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  1. Pacho12345

    Question HELP!!Dont know what is with my new mobo

    Pc started to turn on by itself then it shuts down after 3 seconds then again turns on then off in loop no signal on gpu no lights on keyboard bios reset did nothing mobo is basicly new tried everything swithing ram hdd gpu nothing it just keeps restarting
  2. Nebboy666

    Question Dead motherboard i think ?

    The fans and cpu fans spin up, but the fans on my rx460 dont spin and i don't get any display. Also the cpu clock speed display on the mother board dont light up any more. the motherboard is asus rock z68 gen4 pro3
  3. I

    Question I can't power on my PC ?

    I have x570 motherboard with ryzen 7 2700x and 16 GB hyperx memory my PSU was giving out some strange noises so I sent it to a repair shop and when it came back my pc wouldn't turn on I tested the PSU and it was working but I decided to buy a new one and the same problem my computer didn't turn...
  4. MarcusB31

    Question I cant get my slot B1 and B2 to work on my X570 Aorus Elite Wifi Mobo

    So I recently got my gigabyte aorus elite wifi motherboard from a close friend when he wanted to upgrade into an expensive pc. After the problem with slots B1 and B2 I asked him if the slots were not working at the time he had it he said no It worked and I trust him and I remember it worked...