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    Help picking motherboard for 4690k

    Here is my build without a motherboard. This will be used for gaming. I plan to overclock in the future. And with the motherboard the total price I would like to see would be around $850. Thank you.
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    Very difficult problem with portforwarding! Please help!

    Hello. My problem is that i can't access my router's settings and i want to open ports, the brand of the router is Inteno DG201-R1A. its a router or modem? provided by my isp, i talked to them and they said the default gateway should work, that's it :pfff: They said that they will take a look...
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    How many fans do i need for this case

    How many fans should i buy for the Phantek Pro This the build
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    PC parts Compatability

    Hey guys. I am new to PC gaming and am looking to build a custom PC with these parts. As I am very new to computer building I would like to know if these parts would all work together? Also, would I be able to get good performance while gaming with these parts? Motherboard: Asrock B85M-HDS MB...