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  1. Jaiff

    Question Asus AI Suite 3 won't installing?

    A few months ago when I logged in to my windows 10 computer I got an error saying DipAwayMode.exe not found So I found out that this error belongs to ASUS AI Suite and it was unable to open. So I uninstalled it and also deleted the remaining files manually after that I couldn't be able to...
  2. JoeStarz

    Question How can I auto install multiple apps from USB

    Hello, the company I work for previously purchased about 100 PCs. I would like to know if there is a way I can load all the software on a USB or external and have a program install all the apps/change settings. I've seen Ninite and Allmyapps. Does anyone have any other suggestions?
  3. D

    Question Asus Rog Strix g15 - G513RM-HQ064W: can i install win10?

    I'm in the market for a new laptop my use cases will be heavy video editing and university this rog strix g15 looks good to me the only issue is win11 which i really don't want so I've planned to install win10 onto it although I've seen a lot of controversial answers on whather is possible or...
  4. B

    Question Best way to do a fresh install on new ssd?

    Hello, I'm a bit of a novice builder. I bought a new M.2 SSD because the old one was full, and smaller capacity. I was planning to use the new, faster one as my OS boot drive, and install windows on it with a USB, but the old M.2 with Windows currently on it is still installed, and I'm not...
  5. J

    Question Windows Won't Shut-Down, Automatically Re-Starts? (I've Tried everything I can think of)

    Windows 10 Re-Starts instead of Shutting Down more than 50% of the time. When clicking "Shut-Down" the system turns off for about a second, then re-starts automatically. I have tried: *Disabling Fast Startup in Power Options *Updating Chipset Drivers *Flashed motherboard BIOS to most...
  6. J

    Question What Causes Windows 10 Install Loop?

    I am trying to install Windows 10 on a new m.2 SSD. Previously, this system was working with Windows 10 until I removed the old m.2 SSD. --- When I am trying to install a Windows 10 on the new m.2 drive, the installation starts normally "copying windows files, getting files ready for...
  7. T

    [SOLVED] Is it possible to install Photoshop CS2 from a CD or downloaded file? If not, how do i get CS2 on a new PC?

    I would like to install my old Photoshop CS2 onto a new PC with Windows 7 Ultimate. I have read that this is not possible anymore, even with the original software CD. If I cannot install from the old .EXE file that Adobe offered several years ago, or my own CD, is there any other way to...
  8. Question How to connect ARGB to non-ARGB mobo?

    Hello People :) Lately i purchased 3x Masterfan 120 Halo from Coolermaster which came with an ARGB Controller. (Please check the images). Unfortunately later i got informed that my Motherboard ( DS3H B450M rev.1) doesn't have ARGB header. My questions are: Will there be any damage if i connect...
  9. Diesel_.

    Question Problems with Fujitsu Primergy TX200 S6 ?

    I have been having problems with my pc recently. I bought a mobo from ebay(10k+ positive reviews, its an actual german store) Its a d2799 mobo, with a 3x8GB(kingston ktm-sx313k3/24g) ramkit, and a hynix ram. I tried with 2x xeon l5638 and xeon x5570 cpus, pc turns on, recognises everything...
  10. V

    Question PC doesn’t meet minimum requirements

    I’ve built a new pc and am trying to install windows 11 on it. In BIOS I’ve turned on TPM, secure boot. But it still says the PC doesn’t meet the minimum requirements. What am I doing wrong? My parts: -MSI MAG X570S TOMAHAWK MAX WIFI Motherboard - Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3070 Ti Gaming OC 8GB...
  11. M

    Question Fresh windows install can't get past spinning dots

    Motherboard: ASUS PRIME H610M-A D4-CSM ( Version 1603 newest available ) CPU: i3-12100F SSD: Toshiba 256 SSD (plugged into Sata 1) RAM: TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta RGB DDR4 16GB (2x8GB) 3000MHz (PC4-24000) GPU: XFX RX480 Black Edition 8GB Power Supply: Thermaltake Smart 500W Building my wife her...
  12. V

    Question “Some settings are managed by your system administrator” but I'm running as admin

    I did a fresh install of Win 10 Pro on a new build, and in some settings and config windows it's preventing me from changing the settings, showing “Some settings are managed by your system administrator” -- even when logged in as admin? For example when I run sysdm.cpl to change system...
  13. emitex

    Question Windows goes to black screen after 10 min use, unable to restart Windows, must install Windows again ?

