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    Question HDMI port not working on Asus G531G laptop ?

    Hopefully this thread helps others with this problem. My Asus Rog Strix G531G laptop has no HDMI out signal. I thought it was a faulty Nvidia GTX 1650 GPU. GPU was disabled in device manager with error code 43. I went through a bunch of software solutions to no avail. Found out the GPU is...
  2. M

    Question HDMI Switcher for PC and console

    I have recently bought a 10 M hdmi2 cable and now I'm running out of HDMI input I want to buy a HDMI Switcher does it damage any components? I use a 1080monitor and a VGA 720p monitor for my PC both connected directly to the monitor, I also want to connect my ps5 to the TV so I need 3 in bout...
  3. Andrew567

    Question Would an HDCP 2.2 HDMI cable work with an HDMI 1.4 port?

    I currently have a ASUS VG245H monitor with HDMI 1.4. I learned that HDCP is not currently supported on my computer, I'm not quite sure why but I assume it's my HDMI cable or something like that not really sure how it all works. I found an HDMI cable that supports HDCP 2.2 and I'm not sure if...
  4. J

    Question Viotek monitor not displaying HDR correctly ?

    Hello there! I have had this Viotek Q2711SH monitor, it is 144hz, 1440p, and supposedly has HDR. Even in windows settings it says Use HDR is supported. I've had this computer for a while and thought possibly the issue had to do with the fact that my current cable was a display port, or that my...
  5. LORYT699

    [SOLVED] No ghosting monitor

    Hi, I have an msi optix g32c4 and it have a HEAVY ghosting, I think the problem is the red or the blue, the green look fine. Some one know some 32" monitor fhd or 2k with no ghosting(122hz)? Anyway does displayport is better then hdmi for ghosting?
  6. X

    [SOLVED] Which to second monitor with keyboard

    Hi, My set up is a PC connected to my monitor via the display port and tv through the HDMI PC monitor for keyboard games(desk) TV for Controller games (couch) at the moment, every time i want to switch from the monitor to the tv i have to do in to control panel and change it there. ive had...
  7. H

    Question HDMI port not working on GPU after Windows crash ?

    Hey Guys, So ive recently picked up an older pc for a good price and it was working perfectly fine. I decided to dowload amd drivers for my gpu, and thats where the trouble began. Once i downloaded the drivers my gpu it lost all signal to my tv via hdmi. It does not recognize the TV anymore...
  8. M

    [SOLVED] HDMI to VGA adaptors not working - Why?

    Hi guys, I have recently purchased a GPD Pocket 3 with the built in KVM module for work. This device works really well as a KVM but I have an issue. The KVM display in is HDMI only, so to connect to computers & servers that only have VGA ports I need to convert it. I have purchased the below...
  9. Colbybrunner

    Question HDMI over ethernet balun issue - Screen goes black and signal cuts out when launching HDCP content such as Netflix or Disney+

    I am currently running into an issue where the HDCP handshake causes my HDMI over ethernet balun to black out and stop displaying a signal until I unplug the balun, and plug it back in. This is the balun I am currently using: J-Tech Digital 4K@60Hz It works great otherwise. I have it connected...
  10. R

    Question HELP - ROG Centurion 7.1 audio station USB-HDMI

    Hello, I have the ROG centurion 7.1 that come with an audio station apart from the advanced volume control it has two HDMI outputs, one for speakers and one for the headset and I can switch between with a press of a button, the headset that is connected through HDMI isn't working anymore and I...
  11. E

    Question No Signal on TV only, sometimes.

    Hi all, having a strange issue with updating my setup: My desktop PC has a 3060ti, normally connected to 2 monitors (2k165hz & a 1080p60hz). In the past I also had it connected via 15m hdmi cable to a 1080p tv in another room, for playing games on the couch. I have since upgraded that TV to a...
  12. L

    Question Running a 1440p 144hz monitor with HDR & G-sync using DisplayPort Cable over a long distance of 20 Meter (65 feet) possible ?

    So due to reasons that i have 12 rescued dogs that i have adopted over time that i cant keep my PC in my room unless i want to find it chewed up when i'm not there and them playing with my PC instead of me playing games on it, So i have to keep it downstairs in the hall on a cabinet next to the...
  13. N

    Question Red flickering dots on my monitor

    I bought a brand new Samsung T27B550 LED TV Monitor today. Unboxed it and set it up to display from my GTX 1050Ti FTW, but as soon as I turned on the monitor I noticed that there were some red flickering dots on a black background and blue flickering dots on white background. I was previously...
  14. P

