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  1. E

    [SOLVED] CPU or GPU first

    Hello. I want ask for advice. This is my gaming pc - i5-7600K, 1070gtx. What should upgrade first for better gaming expierence? (Want upgrade for 2070 or 2080 gtx and i7 9700k + with new MB for this procs)
  2. K

    CPU LED on - no post - Asus M5A99FX Pro R2.0

    Hello. This is a question that I notice has been asked to death around the forums, so apologies for repeating it. However, the issue I have seems to a bit different from everyone else's, so I was hoping I could get a fresh insight into the situation. Specs are: AMD FX-8350 + Corsair H100i on...
  3. N

    JBL Flip 4 paired with laptop won't play audio

    My JBL Flip 4 and laptop are paired, but the audio will not play through the JBL, only thru laptop. What am I missing. It works perfectly through phones.
  4. S

    Does this setup look good? Is the PSU enough?

    Hello! I am more or less a tech newbie, but I wanted to get a mid-tier gaming and work pc for uni. I decided it would be very educational and fun to build it myself. I had in mind to build around an AMD Ryzen 2600x, as my chemistry modelling software strongly benefits from the hyperthreading...
  5. J

    Fortnite PC Build - Beginning

    I have been researching and I want to build a PC to play games like PubG, Fortnite, and CSgo, however the only thing I am sure on is the case. I ordered a Nova TG just as a beginner case. Now, before I order anything, I am a broke college kid and want to assure two things: A.) This setup will...
  6. astrowixapl

    How to move windows 10 to another ssd?

    So I ordered a cx300 120gb ssd what was supposed to arrive next week but it didnt and So i bought a slower ssd cl100 or something like that (GOODRAM) whilst i was in Town. And now the ssd arived and i need to move windows and all the files to the fast ONE. And i want to make it a C: drive.
  7. D

    I Can not upgrade my CPU without upgrading everything basically and I am being held back significantly.

    I am trying to upgrade my CPU to something nicer so i can run games such as rust and although my current AMD-FX8150 does an amazing job at running basically everything and most games. I feel as if it is holding me back and my MOBO is older and i also have DDR3 which is not really compatible with...
  8. A

    How to clear cmos on Asus P8P67 Deluxe

    Hi all, I have just joined here hoping ya'll can help me with future endeavours with pc's. I have just bought a couple of i5-3570k cpu's and 2 Asus P8P67 Deluxe motherboards, all from different sellers. I saw a youtube video saying I should clear the cmos if I am using 2nd hand motherboards to...
  9. R

    Avira needs to be uninstalled

    Windows says it can't update until I uninstall Avira Antivir, but I can't find it anywhere on my laptop. How can I uninstall something I can't find?
  10. H

    Gigabyte AB350-Gaming 3 + AMD Ryzen 5 2400g HELP

    I just built a new gaming PC with the following parts: -AMD Ryzen 5 2400g -Gigabyte AB350-Gaming 3 -Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 (2x4GB) 3000MHz On startup the fans are coming on, but nothing else... The LED Status Lights are on... The DRAM light is constant with the occasional switch the the...
  11. M

    GA-H61M-s2p and gtx1060

    Long time lurker, first time poster here looking for some help. System Mb: gigabyte GA-H61M-s2p CPU: i5 2400 Ram: 8GB GPU: Gtx1060 Is: windows 10 So I have this older system that I have been using at the office with the onboard graphics for a web browser/catch all system. I decided I wanted to...
  12. L

    which is much more worth it palit jetstream or super jetstream

    i am wondering if which is better for my money because i can only see that their difference is in clockspeed are there any other factors?
  13. P

    Installing new HDD, does not show in disk management? (screenshot of Disk manager) Specs Case: NZXT Guardian 921RB Ram: 16gb Ripjaws Motherboard: Asus M5A97 R2.0 Processor: Amd FX 8120 Eight core 3.10GHz Power Supply: Corsair CX500 OS: 64 Bit Windows 10 Cooling: 2 80mm fans, 1 120mm liquid cooled fan HDD...
  14. A

    where do I find parts? Cooling fan?

    Where can I buy a cooling fan for a Toshiba Tecra Z4T-B?
  15. X

    What pc to get

    I have been looking at gaming pc's for a couple of days now and I think I have a good idea about what a good PC needs. I need a good amount of RAM ( Crucial 16GB(2x8GB) DDR4 2133MHz, CL15) a good graphics card ( Nvidia GTX1060 6GB, DVI, DisplayPort & HDMI) a good microprocessor ( Intel Core...
  16. D

    I can't get Dishonored 2 to run on Dell Inspiron 15.

    I can't my Dell Inspiron 15 to run dishonored 2 game. What can I do?
  17. A

    Took Ownership of C: Drive, but Want to Give it Back

    Using Windows 10 on a Toshiba Satellite laptop I got earlier this year. A few days ago, I found that apps wouldn't launch; it didn't matter if it was from the Start Menu or a shortcut on the Desktop, only apps that were pinned to the taskbar would open. I went searching and found this page with...
  18. S

    £300-375 budget Build, Need help shaving ~£60 off this build.

    Need to shave £50-80 off so i can also get a monitor My current build is here:
  19. X

    First build help - $1000

    I've done my research but I have no experience with building computers myself. I've set my sights on: i5 6500 212 evo ARCTIC MX4 thermal paste Gigabyte GA-H170M-D3H Micro ATX or ASRock H170M Pro4 Micro ATX or ASRock H170M-ITX/DL Mini ITX GeIL EVO POTENZA (2 x...
  20. U

    Pc is not working how it used to

    (when i talk about frames im talking arma 3) I had many problems lately. headset is broken and my pc has been being garbage again. I can go in to 1600x900 res on all low settings with no vsync and I'll get 15 frames and stuttering drops. I used to get like 80 Frames constant. People with worse...