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    Question PC - TV via HDMI

    So the issue I am having, is I tried to pair a large screen TV (its HD but not a new model) to my PC and the issue I have is the screen was out of sync bits of windows was cut off (I fixed this by using fit to screen on my TV) the next issue is the colourisation seems weird and the picture...
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    [SOLVED] Pcie slot

    If i connect my monitor to gpu with a cable( having HDMI at end one end and a vga slot at one end ,and then a vga to VGA wire ,because my monitor has vga slot only) which i use for online gaming and then connect it to TV using HDMI cable for RPG ,will i damage gpu slot if i unplug and plug HDMI...
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    Question Connecting HDMI monitor to Displayport on GPU with adapater?

    Hello! I recently upgraded my PC in which i installed an RX 5700XT. This card only has one HDMI output, along with 3-DP. However, i run a triple monitor setup with 1 DP capable monitor, and 2 HDMI / DVI monitors which means that i can't have all of them plugged in at once.. I had a DVI-D to...