    Question Advise on using PC and TV in different rooms

    Hello, I currently have a Dell Monitor connected to a laptop in my office. I also have a desktop PC connected to a TV with HDMI in my bedroom. I use this PC basically to play games using a PS4 controller via Bluetooth (with a Bluetooth usb adapter connected to pc). However, I'd also like to...
  15. SnapyDK

    Question Onboard and GPU HDMI Ports not Working

    I was getting random BSODs earlier and after a couple my PC shut off like it was the first few times but when it booted back up, the lights that are on the side that are usually on were not on and the output from my gpu and onboard graphics were not working with my HDMI. My HDMI cord is...
  16. SHI3LDS7

    Question RX 6900 XT not displaying

    Hello everyone! Ryzen 7 2700x Rx6900xt Gigabyte b450 aorus pro wifi 500gb Samsung 970 evo m.2 2tb Samsung 870 qvo ssd 2x Trident neo 8g ddr4 Evga 80+ bronze 850w I recently moved and travelled with my pc. When I finally got home I did a look over my PC and noticed my sata connector on my old...
  17. Baraa_Al Turk

    Question Cable Connection Opinion

    Hello guys. hear me out, I know this can get a little bit confusing but I'm trying the best solution in here. so I have a 1660 super that has 3 ports: DP, HDMI, and DVI. My Dvi and HDMI are not working for unknown reasons and what I want to do is, I'm trying to connect 2 monitors on the DP port...
  18. A

    Question No HDMI output on MSI GF65 Thin

    At the moment I don't have HDMI output on the laptop. I run across a lot of ideas and tests. At this point I have 1 main question: If the hdmi output is damage how it is posible for the computer to get all the monitor (any monitor) information ? This make me wondering if the problem is...
  19. P

    Question No Signal to HDMI Gigabyte RTX 3060 OC

    My specs: Case: Phanteks Eclipse P500-A MOBO: Gigabyte z690 Aorus Ultra CPU: Intel i7-12700k Gfx Card: Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3060 VISION OC 12GB RAM: Corsair DOMINATOR Platinum DDR5 (5600Mhz) 2x16GB HD: Seagate Firecude 2TB SSD M.2 PSU: Corsair RM850 850W 80+ Gold Hi, firstly I should say this...
  20. Question Gigabyte Aero 15 broken image above 60hz via Display Port on a LG 32GN600

    Hi, everybody. I'll edit the earlier thread since the problem changed. I bought a LG 32GN600 and connected my Gigabyte Aero 15 notebook with a mini display port to display port. I can use any resolution up to 1440p (display's native) but if I go above 60hz the image breaks,glitches and goes...
  21. J

    Question Black Screen after disabling my Intel integrated graphics card

    Hello. My PC's monitor has stopped working, turning on but not showing anything. I connected my PC via HDMI to an external monitor and it worked. I temporarily disabled Intel's integrated graphics in Device Manager, hoping that was the problem, but it did worse. My screen is now completely black...
  22. G

    Question VGA to HDMI adapter, no signal

    I'm trying to connect the VGA port on my Dell Optiplex 9020 desktop computer to a 1080p HDMI monitor using a VGA to HDMI adapter. I am getting no signal. The VGA port works with a regular VGA monitor. Any suggestions?
  23. Z

    Question Hdmi to Display port adapter for Ps5 sorta not working. Is there an adapter that will work?

    I have this display, the hdmi port doesn't support 4k, but the dp does. I got this adater adapter but my monitor doesn't detect the Ps5. Is there an adapter that will work with it that anyone knows of? Update I plugged in the adapter, the monitor said no signal still. But I took a screen shot...
  24. HarryJMC

    Question Will a Display Port to HDMI cable enable PS5 120hz 1080p?

    Hi, so I recently got a PS5 and I have an ASUS PG278QR 165hz 1440p monitor and it obviously displays 165hz at 1440p, little did I know that it wouldn’t support anything more than 60hz at 1080p for my PS5. I want to take advantage of the 120hz support on the PS5, but can’t do so without changing...
  25. B

    Question Monitor Believes the Cable is Disconnected Immediately After Entering Sleep, Then Powers Off

    Issue: So I've recently installed a Quadro M2000 gpu in my system (4 display port outputs). However, the monitor now has a very annoying issue where once the monitor sleeps, the monitor immediately complains that there is no cable plugged in and powers off 10 seconds later (so you have to power...
  26. bmkhalidhasan

    Question HDMI to VGA converter cable converter not working on Gigabyte BLPD J5005R Mini PC ?

    I have a Gigabyte GB-BLPD-5005R Pentium Portable Brix PC. It has a Quad-Core 2.80 GHz CPU and runs on a 10 Watt TDP. The mini PC has an HDMI port and does not have VGA output. But whenever I try to connect my Apacer VGA monitor via the HDMI to VGA cable converter, the monitor works only once...
  27. shadidd

    [SOLVED] PC loses signal to monitor and I have to reinstall GPU driver ?