    Hello, I'm building a pc from the ground up. I got through installing Windows but then about after 10 min of use, Windows goes black and I am unable to restart Windows. The only way to get Windows working again is to install it again using USB. I have now done this 4 times already. When I do get...
  14. D

    [SOLVED] Installing windows on a drive and then moving the drive to another PC

    I'm assembling a PC for my mother out of old parts I no longer use. I shall refer to it as PC 2. PC 2 will get its HDD from my main PC (PC 1). For reasons that are irrelevant to my question, I want to install Windows on that HDD before I assemble PC 2. Like I said, the HDD is currently on PC 1...
  15. 3600 owner

    [SOLVED] AMD Radeon software stuck while installing

    while updating to the newest drivers my system got stuck at about 70% for a few hours, and it didn't seem like it was moving, and when I attempted to to close the installer it just crashed which left me with no drivers and no Radeon software because the installer uninstalled them to install the...
  16. W

    [SOLVED] SSD not showing up when first installing Windows 10 pro

    I just got done building my pc and I’m installing windows 10 pro. I plugged my usb into my pc and went through all of the instructions but when I got to the “Where do you want to install Windows?” screen my SSD didn’t show up. What can I do to fix this? Specs: MAG B560 tomahawk wifi mobo Sabrent...
  17. H

    [SOLVED] Take out NVME SSD (Win 10 OS) from old PC – install into new PC (different hardware) and USB boot with Win 11 license for inplace upgrade

    Intention: Move from old PC (Z170,Win 10 Pro on M.2 NVME SSD) buy a new PC (12700K with Z690) and put the old NVME on motherboard of new PC. I would like to avoid that I have to install on new PC all the software again, licenses, settings, games etc. which will cost me at least 2 days...
  18. DestinyEA

    Question Unable to install windows blank blue screen then shutdown

    I’ve been trying to install windows 10 on my new PC, but all it does is show me the ASUS logo then switch to a blue screen with no text or error code and after 20 secs or so my PC completely shuts down. I’ve already tried it a second time from the very beginning, but it just doesn’t work. What...
  19. Agilitebuster

    [SOLVED] Should I remove my old HDD if I'm gonna install a new OS on my newly bought SSD?

    I just got a new ssd and I was wondering if I need to remove the old hdd to install the OS because I've read some threads that Microsoft puts partitions of the newly installed OS on the old HDD if still connected to the system while installing a new one on the ssd.
  20. Question Help with AIO h100i/Mobo wiring (Image included)

    Hi, I am installing my first AIO - Corsair h100i. I'm looking for some clarity on confusion I had while reading the instructions. (Attached below) Mainly: Are "headers" any socket on the mobo, or are "headers" only the ones on the edge for the front case usb ports? My mobo has a...
  21. K

    [SOLVED] What better date to install Windows 11? When will it be stable to use?

    I want to install Windows 11, but when will it be stable to use, no bugs. I'm thinking about waiting until next year, but I don't know what date, until then, wait how many months?
  22. T

    [SOLVED] Activation lost when upgrading to Windows 11

    Hi, I was using Windows 10 Home activated with an OEM license, I no longer have the product key but it was automatically activated everytime I did a new install. I did a fresh new install for Windows 11 Home and it didn't activate automatically so I went back to Windows 10 Home in order to keep...
  23. Fergus1136

    [SOLVED] Unable to install new windows 10 onto new 970evo

    Hi everyone. I am struggling to install windows 10 onto my new SSD (500GB 970 Evo) I have a z390 gaming x mother board Things I've done I've updated bios I've Updated SSD drivers Ive wiped SSD Turned off and on I've unplugged all storage devices except the new SSD and the USB...
  24. theRTT

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 (install) extremely slow

    Hi guys! I've just build a brand new pc, here are some of the components: Gigabyte Aorus RTX 3080 xtreme - Gigabyte Aorus x570 elite - AMD Ryzen 7 5800x - Samsung 970 Evo Plus 1TB m.2. Now, here are some video's. I think you can obviously see what's wrong. Install 1 - Install 2 - Homescreen So...
  25. B

    [SOLVED] Windows install issue -- "missing media driver" ?

    Hello, im trying to sell my Lenovo Thinkpad E495 laptop that originally had Windows on it, but I installed Linux and now im trying to reinstall Windows. I have done the usb about every way I possibly could but I always get the "missing media driver" thing. I've tried switching the usb port but...
  26. F

    [SOLVED] New windows installation in NVME SSD stops working when I remove my old Windows drive.

