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Motherboard/CPU problems

Forum discussion tagged with Motherboard/CPU problems.
  1. Question Why is my cpu temp so high?

    I have noticed my cpu running at 80-98° and my windows will start warning me. Load is low and I'm pretty sure 64° is too high to be just running google chrome with just 2 tabs. I had just reformat my pc to make sure there are no viruses and when I run games thats when the temp spikes up to 98°...
  2. S

    Question Computer random restarts when playing game and cpu reaches 106°C

    Two days ago i installed GTA V to play with friends after a long time.When i start the game it works fine. And when i play for 20 min comp restarts. Next day same happened but earlier. I used to play GTA V in 2017 on same computer. CPU reaches 106°C when playing. When i play game like LoL comp...
  3. lukas25611

    Question Computer doesn´t work after CPU upgrade

    Hi, (I apologize for my bad englisch) I wanted to upgrade my CPU so I bought a i5-3470, when I put it on the motherboard I only get 4 short beep sounds. I thought that the new CPU had issues so I put the old one back and now I have a constant beep with this one, it is a i5-2310. The motherboard...
  4. KrejzolPL

    Question Hello everyone, serious PC problem here.

    Recently i switched at AMD from Intel old Xeon 5470X for gaming and i got an B450 Gaming Plus from MSI a Ryzen 2600X and BallistiX Tactical RGB so from 2 days i am trying to turn on my PC and nothing happends no fans, no lights , dead but when i pull out CPU the MB turns on even with RAM but...
  5. Rwike

    Question Msi b450m mortar problems or cpu problems?

    Let me start with my system and that this is my first pc I've ever had and put together myself. Ryzen 5 2600 B450 Mortar Xfx raw 2 rx 5700 xt 2x 8gb trident z rgb Raidmax 630 watts The other day my computer started acting weird, running extremely slow, slow start up and shut down. Then...
  6. I

    Question Computer booting issues from graphics card?

    Oh boy here it goes, ( hoping this post is aloud in this section) First pc build ever, was extremely happy everything worked, was playing 7 days to die for a good 2 hours then suddenly the pc just lost signal to the monitors and was dead black screen, didnt respond to anything at all but all...
  7. S

    Graphics card and PCI-E Problrms. PLEASE HELP :(

    SPECS: Desktop Board DQ35JO INTEL 8gb ram ( 4x2gb DDR2 i think ) intel core quad 2.40 Ghz So first of all i just want to say im a real noob when it comes to pcs and stuff. i bought this pc off ebay. all the reviews were good so i thought id buy it. MY PROBLEM; So the computer arrived today...