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  1. B

    Question Will i7-3770k 4.6ghz bottleneck 1080ti?

    Hello, i recently had questions about i7-3770k cooling, and now i went over to GPU upgrade. I have i7-3770k in combo with 1070 strix, i am planning to get around 144fps in witcher 3, so i am planning to buy 1080ti. But, as i know my cpu is too weak for that GPU, but will that actually matter in...
  2. denimpawell

    Question i5-3320m vs N5000 for everyday use

    Hello all, I am thinking of buying a cheap laptop with Pentium N5000 but I also have 6 year old laptop with i5 3320m, x230. In terms of CPU performance, n5000 works better than 3320m? I usually watch youtube and play league of legends. I checked cpubenchmark website, n5000 looks better by...
  3. L

    Question Best CPU for Vostro 260/0GDG8Y

    Greetings. There are a few threads on the internet already about this particular question, but I've also discovered that there appears to be a modified BIOS that allows you to use Ivy Bridge processors. However, the thread seems to imply the BIOS isn't easy to install and they seem to be...
  4. W

    [SOLVED] What is the Series Number for Intel HD Graphics (Ivy Bridge)

    Hello, I have a PC with a Intel HD Graphics (Ivy Bridge) GPU, I can't find the Series Number for it, I Looked it many Programs Like CPUZ, etc... But it Only Writes Intel HD Graphics (Ivy Bridge). Does anyone Knows the Series Number for that? (I mean that is that a Intel 4000, 3000 or anything?)
  5. Mizuki15

    Question Do i7 3770/2600 can handle 60fps on Division 2 and BF1 MP 64 player stable ?

    i'm using i5 2400 now, but the cpu is bottlenecking my gpu (1050 ti) on the game i listed....even on lowest sett, the game fps is not far from ultra sett (or even the same) so i kinda wonder is it worth to upgrade the i5 to i7 3770/2600 ? cant upgrade to a new chipset like ryzen or skylake above...
  6. J

    Help with laptop to play and stream League of legends only??

    Hello,guys can this laptop Acer Predator i7-8750H+1060 gxt,16gb ram play lol at 1080p 60 fps capped and stream league of legends at 720p 60 fps capped??
  7. H

    [SOLVED] b200 error how to deactivate color or black

    how to deactivate black or color on canon MX725 QY6-0086 printhead
  8. F

    Connecting my old Polaroid TV to Wireless Wi-Fi

    I have a old Polaroid tv what's the best device to use to get Wireless Wi-Fi
  9. C

    I tried every thing but my laptop wont turn on

    Hi i have asus fx553vd dm1031t i tried every thing but my laptop wont turned on the power buttons led lighed up but my laptop's screen still blank what should i do
  10. J

    GTX 750 Ti Low Profile Bracket

    Can I use the GTX 750 TI Low Profile bracket on an ATX Case? I have another computer that has a GTX 750 Ti Low Profile in it, but I unfortunately do not have the Long bracket. This is the Low Profile Bracket I currently have right now...
  11. G

    Low GPU and CPU%

    I have taken a break from gaming for a few months and just got back, while playing Fortnite, my GTX 1050ti is being used 40%-70% while playing causing me to have bad FPS. How do I fix this? Also my cpu is right below 30% which is a Ryzen 1600
  12. C

    PlayStation2 outputting on vga

    Hello, I have a question regarding my ps2 and it's output.I just discovered that my ps2 was functional so i started playing with it, which is kinda fun, so sorry to ask a question about something that's 10-15 years old :D Sooo... I'm currently playing on my 22'' hdtv on component cables and...
  13. T

    Ryzen 5 2600x which mainboard the best

    Ryzen 5 2600x which mainboard the best, struggling choosing both of this Asus rog strix X370 or Gigabyte Aorus X470 gaming 5
  14. D

    PC build for After Effects and Adobe premiere

    I am helping a friend from college who is graduating this year. He wishes to build a PC that can run After Effects and Adobe Premiere to almost its fullest potential. His budget range is quite flexible: $1,500-$2,500. I only have experience with putting together 2 gaming PCs, and I told him I...
  15. sergio.lopezsevilla

    Is this pc build good enough to run AAA games in 2017

    So this is my first pc build and I know somewhat of what I'm getting into and from what i've read I'm pretty sure this will work but In order to be sure I'd like to get some reassure from people with more knowledge so this is what I will be using. CASE...
  16. S

    Help me, what should i do?

    I need help, which one will be the best? I am Financing, paying 50$ month Case - X-2 Tempered Glass Mobo - MSI Z270 A-PRO ATX Processor - Intel® Quad Core™ i5-7600 Processor Ram - Extreme DDR4 2666MHz Memory - 8gb Power - Corsair 550W Power Supply Wireless - TP-Link Wireless Dual Band PCI...
  17. H

    What Mid Tower case should i buy? Max 95$

    What Mid Tower case should i buy? max 95$ to fit: I7 7700k beQuiet Dark Rock 3 (160mm) 1060 3gb ARMOR OC
  18. S

    My friend's laptop drive is always at a 100% how can he fix it?

    My friend's laptop was working fine until I convinced him to download voicemeeter, the're audio drivers which shouldn't have caused it and are unistalled now. He has been trying different solutions without any results. Thank you for you help.
  19. JJ2012

    Raid 5 or 6 for NAS

    Hi I'm hoping to build a NAS from a computer I bought second hand. I know only what I have been reading and watching on YouTube so would like some advice please. Should I set it up as a raid 5, 6 or not at all? I'm hoping to use WD red drives - not sure what size yet. Is it a bad idea to buy...
  20. C

    ASUS 970 Pro Gaming/Aura

    i am building a computer and wondering, what LGA is the : ASUS 970 Pro Gaming/Aura (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01A33PHLA/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=K2SBR4W7KZ0&coliid=I1QVFFWN2ZHSSR&psc=1) is it LGA 1151? will it work with a intel i5.