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  1. Skyrosa

    Question Monitor keeps displaying text "HDMI" every time I open video or game

    Hello, I have a Monitor(normal PC screen) connected to my graphic card Nvidia GTX 1080TI with a HDMI cable. Every time i open a video(for example Windows Media Player, a game for example Apex Legends, or even recently a youtube video, my screen flickers and it shows a text "HDMI" as if i have...
  2. durableCraft

    Question Monitor doesn't work when plugged into KVM Switch using DisplayPort to DVI adapter

    I have to Apple Cinema Displays, with each one DVI-D input. Because I need to use two Computers with these Monitors, I bought a KVM Switch. It has one HDMI in and output and one DisplayPort in and output. The Problem is, that only one of the two Screens are working. Here is how it is set up...
  3. D

    Question Need help with Windows MiniPC displaying static on TV when woken up

    I've got my NUC MiniPC (NUC11PAHI5) running Windows 10, hooked up via HDMI to my TV - an Android TV (Officially branded 'Motorola' in my country, but going by firmware, deviceId etc, most likely a rebranded Skyworth) which supports 4K HDR. When I wake it from sleep mode, it displays static...
  4. Socksz

    Question HDMI TO VGA on a RTX 3060

    Hi silly question , I have an old ASUS monitor nothing fancy , not 1080p either max resolution being 1366x768. And I recently bought the 8GB version of the 3060 my problem is that it doesn’t have VGA. Would a simple HDMI to VGA adapter work? Like this one for example? Thanks in advance.
  5. H

    Question What is the cause of this transparent line on my laptop display?

    I have a Asus Zenbook ProDuo and a transparent line appeared on the screen. I usually keep it connected to another display. The second display does not present the line. I am not 100% sure, but I think the line appeared when I disconnected the HDMI cable. Here is a video: View...
  6. S

    Question Display Port cable (Samsung BN39-02625A) no longer detecting signal, looking for advice on alternative DP or HDMI cable

    Hi there. I bought a Samsung Odyssey G7 monitor back in November alongside my brand new PC and with it came a Display Port cable (BN39-026225A 2144 GM). The monitor is 27" and has a 1440p resolution with a 240Hz refresh rate. My GPU is an RTX 3080. I've been running at a 240 refresh rate with...
  7. V

    Question Any way to tell if a DP or HDMI output port is 4k compatible?

    I'm planning on buying a used tiny PC for 4k streaming to TV from Youtube and Streaming services. (No, not interested in Chrome thingy, I want a PC that I can install Brave browser on. No, Raspberry PI cannot handle 4k videos without stutter and lags, I have tried.) I'm aiming to buy a PC...
  8. Macho Peludo

    Question TV 26LG30R as monitor (resolution issue on PC via HDMI)

    Hi everyone, i bought a TV 26LG30R (26 inchs) second-hand to use as monitor for my PC but i am having resolution issues, i am connecting it via HDMI plugged on my GTX 960 2GB but any resolution above 1360x768 makes the image all distorted, pixelated, pixels blowing up, icons with weird low...
  9. S

    Question GPU only outputs video after removing it then putting it back ?

    Hello, For a month now I have this problem that my GPU will not display video when I first turn on my PC in the morning. The only solution to this problem I found is removing the GPU, starting and shutting down the PC, and then putting the GPU back in. Then it works without any problems. The...
  10. P

    Question Only smooth AMD Freesync

    Hello! I noticed that since the monitor supports amd freesync and g-synces, and on the Ryzen 5 5600g motherboard video card, I feel that the video is much smoother than with the (you can feel that the game is not smooth) Nvidia video card My Monitor: Acer Predator XB253QGXbmiiprzx UM.KX3EE.X07 240hz
  11. Killemwithkicks

    Question Gigabyte OC 4090 won’t display from HDMI on first boot.

    So I’m trying to boot my PC up to the BIOS to install windows and everything and I can’t get my 4090 to display anything via the HDMI. I went all in on the rig itself and didn’t buy a monitor but I figured that my TV — an LG G1 — would be a heck of a display until I go out and get one. It’s...
  12. P

    Question what would be better to use - HDMI or S/PDIF or USB

    My desktop pc, my sound bar and my TCL TV have ports for these. I don't know the advantages and disadvantes of using HDMI or S/PDIF or USB to connect the two. Is one tech better than the other? Why?
  13. N

    Question No display, at a complete loss here

    I bought a HP OMEN GT13-1479NO prebuilt pc, and when I turn it on there’s no display with HDMI or DP. At the shop it worked perfectly, shouldn’t be an issue with my monitor or the cables used either (tried different monitors and cables). Specs are a Ryzen 9 5900x and a RTX 3080ti, with 16 gigs...
  14. Kaziumar7

    Question dvi d

    I have galax gtx1060 3gb. it has 3 ports (display, hdmi n dvi d). so dp and hdmi are used but i want to used dvi d to hdmi cable as my monitor does not have dvi. i used dvi to hdmi (dvi fron gpu and hdmi to monitor). the monitor is not giving me higher and clear resolution. please help me.
  15. Kaziumar7

    Question DiplayPort and HDMI ?

