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Forum discussion tagged with Install.
  1. ArchiePM

    Question Windows reinstall on motherboard?

    I’m getting a new motherboard and know you’re meant to reinstall Windows, I’m wondering how to go about this. I have Windows currently on my SSD, will I need to delete the files from there so it can do a reinstall? I have a usb with Windows to boot from and I know to enter bios and make it the...
  2. E

    Question URGENT AND IT IS NOT WHAT U THINK IT IS! : How can i reinstall Windows if i can't get the installer disc to boot?

    Hi! I've got a serious problem about a Windows Installer Disc... as you can see my problem is that my Install Disc won't Boot! it'll just display : "Press any key to boot from a CD and DVD medium..." So i pressed any key after that, it'll just hang up on the spinning loading wheel and after...
  3. G

    Question New motherboard, power won't turn on

    I recently purchased a Gigabyte B450m DS3H motherboard and AMD Ryzen 5 2600 to upgrade from my 2015 pre-built. Upon install, my computer turned on fine. I used the packaged BIOS driver disk to install the drivers, during which a computer restart was required. The computer shut down, but did not...
  4. D

    [SOLVED] Need some help installing SSD boot drive on my system

    This is my current storage setup: I have a 500GB HDD for Ubuntu and 1 TB HDD for windows, and the system is configured so that one startup I can choose which OS I want to boot to. I just ordered a 250GB SSD for a boot drive, and I have a spare 1TB HDD; I would like to have the following storage...
  5. Solace-proxy

    Question Novice PC builder, CPU installation issues. Hope someone can help.

    Installing AMD Ryzen 2700x CPU into motherboard MSI AMD x470. When placing CPU into socket and placing latch down, the CPU seems to shift and doesn't hold it in. When I attempted to place the Heatsink on top thinking it was used to hold the CPU in place instead, I attached it wrong and went to...
  6. G

    Question Can I have a program installed in both my computer and my SSD at the same time?

    Hello all, this is my first post. I hope you are all well. I just bought a 500GB SanDisk Extreme portable SSD. I want to transfer some programs from my Windows 8.1 laptop, which is very low on space, to my SSD. However, I don't want to uninstall from C:/ just yet; I want to be sure that the...
  7. E

    Question Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable x64 setup failure

    Hi all, I'm having a very weird issue with my PC. One of the games I about installing needs Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 redistributable x64 in order to run/install correctly. The problem I am having is that I cannot get it to install. I keep getting the same error message over and over and have...
  8. I

    Question How do I get windows to boot off my usb

    It's my first time building my rig from scratch and I've come into some bother transitioning from my ancient hhd as my boot drive to my new m.2. I used Rufus to create an ISO on the usb I'm using to boot windows. Everything is pretty much running smoothly until I get to the windows install...
  9. Antinzi

    Question Whats causing blue screens windows 7

    So i decided to built an affordable pc and i got alla the parts new but i used an old hard drive from an old laptop.the problem im having is that when i try to install windows everything is fine up until thenfirst restart where the bootable usb isnt needed anymore. What i get each time is a blue...
  10. G

    Question Windows 10 installation BSOD loop

    G'day all, The short is I can't install windows 10 onto my SSD because the installer constantly crashes at different points generally during the "installing features" phase. The long is I built a PC October last year, Components include: Ryzen 5 3600, MSI X570-A Pro Mobo, Corsair Vengeance LPX...
  11. B

    Question My computer freezes after 5-10 min when i install new RAM

    Hi, so i recently wanted to upgrade my stationary computer from 8 gb DDR4-2400 mhz corsair Vengeance LPX with an identical copy to a total of 16 gb of RAM. However whenever i install the new RAM my computer will recognize the two sticks and boot correctly, however after 5-10 minutes of running...
  12. Marco_420

    Question Need help ASAP, New RyZen x3950 build in constant loop while installing windows

    Dear users, I've found myself in quite a pickle and could do with some well placed advice. I've recently build a new system, mostly with new parts though some were salvaged from my previous workstation. After putting the pc together I continued installing windows after making sure everything...
  13. A

    Question Lost my files for my external hard drive.

    Hello, So my case might seem dumb, forgive me. I tried to do a clean windows 10 install for my PC and I used my external hard drive as a flash drive to complete the install. The problem is that my hard drive had very important files in there which didn't exceed 10GB and my drive has 1TB of...
  14. atharv123

    [SOLVED] problem installing MacOS in iMac

    I am unable to install macos in imac 2012 model. when i install it using internet recovery it is showing me catalina version but during installation it show me error-->The operation could not be completed.(PKDownloadError error 8.) . My internet is working fine.
  15. A

    Question Fresh install of Windows 10 partition delete

    I want to to reinstall Windows 10. In installation window, I choose custom install. I saw that I have these partition: Partition 1 , 100mb, system Partition 2, 16mb, MSR reserved Partition 3, 259Gb, the C: partition on my old window Partition 4, 250Gb, my D: partition Partition 5, 1Gb...
  16. saifraja


    So i just bought an ssd ofr Rs 4100 to give a new life to my old pc .But only saw slight improvement as oppose to the reviews online. I did some googling to speed up my ssd and downloaded samsung magician software in which trim is activated but AHCI is shown deactivated. Did some googling again...
  17. J

    Question OCZ Revodrive Hybrid Windows 10

    Hi everyone So I can get a brand new OCZ Revodrive Hybrid brand new for pretty cheap. I know it's not the best solution but does anyone know if it will work with windows 10? It's purely for cool factor as I'm sure modern SSDs destroy it in performance. Thanks
  18. P

    Question Gparted and rufus help for broken win10 installation.

    Okay I've had a lot of trouble installing windows 10 on my new Samsung 860 PRO , originally I was stuck on not being able to identify or make a partition. I fixed this and am now stuck on the looping set up. I've tried Legacy+UEFI and UEFI alone although nothing was picked up with UEFI alone...
  19. B

    Question How should I install NFS Underground 2 from pendrive?

    I have the original game on disks, but I can't use them, because my computer doesn't have CD drive. I already copied all the files to a pendrive, and the first part of the installation is completed, but I can't solve the problem of the the installer asking for the disc 2.
  20. G

    [SOLVED] Can you use an external HDD instead of a thumb drive to install Windows 10?

    Unfortunately I don't have a thumb drive large enough to install Windows 10 on my new PC, so Iv'e been wondering if you can use an external HDD instead? Would be much better than buying a new thumb drive.