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  1. saharmal

    Question No signal when connecting an HDMI cable

    Hi, I'm having some trouble when i'm trying to connect my laptop to a TV screen. It worked perfectly for about 2 years...and now suddenly there is a "No signal" error. I tried a different cable, a different monitor, updating my GPU, updating the BIOS...and nothing seems to work. My laptop is -...
  2. M

    Question Play videos on USB pendrive on old analog TV with RCA input

    I have a super old TV which has RCA input. Is there any way (possibly inexpensive) to play videos on USB pen drive on it? I find this video which installs OSMC on rasberry pie and then connects it to TV. I didnt get which cable they used. View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=voHdZxqKMAk...
  3. W

    Question HDMI not working properly. Lenovo ideapad 510

    Hi, I have a problem with my HDMI output. My Laptop Lenovo Ideapad510 has 2 graphic cards: 1. IntelHD520 and another Nvidia 940MX and HDMI which usually does not work (I am running Windows 10). After days of trying to find solution I managed to find only temporary solution: Every time I want to...
  4. M

    Question Monitor artifacts while starting windows with hdmi

    Hi everyone and thank you. Sorry for my english. My pc: Asus z170 pro gaming i3 6100 4x2 ram hyper x fury rx 580 8g 1ssd with OS 1 hdd 1tb I just bought a new monitor (Samsung S24F350). Untill now I've used a Philips 22pfl3405h/12(With the same hdmi cable). I've never had this problem with...
  5. razviegras

    Question Better fps when connected to TV

    Hello! I recently got a new laptop, an HP Pavilion 15-bc414nq. I normally get around 130-150 FPS in Minecraft Java Edition with my specific settings. However, when I connect my laptop to my TV via HDMI 2.0 my FPS boosts to around 350-400 FPS. Both displays have the same resolution (1920x1080)...
  6. K

    Question My pc monitor goes in sleep mode after the Asus logo when i boot my pc.

    Question My pc monitor goes in sleep mode after the Asus logo when i boot my pc. My monitor goes in sleep mode after the Asus logo when i boot my pc while connected to Graphics card since yesterday. I had changed my power preference from high to balanced. Since then my monitor goes in sleep...
  7. K

    Question HDMI or DisplayPort

    Hi, Due to upgrade reasons from Intel to Ryzen, i need to attach 3 x 2550x1440 monitors to my RTX 2080 Strix... I already used the 2 displayports available, and need to connect the 3 third screen to either HDMI or USB-C to displayport adapter. I only use one of the screens for gaming / high...
  8. N

    Question PC can't see DP output on Screen 1

    Hi guys, I have a strange problem with one of my 2 screens. I run RTX 2080 with 2 screens, main screen is with Display Port and secondary is with HDMI. My main screen is no longer detected, when i use the DP cable, if i switch the cables around, and uses HDMI on primary and DP on secondary...
  9. J

    Question DisplayPort no signal to monitor

    Hello everyone, I just recently bought both a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter and a DisplayPort to HDMI converter and my gpu is a GTX 1060 6 GB. I have my main monitor connected to the gpu through hdmi but the other slots are all displayport so after i bought the converter and adapter I am getting...
  10. M

    Question S24D390HL not working with a 2.0 HDMI cable (possible backwards compatibility issue)

    I have had this monitor for 4 years or so, I purchased a vanilla HDMI cable when I bought it that worked fine, however time has caught up with the old HDMI cable and I bought a new amazon basics cable, it does not work specifically with my monitor, I checked online and found that my monitor has...
  11. S

    Question Why did my GPU switch to the integrated Intel graphics?

    Hello, My PC started detecting my RX 470 today as integrated Intel graphics after suddenly shutting down one day while I was playing. It is important to note that once the PC shut down, my HDMI port stopped working completely, so I put in VGA and it then started working, however, once I booted...
  12. G

    Question Audio via HDMI for Dell S2415H only works sporadically

    I've had a Dell S2415H monitor for several years. During that time, I've never been able to get audio through HDMI via my GPU (GTX 970) working. Last week I mounted the monitor to a clampy arm thing (this one) and got a tp-link USB bluetooth adapter (this one). Following this, HDMI audio started...
  13. K

    Question Display connectors HDMI/DVI-D/DP

    i just wanted to clear things up, i've been reading a lot of thread here but still im quite confused on how should i go about this. First, this is my planned connection My VC has only 1xDP 1.4, 1xHDMI 2.0b , Dual Link - DVI. Now HDMI2.0b im not quite sure as i only know 2.0, i think they're...
  14. H

    Question HDMI port not working

    Yesterday, I got a VR system. I tried plugging the HDMI cable into my pc, but I got no connection. I then plugged into the HDMI port that my monitor was using and it worked. My monitor at the moment is using the only working HDMI port. The port that is working is on my GPU and the port that...
  15. U

    Question GPU Compatability

    Hi, Interested to know what GPU's may be compatible with a Dell Optiplex 3060 Mini Tower. Looking for something with a single DP and HDMI port. Thanks.
  16. L

    Question Using 144hz monitor 1ms refresh rate on a LAPTOP with gtx 1060 3go

    Hi, i'm a bit frustrated today because i'm struggling with the connections between my computer and the ASUS vg248qe that i just bought. My problem is that i can't use 144hz on my pc. I dont know what connections are required. My laptop has only an hdmi port and that's it while the monitor has 2...
  17. F

    Question Monitor goes green when I open Word or Adobe... GPU driver issue??? Help!

    My build: Msi Duke rtx 2080 I7 8700k 5.0Ghz 32gb ram ddr4 240mhz 256gb m.2, 3Tb HD, 1tb hdd, 300 GB hdd, 32gb optane memory A pcie USB bracket with 7x USB 3.0 Msi sli plus z370 1000w corsair modular psu I recently started seeing a bug where opening Microsoft office, adobe, or other select...
  18. T

    [SOLVED] VGA Monitor as second monitor on Win-10 laptop with HDMI port

    Connecting a VGA monitor with a HDMI-to-VGA cable to the HDMI port of a Windows 10 laptop does not seem to work. Anybody help?
  19. W

    Question What kind of Display adapter do I need?

    So I have two monitors. The primary one is connected via HDMI. The secondary monitor (not connected yet) only allows HDMI and VGA. I can't use HDMI on the secondary monitor because my GPU (GTX 1050) only has 1 HDMI slot. But I also can't use the VGA connection as the GPU also doesn't have a...
  20. O

    Question 1x HDMI cable and 2x HDMI to DVI adapter, would it work?

    i have a P2414P monitor that has 1x VGA 1x DVI and 1x Diplay port my gpu is an RX570 with one single DVI output now i'm just lacking the DVI cable i'm kinda fed up going through my local pc parts stores which only has general items, i can't even find a DVI-D cable, and i don't really have the...