    I have Gtx 1060 3gb and Lg24 144hz. The thing is i wanted to do a dual monitor setup. So i plugged in dp in lg monitor and hdmi is the second monitor(simple monitor 60hz). So my main monitor didn't start it showed no signal. But my 60hz monitor started. Then i unplugged hdmi n put in the main...
  16. Wiry6215

    Question Weird on off flickering for 2 Mins after windows 11 startup on a hdmi screen only RTX 2070 Super

    Hey, i´ve got a weird on off flickering for 6:30 Mins after windows 11 startup on a hdmi screen only RTX 2070 Super. (the left screen is HDMI to HDMI) (and the right screen Displayport to HDMI adapter to DVI which does not have this problem) I tried to change the hdmi cable an connector...
  17. Gerhardg1982

    Question Gpu blocking audio signal?

    About two months ago i installed the Radeon rx570 gpu, since then its like its blocking the audio signal of my tv. No matter what i try, i can't get sound over hdmi to my soundbar unless i connect it to the optical output of the tv. Even when the computer is turned off, it still blocks the...
  18. B

    Question Why don't the HDMI ports work on my Samsung monitor ?

    I have a Samsung Odyssey Neo G8 32" monitor and while the DisplayPort works, neither of the HDMI ports work as it keeps showing a blank screen whenever I plug one in. I'm very confused by this because I tried other HDMI cables and got the same results. I currently use 3 different monitors in my...
  19. PaPies

    Question Need A Proper HDMI 2.1 Cable That Supports 4K/144

    Hello, I've recently bought a 4K/144Hz TV (Finally decided to get a TV after being a hardcore PC gamer) but I am having a small problem. I am from Balkan, and companies here sell you good TV's but good luck finding cables that support such technologies. I've bought 5 HDMI to HDMI Cables (3+...
  20. D

    [SOLVED] Can't connect PC to TV via HDMI

    Hello, not really sure which category to put this, but here goes: I've recently bought a 10m HDMI cable for connecting my PC to my TV. However, the TV just returns with a grey static screen, similar to those moving ants from tv channels, except they aren't moving. I've narrowed it down to...
  21. B

    Question How can I quickly switch between DisplayPort and HDMI?

    For my monitor, I have a DisplayPort and HDMI connection and I need to use both for various things (which means I'll need to be able to switch between the two). One way I thought I could do this would be to plug in both cables to my monitor and then switch them through the monitor settings but...
  22. R

    Question Help with 144hz

    So I am upgrading my GPU within the next few days... What I failed to realize is that the 3060 doesnt offer a DVI port... My current monitor (Benq XL2411z) only support DVI at 144hz.... This was kinda devastating to me lol. I really dont want to upgrade my monitor but it seems that I might have...
  23. hungbeo

    Question resolution output hz problem

    I'm using the victus 15 laptop and connect to the benq xl2411 by a hdmi cable and the monitor only can display 120hz at resolution 1440x900 (yes i know hdmi can only output max 120hz on the benq ) but the 1920x1080 is only 60hz the question is why 1960x1080 can only outputs 60hz and how can i...
  24. N

    Question GTX 1650 burned by HDMI cable. Is it fixable?

    Hello everyone, This is my first post here, due to circumstances. I recently burned my nephew's GTX 1650 due to a faulty HDMI cable. Even my TV died, but that's another topic... I opened it up, you can clearly see where it's burned by the pictures. The chip itself looks okay. My question...
  25. ethan206

    [SOLVED] How To Enable G-SYNC on Monitor

    I recently got a new monitor (ASUS TUF Gaming VG27AQ1A) and it's listed as G-SYNC compatible however I can't find the option to enable it anywhere. I'm using a Blade 14 (RTX 3060 Laptop GPU) and I've tried messing around in Settings & NVIDIA Control Panel, but I can't find the option to turn on...
  26. rjmonteiro

    Question 2 monitors to work both with Pc and PS4

    Hello guys, I have 2 monitors and have a PC and a PS4. What I want to do is to be able to use the monitors with both PS4 and PC. Do you think I can achieve that with this ? HDMI Matrix 2x2
  27. J

    Question HDMI: "Input Not Supported" but VGA Works??

    PC Specs: CPU: Intel Pentium Gold G6405 4.1GHz 4MB Desktop Processor Motherboard: MSI B460M PRO-VDH WiFi ProSeries Motherboard (mATX, 10th Gen Intel Core, LGA 1200 Socket) SSD: Lite-On 128GB Sata m.2 SSD GPU: (optional): NVIDIA NVS 310 I am trying to install Windows on this system, but...
  28. isanuserthatisinneed

    Question DisplayPorts not working on my evga xc 3050 ?

