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  1. BugzyCheats

    [SOLVED] Small HDMI?

    Bought a new tv and the hdmi fits in perfectly however in the graphics card of my pc it does not.. it appears to be half the size gpu: gtx 750 ti do i need to buy some sort of an adapter or something? (eg. hdmi to small hdmi) and will the sound even play?
  2. M

    Question Nvidia 1060 Strix 6GB not working

    Hello, Today was just a casual day. I was playing dark souls 3 on my pc. Then my game froze and the screen turned black. My fan started to ram up. I turned off the pc and turned it back on. Then my monitor said 'DP no signal' . I thought maybe my monitor was not working. I tried unplugging the...
  3. GrafZeppelin

    Question Dual monitor setup with two different laptops

    I have two laptops: Lenovo Legion Y720 (personal) and HP EliteBook 850 G4 (work). Running Win 10 on both. I'd like to be able to connect either one (not simultaneosly) to two monitors: BenQ BL2706HT and DELL P2720DC at the same time, and have the view extended just like I would connect two...
  4. T

    Question Philips monitor no freesync or sound

    I have a Philips 246e9q monitor and a Radeon r7 200 series graphics card. I tried to turn on freesync in Radeon settings but it says you need a compatible display. I am running 1920x1080 @75 hz. I know for sure my display is compatible (it has freesync stickers on the box and the monitor...
  5. Leopetr95

    Question Monitor goes black for few seconds

    Hi everyone I have this annoying issue with my monitor connected to my laptop in which it becomes black for some seconds and then comes back. Consider that the problem occours with both windows and ubuntu and that the problem is not present while using a nintendo switch or a chromecast, here is...
  6. [SOLVED] i cant set my monitor to 75hz

    i have samsung s24r350 the monitor has 75hz feature but i cant set it to 75hz. maybe because i use dp to hdmi adaptor?
  7. S

    [SOLVED] Odd Display Artifacting on AOC C24G1 ?

    I have encountered a strange issue regarding my recently purchased 144hz monitor. This issue was previously figured out, but has returned. The artifact that's occurring are diagonal lines that seem to be mostly green with a little bit of green and blue. These lines cover the entire monitor...
  8. Milo455

    Question Hdmi to vga cable not working

    I got a new second monitor it only has VGA so I bought a hdmi to vga cable (full cable not adapter), I used this on my pc graphics card and my pc recognised the monitor but the monitor is saying no signal, now this would be ok with me but the cable works with my laptop and the graphics card...
  9. axilaris

    Question HDMI cannot be detected from ASUS SABERTOOTH Z97 MARK S motherboard- How to resolve Graphics Adapter issue

    I cannot detect HDMI from the motherboard (ASUS SABERTOOTH Z97 MARK S) I plugged in a working monitor HDMI to the motherboard HDMI, and there is no display. I however have NVIDIA Quodro K620, and display seems to work overthere. Why nothing seems to come out from the motherboard display ? I...
  10. S

    Question Horizontal black lines and black screen.

    So i have been having this weird problem where horizontal black lines appear on my screen. After this happens a few times the screen turns black. I have to reboot my pc using the button. Then 50/50 sometimes my pc turns on and the same problem occurs or my monitor says it has no connection...
  11. AndzSuper

    Question Gpu output ports

    Hey, I'd like to use my 4 ports on my nvidia gpu to drive 4 different monitors/tvs. Not combined in 1 screen but 4 screens in different parts of my house that I can switch between. Is this possible? Thanks Andrew
  12. Chris_Cross

    Question Is it possible to setup HDMI over IP via wifi repeaters, access points and a router?

    I have Virgin TV setup in the Living Room with a Tivo system attached. I also have a TV in the the dining room currently setup for Freeview with a crap signal. The goal is to split the HDMI signal from the Tivo system to both the TVs so that I have a choice of which TV to watch a programs on...
  13. Send It

    Question Faulty HDMI Cord?

    Hi everyone! Today I was setting up my PC when there was an issue with the graphics card and the HDMI cord. Originally looking around I thought it was an issue in the BIOS or UFEI in this case, however, that was it. Whenever I plugged in my HDMI cord in the motherboard it worked fine, however...
  14. Tevonmaster

    Question Asus rog strix b550 constant white vga light

    I'm getting no monitor signal from my newly built pc. I have a Asus rog strix b550 motherboard and the vga light is a constant white. I've re seated the ram and tried all the DP and HDMI ports. I have a amd ryzen 7 3700x and a red devil 5700xt. I've also tried re seating the gpu to no avail. I'm...
  15. IncredibleHat

    Question A split second static flicker to TV through HDMI using i7 iGPU?

