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    Issue with stick of ram, won't boot when set to auto detect ram frequency

    So I was testing out a stick of ram. It is 8gb Samsung 2666 ddr4. I had previously set in my bios to run the ram I use at 2400. The computer booted up with this Samsung stick of 2666, at 2400 because that's what I had set. So I went into the bios and set it to automatically detect what the...
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    Msi Vs Acer laptop

    I am getting a new gaming laptop for school and gaming and i have narrowed by search to between two laptops. The msi msi gl62mvr and the Acer Helios 300 PH315-51-79G0. They both have gtx 1060 6gb, I7. The Acer seems to offer a longer battery life while the Msi 'apparently' has a better cooling...
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    What if I don't apply a thermal paste on a cpu ?

    I bought a cpu yesterday and disassembled it from a mobo for buying other mobo and temporarily stored a cpu and stock cooler in box for a while. So a thermal paste on cpu looks enough alive..
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    Can Someone make my PC for me

    Hi, I am trying to make a gaming PC to play some game (Ex. Overwatch, Fornite) but I want some else to select the parts for me. So my Budget is 800 dollars but I can get go to 900 if needed. If you need any more info just ask me. Thanks! (Also I live in Canada so the Prices might be different)
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    78lmt-usb3 r2 xp 32 install problems

    All the components I bought supports xp. The first problem is when I try to install xp it will blue screen with a 0x0000007b code. Iv tried putting it in ide mode but still crashes. I tried doing the install on a different pc and moving the hdd to it. And it worked but I was having trouble with...
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    Desktop question but no choice for that

    I have an older desktop that is connected to the internet by cable. I also have a wifi router for other things. Can I connect my computer to the internet using just the wife? And not the hardwire? If this is too stupid a question please answer anyways - I am old and dumb :-)