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  1. alvisp

    [SOLVED] Gigabyte Z490i Aorus Ultra not powering on (new build) ?

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to build a new PC for a friend and I have decided to use a Z490i aorus ultra but it does not turn on at all. I have tried to power it on with 2 different i7s (10700k) an i3 10100 but nothing happens. CPU fans not spinning RGB lights not working etc. I have tested the...
  2. B

    Question USB Ports not working

    So I’ve got a brand new Z390-P motherboard and none of the USB ports are working, I’ve tried plugging my keyboard into all of them. I can’t access BIOS. I’ve tried to plug in various other devices like mice and usb drives and again nothing is working. Any suggestions?
  3. theOmkarPatil

    [SOLVED] Ethernet Network Adapter not working on ASRock B550M Pro4 ?

    I just built my new PC, my motherboard being ASRock B550M Pro 4, and my Ethernet isn't working. (AMD Ryzen 5800x, 16 GB 3600Mhz Ram (8 x 2), WD SN 850 1TB, 1TB HDD, Rog Strix 3060ti) My room doesn't receive good Wifi range so I didn't get a WiFi module, and I'm dependent on ethernet. But ever...
  4. X

    Question Suspected short circuited Motherboard. How much will cost to fix?

    I have made an older build with an intel i7-4770, MSI z87 gd65 mobo, gtx 950 and a newer MSi a650gf power supply. I put these all together in an NZXT h1150 flow case, and the computer starts with all the fans at full power and no boot sound or signal. All the lights on the mobo are lit as they...
  5. M

    [SOLVED] Mobo dead on arrival?

    Hi guys. Building a new system with Ryzen 5000 series (Amd Ryzen 7 5800 X 8 core) on a Gigabyte B550 gaming X V2 motherboard. The motherboard needs to be Qflashed with a usb stick to upgrade the bios since the cpu is from the Ryzen 5000 series. However when I connect the 24 pin and 12 V power...
  6. Kinjalmagic

    Question Need help with motherboard

    Hello, I need help with my motherboard for HP desktop envy 750-217c. PC won't start I need to change the motherboard. It reads IPM17-DD on it Manufacturer: Pegatron Form factor: uATX - 24x24 cm (9.4x9.4 in) Chipset: H110 Memory sockets: 2 x DDR3L Processor socket: LGA 1151 Expansion Slots: 1...
  7. Iver Hicarte

    [SOLVED] Difference Between Clearing CMOS Through Battery Removal vs. Loading Optimized Defaults within the BIOS?

    Good day, What is the difference between resetting the motherboard's BIOS through physical resetting through the removal of the CMOS battery vs. just loading the optimized defaults through the BIOS itself. Did some research and what most people say is that they're basically the same. But isn't...
  8. Wrath_Bear

    Question Sometimes my PC doesn't POST ?

    I have been using my pc fornlast 2 years and recently its causing problems. The pc used to post and boot normally but at times, it doesn't even post. No power whatsoever. Tried with new psu taking off ram and gpu, nothing happened. Its like motherboard isn't getting any power. After few hours...
  9. le4deR

    [SOLVED] Need Help with Asus Prime B450M-K

    Hello everyone, I am a computer technician and a streamer from Lebanon trying to make some extra money through streaming due to the financial crisis of my country So I've made a pc 2 years ago Amd Ryzen 7 2700 16GB RAMs Apacer Panther 3000Mhz DDR4 Zotac GeForce GTX 1080 AMP Extreme Edition 8GB...
  10. cljady

    [SOLVED] [SOLVED] New RTX 3080 Underperforming

    Specs: EVGA RTX 3080 XC3 Ultra Ryzen 7 3700x Aorus Elite X570 16GB RAM 3600Mhz CL 16 1TB 4.0 M.2 SSD 750W Corsair RM750X 80+ Gold PSU I'm using native 1920x1080 resolution, connected to my 240Hz monitor using a Display Port cable. My RTX 3080 card is running at unusually low GPU and Memory...
  11. lkc36

    [SOLVED] PC not posting after sudden power cut

    My PC 'died' after a power cut in my home, when I was still doing some rendering job with a heavy load on the GPU and the CPU. There seems to be smell coming from the motherboard although I'm not not sure if the power supply is also toast. I'd just like to ask the possible damage a sudden power...
  12. Elitepranvent

    Question Pc not booting after changes with the platform key

    My pc beeps 5 times after messing with the bios settings ( messed with a setting under secure boot known as key management setting on a gigabyte b 360m motherboard) Tried resetting the CMOS
  13. O

    [SOLVED] Cannot disable CSM, auto enabled after reboot

    Hello, I want to install Windows 10 in UEFI Mode. But, every time I disable CSM in my motherboard's BIOS Setup, it gets auto-enabled after reboot. What is the reason? Can bios update fix it? Or is there any other solution? My specs: CPU : AMD Ryzen 5 1600 GPU : Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050Ti Mobo ...
  14. JoelHauser

    [SOLVED] System fans not being detected! Help!

    Hello, first time posting here! I've ran into a little bit of a problem and I'm curious of the greater minds of the internet can help me out with this! I have a MSI Z390 MPG Gaming Plus mother board which is rather new! I have an iCue 4000X RGB case which I naturally filled out the case with 6...
  15. Budisasasarah

    Question Pc randomly shut down

    hello i have msi z68a-g45 (g3), after my psu sudenlly died i change it. after i change the psu my pc start to shutdown randomly. I already test other component and indicates that the motherboard is causing the symptoms any idea how to fix it ?
  16. J

    Question Asus z390-f front panel connectors

    Hello, so today my computer wouldn’t even post when trying to turn it on. This happened overnight. Trough some troubleshooting I have gotten it to post by using the clear cmos pins on the motherboard but not while using the power switch pins. When I take out the cmos battery the switch functions...
  17. Pacho12345

    Question HELP!!Dont know what is with my new mobo

    Pc started to turn on by itself then it shuts down after 3 seconds then again turns on then off in loop no signal on gpu no lights on keyboard bios reset did nothing mobo is basicly new tried everything swithing ram hdd gpu nothing it just keeps restarting
  18. Nebboy666

    Question Dead motherboard i think ?

    The fans and cpu fans spin up, but the fans on my rx460 dont spin and i don't get any display. Also the cpu clock speed display on the mother board dont light up any more. the motherboard is asus rock z68 gen4 pro3
  19. I

    [SOLVED] I can't power on my PC ?

    I have x570 motherboard with ryzen 7 2700x and 16 GB hyperx memory my PSU was giving out some strange noises so I sent it to a repair shop and when it came back my pc wouldn't turn on I tested the PSU and it was working but I decided to buy a new one and the same problem my computer didn't turn...
  20. MarcusB31

    Question I cant get my slot B1 and B2 to work on my X570 Aorus Elite Wifi Mobo

    So I recently got my gigabyte aorus elite wifi motherboard from a close friend when he wanted to upgrade into an expensive pc. After the problem with slots B1 and B2 I asked him if the slots were not working at the time he had it he said no It worked and I trust him and I remember it worked...