    A little back story; I have a basic HTPC built for video recording and playback of OTA HD (using an AVerMedia card and SageTV). It is connected to my LG TV . The system is built from random game-rig leftovers: Intel i7 4770K Asus Z87A GSKILL 8GB Win10 64bit Pro AVerMedia card SageTV V9 The...
  16. Tomm013

    Question Display Ports on graphics card suddenly not working

    Hey, A few weeks ago my monitor started to turn black for a second and get back on. A few days later it didn't go on anymore. I thought it was the cable so I ordered a new one. Also with the new cable is the problem still there. My monitor is connected with a DP to HDMI cable. Me and my friend...
  17. M

    Question KVM Switch

    Happy New Year to all! I have a windows desktop with a graphics card with 1 HDMI + 3 Displayports. At the moment 1 monitor is connected to the HDMI and the other to one of the DP via HDMI-DP adapter. Both monitors have only VGA and HDMI. I have 1 lenovo E14 laptop with linux connected to a...
  18. random.monkey12

    Question One monitor appears dull when using usb to hdmi adapter?

    Hello, I recently bought two monitors for my laptop, with these I also bought a usb to hdmi adapter. It appears that the monitor using the splitter appears much duller than the one not using the adapter, I am wondering if this is a problem with the splitter, or if it is something I can fix. I am...
  19. N

    Question My entire PC turns on, except for my graphics card, can someone help?

    I am building a new system with some Christmas upgrades, and I have ran into quite a weird issue my entire PC turns on, the fans, the motherboard, the cpu radiatior/pump etc. except my graphics card, but the weird thing is the fans spin, but the green led light does not turn on and my monitors...
  20. BlueOrange2498

    [SOLVED] My Monitor has no HDMI Port

    Hello guys, yesterday i finished with building my first pc but the problem is that i have an older monitor that only has a vga and dvi port. i have a dvi to hdmi cable for my xbox one that works just fine but when i plug it in my pc (KFA2 GeForce GTX 1650 EX PLUS OC 4GB) it only says "no signal"...
  21. G

    Question GPU not detected / PCIe x16 issues after HDMI failure

    A few days ago I was web browsing and and typing on keyboard, the GPU display signal went and hasn't been back since in the slot. I removed the HDMI cable from my GPU and connected it to the integrated graphics HDMI port, it was extremely distorted. I assumed the HDMI cable was the problem...
  22. NoobPt

    Question Laptop without displayport port and only 120Hz

    Hello. I recently just bought a new gaming Monitor 'ASUS VG248QG (24'' - 165Hz - 0.5 ms - G-Sync)', and I think it's pretty good. However, I'm actually not very well informed on this specific area, and I still bought it even though my laptop doesn't have a DisplayPort entry, only HDMI. So I...
  23. T

    Question HDMI cable from pc to TV not working

    Hi, I have weird situation. I have 10 meters(32 feet) hdmi cable connected from pc to tv that served for playing games on tv from time to time. Everything worked really good before I unplugged cable few days ago. When I plugged it in again it didn't work. My pc wont recognise it. I tried...
  24. A

    Question Does a HDMI to VGA adapter limit the native resolution of a monitor?

    I have a 1680x1050 VGA monitor however my pc doesn't have any VGA so i got a HDMI to VGA adapter and plugged it in. Firstly the monitor wouldn't display in it's native resolution and a "out of range" error message popped up. Then the monitor changed it's resolution to a smaller one. What should...
  25. S

    Question is a DisplayPort Needed for a high refresh rate monitor?

    I've been using a 1080p 60hz monitor but I wanted a second monitor (which ill use as my main when I get it). I found a good 1080p 144hz 1ms adaptive sync monitor. A friend of mine told me that I would need a DisplayPort to display 144hz. on my current 60hz monitor I use a regular HDMI cable...
  26. D

    Question old Windows 7 PC and a HDMI video card

    please ignore. The problem was solved. Currently trying to figure out how to delete this
  27. Hshizzy30

    Question Is there an issue with my monitor?

