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  1. K

    Question asrock b450m audio jack

    So i think my audio jack in front of my case just died. I saw that my motherboard has 3 jacks in the back. I read the manual and it says the pink one is for microphone. However when i plug in my mic it doesnt work. How can i fix my broken jack and how to use those back jacks
  2. X

    Question The clock speed of my GPU is not working properly

    just finished building my PC a couple of days ago the only problem is that ive been having very low fps on some of the least demanding games (CS:GO) ive had trouble downloading drivers and have had to use some of the older drivers (This isnt really great for me because i would like to have...
  3. I

    Question Low usage GPU, high usage CPU, CS:GO bottleneck ?

    Hello guys, i was just wondering if someone can help me out with especially that question : when i play CS:GO my CPU usage is around 60-90% but my GPU usage is around 15-30% is that normal ? or is my cpu bottleneck my gpu? It is kinda when i get into fight or see more ppl/nades drops fps...
  4. C

    Question High End PC running terribly slow

    So in April of 2017, I built a high-end gaming PC. The specs are as follows Processor: i5-7500 GPU: EVGA GTX 1070 MOBO: MSI Gaming Pro Carbon RAM: 8GB DDR4 1 TB HDD Windows 10 For the past year and a half, it has run games flawlessly at max settings. However, in recent time (about 2 or 3...
  5. I

    Question Teammates Hear Game Sound With Headset

    When I play a game and have Discord up, I use headphones. Every time I play, anybody on my team picks up my voice as well as ALL my game sound. Is there a simple fix for this? I've tried to change/reset Discord voice settings, and nothing. I looked online, nothing. I checked Windows (10) sound...
  6. K

    [SOLVED] X99 System Locking up at post splash screen unless I unplug and replug SSD

    I have an odd issue, Computer works great, but every once in a while (about once a month) apon boot up my computer locks up at the splash screen at post. If I pull out my pci-e ssd and turn on the computer I get past the splash screen and into the bios, then if I turn the computer off reinstall...
  7. H

    Question PC Crashed During permission changes, now no text or functionality on windows

    My pc had been acting funny. nvidia control panel wouldn't open because it apparently didn't have permissions to access the files. All of the folders in my pc were set to "read-only" for some reason. I looked online and decided to give the C: drive permissions to my administrator user with full...
  8. L

    Question My Lenovo ideapad 510 had 8gb of ram but until about 2 weeks ago i now only have 4gb of ram, half the amount i had before.

    I got a replacement stick of ram, it went back up to 8gb of ram but the next day it went back down to 4gb. What can i do about this? Would clearing the cmos do anything to help it?
  9. T

    [SOLVED] Random and Unpredictable Stutter

    Hello all, I am an avid gamer and have been playing on my built PC for a couple years now. But as of last week, sometimes my games have ran extremely poorly for no reason. Restarting usually fixes it, but then the next startup sometimes makes the games run poorly again. I play CS:GO, Rocket...
  10. B

    [SOLVED] 1660ti compatibility

    Ryzen 5 1500x Asus B350F Any bottlenecks?
  11. D

    Question New CPU sticking between 45-60 degrees

    Just got myself a new AMD Ryzen 7 1700x CPU, along with a ASUS B450 Gaming motherboard, and installed it today. Now the big change apart from the extra power, is that it now makes a lot of noises, and while I follow the temperature on the Ryzen Master software, it keeps on having the CPU...
  12. T

    Question Can I utilize Y-fan splitter with my motherboard?

    Hey i've been searching around about connecting multiple fans to one fan header on the motherboard and how it could possibly damage said motherboard if the amps go over the max for that header. I was just wondering with my current motherboard: ASUS PRIME Z370-P II , could I connect two fans to...
  13. Zigorov

    Question Overclock I9 9900K

    Hi everyone. I overclocked my cpu to 5000mhz and with occt stress test about 30 minute everything is ok max temp is 65-70c. After 1 week im trying do strees test after 2 minute cpu is overheating goes up 91c. Can someone help me do overclock? Thank you. Pc Spec Cpu - i9-9900k Gpu - Asus...
  14. A

    [SOLVED] Im not getting the expected fps

    Hello, my configuration is I5 8400, 2.4 ghz 12 gb RAM DDR4 2400 Mhz Nvidia Geforce 1060 3GB Games like Gta V, AC Odysey, Pubg and Apex Legends , all of them i cant get more than 80 fps on mmedium and low settings. Any ideas what is wrong?
  15. H

    Question Could downgrading bios solve CPU problem?

    Hi guys, so im having troubble with my H81M-C motherboard + my new Intel Core i7-4790K CPU. Before this CPUi was using a Intel Core i5-4670 CPU. When booting with the newer CPU the fans start and the computer does not turn itself off, but the screen remains black so i have no idea if it boots...
  16. mkbadhwar

    Question slow boot up on windows 10

    AFTER INSTALLING a cd dvd writer, windows 10 has slow boot up
  17. S

    Question Downloading Windows 10 on an ssd

    So I need to download Windows 10 on an ssd for my computer teacher. I tried using a usb to download it. When I got to the pc and ran the windows installer, it said the ssd isnt formated correctly so I was told to take home the ssd. So I’m at home without the pc near me. Is there a way I can...
  18. S

    Question Bad Frames, Good Graphics Card

    I am getting very upset and i wanna cry. I have a really nice PC and get not so good frames. This is my PC: http://a.co/8bezVKH I get around 100 fps on max settings with a 1080 TI while my friend with a 1060 gets around the same with the exact same settings. Even when I pu settings on all low i...
  19. J

    [SOLVED] Is my Ram slowing down my PC?

    I am running generic (adata) 1333hz DDR3 RAM - 4x4gb sticks, and I wouldn't say my machine is slow, but given the prices of DDR3 RAm going down, I am not against upgrading to 13 or 32 gbs of 1866 Ram from a gaming brand like COrsair. But the real question is, will I see any advantage from the...
  20. J

    Question Is it worth money for viewsonic xg2402

    Hi, i dont know which one to pick . What i know xg2402 have more speed than xg2401. How much different ? Can human eye see the differen ? Price VS xg2401 a bit cheaper $35 . Is it worth $35 for xg2402 ? Sry bad englis :) tq