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  1. INach

    Question GPU DisplayPort works fine with VGA adapter, but HDMI adapter doesnt work

    My computer has 3 DisplayPorts and 1 HDMI outputs. I normally use 3 monitors, one is VGA only, so I use a VGA to DisplayPort adapter, which works perfectly on all ports I try to connect it. Always good, on all ports. The other 2 monitors are HDTVs that use HDMI, so I connect one directly onto...
  2. LoizosAristides

    Question Low FPS / High Integrated Graphics usage when using an External Monitor

    Hello everyone, Not sure if this is the right forum, but here it goes. I've recently bought a 1440p 144hz AOC 27G2U monitor. I've got it connected to my laptop via HDMI 1.4, which means I can't utilize the 144hz capabilities, due to the laptop port not being HDMI 2.0+, but that's fine with me...
  3. Question Connect Laptop and Xbox One S Through HDMI to Monitor with a Single HDMI Port

    Hello, I have a laptop which supports external display through HDMI and an Xbox One S which is also connecting to a display with an HDMI cable. My Monitor has only a single HDMI port, a VGA port and a audio jack port. Whats the best (most affordable and working without problems) way to connect...
  4. I

    Question FPS stutters but I didn't have them earlier

    2 weeks ago my fps was fine but now I'm getting small but noticeable stutters in Valorant and CSGO. I already uninstalled and reinstalled graphics drivers, updated drivers, updated windows. I disabled dvr also. Some other context is that I was having PC crashes once a day where it would buzz...
  5. L

    [SOLVED] Can Female to Female extend hdmi 2.1

    Finding any hdmi 2.1 longer than 10feet is really expensive so i was wondering if i get a female to female adapter and connect two 10ft hdmi 2.1, will it lose the quality? does the female to female adapter need to have some specific technology to carry on the 4k 120hz?
  6. Tomy23

    Question Can a broken laptop HDMI port damage monitor?

    So I want to use my 2nd monitor with my laptop but when I plug it, it sometimes says no signal or it shows more reddish or blueish. I tried the cable with a spear laptop and it works fine. So I think the problem is with my main laptop's HDMI port. My question is that can a broken/damaged HDMI...
  7. iNixq

    Question Cable can't support a 144hz monitor. What would happen if I would overclock it.

    Hi! I have Predator helios 300 that supports high HZ through HDMI. But my monitor BenQ XL2411P does not. So I wanted to ask what would happen if I would overclock the monitor. The monitor supports 144hz so if I would overclock it would I damage it. Would it even work with an HDMI cable? And I...
  8. KaylaJane

    Question Help understanding the limits of my screens resolution

    Hello to everyone, I hope you are all well, free from any strong consequence from this pandemics situation. I have a second screen which is a SHARP TV MODEL LC-60UQ17U, Which if I understand correctly withstands 4K resolution @120-240Hz, as I can see this on the menu: Connected to it, I...
  9. Ryzane

    Question Second Monitor only recognized during startup

    First, my PC specs: MB: Asus Prime B350-Plus CPU: Ryzen 5 3400G (with Radeon Vega 11) GPU: GeForce GTX 1050 Ti OS: Windows 10 Home 64bit I had used a TV as my display for a few years until I bought a proper monitor (Acer KG241Q). That TV was, and still is, connected to my graphics card via HDMI...
  10. S

    Question Does my laptop support QHD monitor?

    I have an asus laptop UX430 two years now, and I am very pleased. Now I would like to buy a new external monitor to connect it to my laptop. I use my machine as a web development enviroment, programming, casual office tasks, light video editing etc. I never had a 27" QHD, but I am afraid of...
  11. moegreene

    Question AMD Radeon RX 580 PC to TV Bad Connection: Have to Unplug and Replug HDMI Cable on Every Startup to get Image Display

    Hello, I have a frustrating problem where I have to unplug and replug my HDMI cable on every startup in order to get an image to display. Specifically, I boot the PC with the cable detached and then plug back in after a few seconds. Sometimes if my timing is too late, the audio drivers won't...
  12. giorno 1677543

    Question Please Help!

    Yesterday, I bought hdmi to dvi-d (24+1) pin but it didn't work it only says check signal cable. I was trying to connect it from laptop to monitor. Can someone help me fix this? is it because of the compatibility? laptop resolution: 1920x1080 monitor: 1366 x 768 .
  13. S

    Question 5.1 sound system

    Hello I want to buy my first home theater I found 5 speakers and subwoofer system that I will connect to AV Receiver Sony STR-DH740 and I want to use them on my pc mainly for almost everything YT, movies, games etc... I am using 1 monitor and TV connected to GPU as a 2nd monitor. Is there any...
  14. K

    Question Can I use an Android smartphone as my primary display over HDMI?

    I currently don't have access to my monitor or TV. I would like to know if I can run a HDMI signal into my phone. Can I connect a HDMI cable to my GPU, then connect the other end to a usb capture card, then a micro-usb adapter which connects to my smartphone, then using an app like usb camera...
  15. kanchannnnn

    Question ASUS VS228 Keeps Disconnecting at Power On

    For the past week or so, my second monitor is constantly disconnected from my PC every time I turn it on. I would have to fidget with the HDMI cable until the PC detects the monitor and it is very annoying to deal with. I have been using my ASUS VS228H-P as my second monitor for about seven...
  16. rus4u

    Question How to make HDMI(PS5) to take over Display Port(PC) connection for my monitor?

    Hi all, I have my computer connected to my Acer ConceptD CP3271KP monitor with Display Port cable and my PS5 connected with HDMI cable. At the moment if I have my computer on and switch on my PlayStation the Playstation connection won't take over PC so I need to change the input on the monitor...
  17. H

    Question I need help with my monitor settings.

    I want to know my monitor's best possible settings for better image quality and color accuracy, I was wondering if anybody out there can tell me how to set it up, I am on Displayport right now with my Samsung C32JG51FD and I was wondering if HDMI can provide a better image quality or more...
  18. G

    Question 4gb graphic card

    Hi everybody. I would like to ask which is the cheapest graphic card with 4gb DDR5 and two HDMI connectors I could get. Thank you very much.
  19. M

    [SOLVED] Can you have 2 monitors with one using the gpu and one using the motherboard

    So when i built my first computer like 5 years ago my dad bought me a monitor as a gift, the problem is that the monitor only has a VGA connection and a year or 2 ago i bought an asus monitor with HDMI connection and i know absolutely nothing about displays but i've recently upgraded my computer...
  20. M

    Question Dual displays, HDMI has no signal

    I upgraded my system to the specs below a little less than a month ago. Til last night, I was able to use dual monitors(DVI -> E2350 LG Monitor, HDMI -> Sony Bravia TV) perfectly fine. Today, TV shows "No Signal" not even at pre-boot. Tried: replacing HDMI cables (tested 3 of them) hooked...