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Latency issues

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    [SOLVED] my ethernet port works one day and next no

    I bought recently a wifi extender (RE450) and, at the start works perfectly, but one day, when the power went out, my ethernet port starts working rare, while the wifi works right, the ethernet connections work great one day, but the next works with a lot of lag and latency, especially when i...
  2. S

    [SOLVED] Would 2 routers provide higher bandwidth/reduce bandwidth-related problems?

    Hi guys. I currently have rather poor internet speeds (7Mbps down, 1Mbps up), and due to the mostly large number of devices connected to our router (+ bandwidth-hogging devices, e.g. streaming devices), the internet becomes essentially unusable besides general internet browsing. I am currently...
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    Question Game disconnects when plugging in laptop on WIFI

    When I plug in my laptop to the power, it charges fine and web browsing and downloading are fast, but when I try to play the game, there's no connection or the ping is too high in some games unless I unplug my laptop which locks my games at 30fps but ping is working flawlessly. Replugging the...
  4. Question Massive and constant ping spikes on wired connection.

    Hey all, I've been having miserable ping spikes for several months now that I can't see to figure out. If i am just casually using the internet the problem is not noticeable but it makes gaming, my main hobby, absolutely impossible and very frustrating. After calling my ISP 5 times, the most...
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    [SOLVED] Ping changes constantly between 20ms and 50ms

    Hello, As of late I've been having Ping issues (LAN). To be more specific, it keeps constantly rising between 20ms and 50ms which makes Gaming for example impossible, as it results in constant lagging and sound issues etc. Now, I'm using a new modem which has been installed roughly 2 months...
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    [SOLVED] Having trouble with loaded latency, heard a good router could potentially fix it?

    I am with BT and we have the best HomeHub and broadband that they offer. Unfortunately, often as soon as there are 3 or more people connected to the WiFi it will just completely frazz out and at least one person's internet will be dreadful and constantly drop. I Googled it and apparently a good...
  7. B

    Question Intermittent Internet Issues since new router

    Hi all, Hope you're all well - hoping to get some advice from people who know more than I about this stuff... I recently upgraded by internet speed from 50 to 200 mbps. It is with the same provider and down the same fibre cable but they sent me a new Virgin Media hub to install (although looks...
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    Question What to blame for my High Ping?

    Hey there, So I've been having latency issues when using either WiFi or a Tplink ethernet powerline kit (Av600 kit). I ran some ping tests pinging my default gateway and the game server in command prompt and noticed that I always have ping fluctuations when using both wifi and the powerline...
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    [SOLVED] Inconsistent Ping/Powerline ethernet

    Hi, so i've been having ping spikes for quite a while now so i decided to get an Ethernet Powerline kit since the Router is out of my reach. Today i managed to get it to work properly by pinging with the console all the time. This caused me to have a low and constant ping for pretty much the...
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    [SOLVED] Massive ping spikes after some time PLEASE HELP

    Hello, I am really having a big big issue that i am really not able to solve whatsoever by googling. Ive been doing it for over a month now but nothing. Cleaned my pc several times with a complete negative on AV's (Malwarebytes, Bitdefender, Kaspersky), even tried manually looking up some files...
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    Question Ping / Disconnect Issues any help is appreciated

    So I've been having a problem for maybe a month or two and was hoping it was just something that would fix itself but here I am still with the issue. Anyways the issue I'm having is randomly my ping will spike to 2000+ for around 15 - 20 seconds it will cause me to lose connection to games if...
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    Question high latency please help

    i have been getting latency issues on a new build and i tried to fix it but nothing worked. i updated all my drivers with driver easy, fresh installed windows and tried some suggestions i found online. i have latest bios system specs: mother board: biostar a320MH pro cpu: amd ryzen 5 1500x gpu...
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    Lloking for coonect to internet in router

    I reset my d-link 600 router now i can not get internet service so how i solve this problem