    My 3 display port outs on my evga xc 3050 will not output to my msi optix g271, just yesterday it worked but after upgrading (case, tower cooler, psu) it will only output from the hdmi port. THINGS I"VE TRIED, hdmiport works on the monitor, manual detect win 10, new drivers, unplug each for 2...
  29. Nathan Brewer

    Question How to get my VIZIO SV420M to run at 120hz?

    Hello! I recently got an HDMI 2.1 cable that supports 120hz as on the front of the TV below the VIZIO logo it says 120hz. After plugging it in I'm noticing in windows that it is still running 60hz. I've gone into the Nvidia Control Panel and the Windows 10 advanced display settings that it wont...
  30. H

    Question PC screen don't show on TV ?

    I own a 1050 Ti which has both DP and HDMI ports. The DP port is connected to my monitor and the HDMI is on the second monitor. Now I have a LG 4k TV and I am trying to connect the HDMI from it to the PC. However, when I connect the HDMI of the TV to the PC it doesn't give any signal. Besides...
  31. B

    Question Is an HDMI switcher the right way to go for me?

    Hello all, I have a Windows 11 PC that has two monitors and very little desk space. Some changes are being made at my employer and those of us who work from home are changing how we do so; instead of logging into a service to remote access our office computer (LogMeIn) we will be given the...
  32. KDM Gang23

    Question Dual monitors

    Hello, I have an 60hz Philips monitor, and planning to buy 144hz one. I want to use 144hz one as a main monitor and 60hz one as secondary monitor. Both connected via HDMI. Would it be a problem? My specs: Ryzen 7 2700x processor, Radeon RX580 8GB, KINGSTON HyperX 16GB RAM 3200mhz let me...
  33. H

    Question HDMI to VGA converted display shows static after booting and has to be re-plugged to return the display to its normal state ?

    Hi. I need help figuring out which hardware is faulty. I have here an MSI mobo with a Ryzen 5 procie and no dedicated GPU, just the integrated. The issue is that every time the pc boots to the desktop, it suddenly shows static and the desktop can be barely seen behind the static noise that is...
  34. unav4ial8le

    Question My TV box does not wake up my monitor from idle/sleep mode.

    It's good to keep in mind that I only have this problem with my TV box (with my computer the monitor works as expected). So basically I use my monitor as TV and as second monitor for my work. I live in Korea, so the montior brand is not that known (Udea) and the TV box is a cheap random one...
  35. Jeff_120

    Question Weird HDMI audio bug with Zotac 4080 ?

    Hello I have a weird audio bug with my new Zotac RTX 4080 , I don't know if it's game related or HDMI driver. Randomly I won't have audio coming out of my TV when switching to it via HDMI and using Windows + P when I want to play Guardians of the Galaxy, I have to switch to my PC monitor then...
  36. Amatex

    Question Connecting 4 monitors to Surface Pro

    Hey all I have a Surface Pro 1796 Currently running 2 monitors from the connected Surface Pro dock via USB C to Display Port And the Surface pro itself (3 screens total) The Surface Pro itself has a Mini Display Port I connected a Mini Disaply Port to HDMI Port to a 3rd monitor and it shows...
  37. TerraCorbix12345

    Question Gigabyte Gaming RTX 3070 Ti lights up, but fans don't spin and there is no display

    I've tested using a GTX 1050 Ti and it works perfectly fine. However, when I installed this 3070 Ti, the monitor kept displaying "no signal" and the fans don't spin. I also can't detect the device in device manager, and Nvidia software can't pick up this card when attempting to download drivers...
  38. I

    Question HDMI to DP 1.2 converter cable (adapter) not working on one monitor, working on another

    Hello, so I have this problem, I bought this HDMI to DP adapter cable (image and link below) to use with my Asus ROG PG278Q monitor (it has just a single DP input) and an older Dell Inspiron 15 3000 series laptop and it is not working, it is not recognized on the laptop when connected. The...
  39. K

    Question PC wont run over 60hz with Display port cable

    Hi guys, so i bought Iiyama G-MASTER GB2470HSU 165hz 1080p and within the box i got HDMI cable and DP cable. I tried DP cable and i cant change my refresh rate over 60 hz, i do have options but as soon as i click apply monitor goes black and message appear "no signal, monitor is going in sleep...
  40. Syzu

    Question Displayport is working but suddenly stopped working after PC restart using RTX 3070.

    Hi all, recently got my hands on a Zotac 3070 and have used it on my dual monitors pretty smoothly for 3 days and then suddenly DP stopped working on my main monitor after a restart and only the HDMI port send a signal on my secondary monitor. I also tried the DP port on my secondary and still...