    Hello I just built a new pc. Sometimes when playing heavy games the screen goes black and says "no signal detected" After I restart , the screen goes 480p and the GPU drivers don't seem to work. I have to install again and then only the screen goes back to 4k Sometimes instead of going back to...
  28. S

    [SOLVED] USB ports have power when monitor HDMI plugged in

    So recently my GPU died and I have been doing diagnosis on my computer to find if something was wrong. Last night I discovered that if I plug in my Rival 650 Wireless Mouse into a usb port with the PC and PSU turned off, the lights on the mouse start blinking meaning the USB port actually has...
  29. Carlos Yung

    Question HDMI to VGA adapter not working (but it should?)

    I've got two Samsung monitors, both 60Hz and VGA input only. My computer has one VGA and one HDMI output. My graphics card does support to output through both simultaneously. If I connect one monitor and my TV that has HDMI input, I can extend the desktop. So I bought an HDMI to VGA adapter to...
  30. G

    Question My Motherboards video output are not working

    Hey, So I own an older PC and I need to be able to get a triple monitor setup. But my Video card Radeon R7 240 only has 2 video outputs an HDMI and a VGA. Up until now everything was fine since I was using a dual monitor setup. But now I need to power my graphic tablet as well. So I tried using...
  31. Lucianak47

    Question Pc won't turn on if connected to hdmi but turns on with dvi samsung monitor

    Hy all, I got a very strange problem, I have a samsung monitor S24r35x that wont automaticaly turn on if connected to hdmi and wont let my graphics card display anything However if i disconnect the hdmi cable or the power cable the pc will turn on and display the image after I connect the...
  32. B

    Question HDMI switch appears live to laptop but no signal on monitor

    I am having some problems trying to use an HDMI switch between a Lenovo laptop (X13 Yoga) and an Acer monitor (ET322QU Abmiprx). I connected one HDMI cable from the laptop to the single port on the switch and another HDMI cable from one of the other two ports on the switch to the monitor. I...
  33. L

    [SOLVED] No Hdmi signal on new build

    I have just put together a build for a family member. Everything powers on fine however I'm getting no HDMI signal output from the motherboard. No graphics card installed yet so having to use the port on the mobo. The processor I'm using is a ryzen 5 1600af and the motherboard is a gigabyte...
  34. J

    Do I need HDMI CL2 or CL3 cables?

    Hello, I am having a tv installed over a fireplace and the hdmi cables are going to go through the drywall. Do the hdmi cables have to be CL2 or CL3 rated? Would these Atrix hdmi 2.1 cables from GameStop work for needs? The cables say they are good for going through drywall but do not mention...
  35. M

    Question MSI GTX1050TI Strange HD Audio Problem

    Hi chaps, Running Windows 10 64-bit here on a Dell Optiplex 790 PC. I have just installed a second-hand MSI GTX 1050TI. I use an old TV connected to the graphics card via the Display Port connector. When I am using a media player, MAME or a web site such as YouTube there is no sound coming...
  36. A

    Question Can't get 5.1 audio from 3070 XC3 --> Pioneer AVR (VSX-933)

    EDIT: so going through the troubleshooter has made things.... worse. I have now lost my center channel and the controller information in the AV receiver settings now shows "High Definition Audio Device" instead of nvidia as it did previously. I'm not sure what I did but I've been able to get it...
  37. RonFrederick

    Question Plugged in an hdmi into my gpu, my pc shut down and when I turned it back on blue screen spinning circle.

    After repeating that process a couple times it now says there's an issue starting and takes me to a bunch of options I've tried all but I think basically factory resetting since I have a mixing program that i can't find my purchase key for. I've replaced my CPU and GPU since then and same issue...
  38. jqt

    Question Display port to HDMI adaptor stop working

    For the second time, my "Display port to HDMI" adaptor stopped working after I used it at a client on their HDMI setup. Can anyone tell me what went wrong and what I need to do to avoid in the future.
  39. JoeyJoestar

    [SOLVED] VGA and HDMI ports from Motherboard not working?

    A weird problem I had recently, did a cleaning of the my PC tower as it was getting dirty but after finishing it and connecting everything back, it seems like some of my back panel MOBO ports just stopped working. Ports that can connect to my devices and function normally: USB ports Ethernet...
  40. heightdown

    Question HDMI monitor into DVI port

    Hello. I have a monitor with a HDMI output, but my video card (GT 630) only has a DVI-I port available. Would using a simple HDMI to DVI-D cable work? Or it has to be a HDMI to DVI-I cable? Thank you!