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  1. ac130

    Need a AMD Gpu for Gaming, Hashing, etc... R9-295x2, (2x) r9 290/x, R9-280 for Xfire?

    My current system is down below: ---v I am a avid gamer who likes to do many other things besides gaming with my system. Anyway I'm getting into password cracking n stuff of the sort (for the 2nd time) and I would like to have much shorter waiting times so I can be able to do other stuff with...
  2. Y

    New Power Supply but is it faulty?

    Hello, I just got the EVGA 430W Power Supply today for Dell Optiplex 755 Mini Tower. Originally, the stock power supply did not have any problems. I got this one because I wanted to increase the wattage so it would support modern graphic cards.After I changed to my new EVGA psu, everything was...
  3. S

    finding psu 350-400w upgrade p6724y hp pc

    Hello everyone, I need help with finding the proper 350w - 400w psu that will work with my HP p6725y PC... I am going to upgrade my video card to GeForce GT 620 2GB GDDR3 VGA/DVI/HDMI PCI-Express Video Card and when I look at e-bay or egghead and similiar sites I just can not figure which one...
  4. B

    How do i use a laptop screen as a monitor?

    OK my laptop recently broke, the motherboard regulators went bust rendering it all broken but I still want to use the screen as its decent quality. Is there anyway to make this possibly without buying a monitor or a new motherboard. I can use a raspberry pie if I need to.
  5. T

    Using windows 8.1 restore to fresh install on another SSD

    Is it possible to boot the windows 8.1 restore feature on an HD and chose to fresh intall it on a SSD volume on the same computer? I upgraded mobo and processor on my PC, and for the sake of it got a brand new SSD, but all my system files are on the HDD, wich will become just a media storage...
  6. M

    low fps with high end pc

    i builded my pc around 5 months ago and it,s got great components for its price when i first started gaming on it it preformed really great i,ve been getting around 80fps average on battlefield 4 borderlands was running great and everything was working perfect but now for about 2 weeks i,ve been...
  7. Zircoben

    AMD A10-5800K bottleneck R7 265?

    Hi, The title says it all. I have an A10-5800K APU overclocked to 4.2 GHz. I know it's not a great CPU, but will it be a bottleneck in games? I know it changes from game to game, but I was wondering in general, how will it do? Thank you!
  8. P

    Need Help Troubleshooting new build

    Hi All Can i start by saying thanks to the forums for helping me so many times before but now i need to to actually ask for help with my new build. This is my first build in about 10 years (n00b with experience lol) and i need a lil bit of help trouble shooting... First the Problem...
  9. S

    Pentium D 925 vs Core 2 E6400 vs Athlon 64 X2 4400+(2.3ghz).

    How does the Pentium D 925 compare to a Core 2 E6400 and X2 4400+. Just picked up a Optiplex 745 with a Pentium D 925 to replaced my failing athlon system. I just bought a core 2 E6400 on ebay for $10 including shipping to replace the D 925. I know the 745 is old, but I'm on a tight budget and...
  10. A

    Copying OS from a Laptop to a new PC

    First of all is the above statement possible? Secondly how does one go about doing this? Also would it damage the laptop or render it useless, furthermore would it perform badly on the new PC?
  11. V

    AX860i power supply

    will ax860i psu power all these components? intel core i7 4770k, asus gtx 780, 3 ssds 2hdds and 16gb ram ?
  12. B

    New Gaming Build $1600-$1800 Help

    Hey guys, I wanted to build a gaming PC with a $1700 budget. Approximate Purchase Date: Feb 2014 Budget Range: $1600-$1800 System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, Surfing the internet, 3D modeling. Do you need to buy OS: No Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Newegg, Amazon Parts...
  13. J

    SLI or CPU upgrade

    Hi Community Im new to this site so my apologies if im in the wrong topic. Currently ive upgraded to a gtx 760 msi hawk with a two year old 8120 Amd cpu. For near future upgrades in online gaming (or any gaming really) should i save for another 760 or should i upgrade my cpu to a 8350 or 9370...