Precision X, OC Scanner, GPU-Z, Firestrike(3dmark) to overclock. I have pushed my base clock with no memory clock to 1517MHz with no crash on stock voltage. I have increased the voltage to by 10mV every time and still cannot clock any higher. My normal voltage is 1206 on...
  35. G

    RAM for ASRock Z97 Extreme 4

    8GB(2X4GB) RAM for ASRock Z97 Extreme 4 Please help me, i tried to find some rams but they weren't compatible :fou: full rig: 4690K GTX970 Gigabyte asrock extr4...
  36. T

    Liquid Cooling for Cooler Master Elite 120

    Guys, could you please recommend some closed loop liquid cooling systems that would actually fit this case? I think is time to start abusing my I5 2500K and i dont think my low profile rosweill cooler will handle much overclocking.
  37. G

    Best Gaming FPS and RTS gaming mouse

    Can anyone recommend a great gaming mouse that I can use for playing fps games like BF4 and RTS games like Dota 2?
  38. P

    GPU upgrade gone wrong! HELP!

    I've got a very strange problem due to a video card upgrade. I upgraded from a nvidia 460gtx to a amd r9 270oc and my computer is acting like it has had a stroke! Extremely slow performance in desktop and web browsing. Strange stuttering effect that happens consistently, renders bf4 unplayable...
  39. SandmanEnters

    Unleashing the Potential

    Hi Guys First of all, I would like to thank all the contributors to this site. I have been reading posts like a man possessed the last couple of months. All your advice (albeit to other members) has been invaluable to me during my first proper gaming rig build. I thought I would create an...