    Hello! I recently bought a new NVME SSD, and installed Windows 10 on it with my USB installation drive. Everything seemed to work just fine and I moved some files I wanted to keep over from my old SSD, which has Windows 10 installed on it as well. I played some games from the new SSD and have...
  27. T

    [SOLVED] Installing Windows 10 onto a M.2 NVMe SSD

    I am trying to perform a clean install of Windows 10 onto a new laptop, but the Windows installer doesn't recognize the M.2 SSD (Micron 2210) that came with the laptop. I can install Ubuntu perfectly fine, but when it comes to installing Windows, the drive doesn't show up. The drive shows up in...
  28. Tim03

    [SOLVED] I can't install Windows 10 from USB Drive

    There are some days that I just fail to solve this problem for my Acer. I want to install Windows 10 directly from USB and have followed all the necessary steps in this manual:(some site), but is not finding the result. Goes as far as Bios, but I just can not get inside the USB driver, it...
  29. taunoproidi

    Question No signal to monitor with new GPU, no change with the old one

    Hey guys! Today I finally got my RTX3080 TUF OC after 8 months of waiting. BUT when I tried installing it into place and starting my pc up, It only booted into bios. After that I restarted it, but now it keeps saying NO SIGNAL. Then I got worried that my GPU is broken, I changed it to my old...
  30. EngineerWatkins

    [SOLVED] Tried installing a new i9-9900k, did not boot

    Current PC Specs: GPU: RTX 2060 CPU: i7-6700k(this is the original) Mobo: MSI Arsenal gaming z270 ddr4 Ram: Corsair vengeance 16gb Howdy. I just tried to install my new i9-9900k, but when trying to boot up, the Mobo light would just blink and turn off again. So I think "okay, maybe I Removed...
  31. C

    [SOLVED] Something is seriously wrong with my computer and I cannot place what it is.

    Something is very wrong with my desktop computer and I have no idea how to fix it. I feel like I've tried everything. Here's the problem: Everything associated with my file explorer is running critically slow. Yesterday, I turned on my computer and the desktop would stop responding, go black...
  32. KokoAkos

    Question Windows 10 won't boot from new SSD

    So I have ASUS FX503VD, and I bought Samsung 970 Evo Plus 500GB. Next to ssd, there is 1TB HDD. Of course I want to do a clean install to SSD, but I have some problem. When I install Windows 10 to SSD, it goes properly in the beginning, and the system reboot the laptop. After this, it doesn't...
  33. N

    Question Can't clean install windows 10 using usb

    I'm building a pc using a bunch of older components I've had laying around and now that everything is put together, I can't get windows to install. I have the flash drive selected as the boot (afaik, the bios is old and simple) but every time I try booting it the black screen says "loading...
  34. L

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 bootloop and unsuccessful reinstall

    Dear Tomshardware community, I am having trouble (and a real bad day because of it) with my laptop. I had windows 10 installed on it, but after a recent windows update it appeared to freeze on occasion, to which the only answer was to hold down the power button to turn it off. Today I had to...
  35. HolyMonkeyNuts

    Question Taking a PowerBook G4 Bluetooth Board and putting it in an ASUS laptop X555LA

    Hey guys, so I have a Bluetooth Board from a PowerBook G4, part number 820-1471-A, and was wondering what I need to do to put it in an ASUS laptop X555LA that doesn't have Bluetooth. For example, do I have to also include the Airport Extreme card too? Can I just piggyback the B/T board's...
  36. Jojonut

    Question Acer Laptop Won't Boot From Any Drive But The Original

    After months and months of frustration, I've finally decided to turn to this forum so that I can get some help. I have an Acer E5-575-33BM running Windows 10 on a 1TB hard drive, my problem is that I've trying to migrate my system on to my new 250GB SSD with no luck. I've tried cloning (and...
  37. Wh1t3st4r

    [SOLVED] Windows Install doesn't open, only a bright blue screen shows up without any error messages

    I've got an SSD recently and I was trying to install Windows in it, did everything right (Pendrive with the setup, only the SSD plugged on the motherboard, boot priority, etc.), but when it was time to the install window to pop-up, nothing happened, there was just a blank, bright-blue colored...
  38. E

    [SOLVED] Is a 3yr old Win10 bootable usb still good for installing windows?

    I made a win 10 bootable usb with windows media creation tools back in 2018 and was wondering if I could still use it. I'm wondering if it's outdated or not. I'm intending to install windows 10 on a new machine with the same usb.
  39. J

    [SOLVED] Windows 7 Install Problem - Programs "not compatible with this version"

    **Update - looks like it might have been the USB stick the files were moved from that caused the issue. Hello everyone, I am having an interesting problem with a fresh install of Windows 7 pro 64 bit. Windows installs normally, I don't have any issues during this process. The install is going...
  40. kook

    [SOLVED] Which drive should I install it on?

    So I want to install Pop!_OS and I need to select either of these 2 drives. I'm sure the top is HDD and the lower is SSD so what do I choose to install the OS? Personally I thought I'd use the HDD for backups. So where does the OS go? Btw win10 is installed somewhere and I don't mind overwriting...