    Hey all, I have a dual monitor set up - both monitors are exactly the same (HP 24x). Main monitor is connected with DisplayPort and the other is connected via HDMI. The sound quality on the monitor connected with DP is much much better than the monitor connected with HDMI. Is there something...
  28. R

    [SOLVED] HDMI device not working ( Your pc cant project to another screen. Try reinstalling the driver or using a different video card)

    Hi, my device is a lenovo Y50-70 with an 860m. I installed windows 10 last day after installing a new SSD and so i had to reinstall the graphics driver. My current version is 457.51. I tried connecting my external monitor to it but it seems i cant get a signal. So i opened the project window and...
  29. GODKAN

    Question Adapter VGA to HDMI with audio makes a strange constant noise ?

    Hi everyone one, I'm new on this forum. I have converted my old laptop (HP probook 6550b) into a desktop PC. The motherboard has only VGA so I bought an adapter VGA to HDMI with audio. Everything works fine except for the audio because from the speakers a constant noise come out. Sounds like a...
  30. O

    [SOLVED] 1440p 144Hz over HDMI with 780m

    Hello I have a ROG g750jh laptop equiped with a 780m. The available outputs are hdmi, vga and there is a thunderbolt on the system. I read that technically, I should be able to get 144Hz 1440p using HDMI (2.0 supported) but I tried several cables and I cannot get more than 60Hz. What is the...
  31. Kim8675

    [SOLVED] monitor and GPU/ only monitor

    Hi, so I currently have a VGA monitor with AMD 5450. Now my current budget allows me to buy a GTX 1650 super. I'm thinking of using it with HDMI to VGA adapter. What if I buy a 1080p 75hz HDMI monitor with 1030? would that be a better choice?
  32. stagefright

    [SOLVED] PC showing no display. Honestly no idea what it could be...

    Hello, hope you’re well. I have an issue with my PC, and I can’t seem to narrow it down. I’m hoping one of you guys has an idea of what could be wrong. The PC boots, fans spin and RGB lighting turns on, however nothing displays on the monitor. I believe the issue just occurred overnight with no...
  33. H

    Question HDMI 1.4 vs 2.0

    I wanted to buy a monitor or a tv for the PS5. I decided to go for a monitor, a 1080p 27'' monitor. The problem now lays in the fact that almost all monitors use a 1.4 hdmi port which only allows 4k@30hz, my question is: if i play in fidelity mode on ps5, will i get stuck at 30 hertz? Since the...
  34. AnisSV

    Question Monitor won't turn on with cpu i3 8350k without gpu

    Hello everyone guys i wanted to run my pc without gpu so i plug hdmi on motherboard but when i run it monitor doesn t turn on but the pc work i can hear sound and do something like Alt+f4 and press enter to turn pc off Help please

    Question 120hz over HDMI on ps5

    Sorry if this has been asked multiple times, but I have found many conflicting answers while researching. I have an mg248qr monitor and will be buying the ps5. I found the manual online and it shows 1920x1080* supporting 120hz over hdmi and regular 1920x1080P capping at 60hz over hdmi. It quotes...
  36. V

    Question Which adapter should I go for ?

    Hello there. I have got Lenovo Thinkpad E14 for business which has i7-10510u. My laptop doesn't have a GPU so I am using it with iGPU. There is HP ZR24W monitor at my office. But my laptop does only have HDMI output whilst the monitor doesn't have one. What would be the best adapter I can get...
  37. T

    [SOLVED] HDMI Connections

    I have an admittingly dumb question. I googled around and couldn't find an exact definitive answer for peace of mind. My question is, do all HDMI versions (ex: 1.4, 2.0, 2.1) all fit into the same port? I'm curious because the Xbox Series X comes with an HDMI 2.1, and I was needing to know if I...
  38. [SOLVED] Raspberry Pi TV Project (Advice needed)

    Hi fellow members! I am looking for some advice from some people who have knowledge with Raspberry Pi, unlike me who are indeed very noob-ish in this. I have an older Raspberry Pi (I think it was the first version, but I am honestly not sure!) Picture 1: Picture 2: Now, what I am trying to...
  39. IraqiGamer

    [SOLVED] For some reason I can't have my sound to be used by the monitor speakers.

    Hello everyone, I have a Samsung qled 27' curved 144hz c27fg7x monitor and it's connected to my gaming PC via DVI which has Nvidia 2080 super, I'm trying to use my monitor speakers to use the sound and I can't get it to run, I tried running it using my second monitor which is connected via HDMI...