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  1. E

    Question Monitoring TV (in other room) on my PC monitor, all plugged in the same computer.

    Hello, so here's my setup: I have two monitors and a TV plugged in the same computer in my office, The TV is connected with a 50 feet HDMI cable that goes through the walls, so I can't see the TV from my office. I was wondering if there was a solution to monitor what's happening on my TV on one...
  2. FlashGuard

    Question Turn off windows FOCUS

    So me and my roomate want to play ESO. my pc can run both clients with no issue. The only issue is that i am trying to play using a keyboard and mouse. While he is playing on a gamepad (360 controller) Anyway. i cannot play at the same time due to something in windows known as Window Focus. In...
  3. D

    Cant sign in after updates to acer laptop

    Acer Lop with Windows 10, when shutting down said was going to do updates, after doing these updates and restarting several times as it did, sign in screen pops up but says my pin is incorrect, use microsoft account password this passwords not working eith. have changed password on another...
  4. D

    Ssd, hard rive, optical drive not responding

    Yesterday I built a new pc. Everything on the build is fine (Cpu, Gpu, fans), however the ssd, hard drive, and cd/DVD writer aren't getting power. Idk how this makes sense because all my other components are receiving power. I know for a fact that the DVD writer isn't receiving power because...
  5. J

    Best CPU cooler that is under 150mm?

    My computer needs a better cooler and my case says it can't have a cooler that is taller than 150mm. Case link:
  6. G

    Please help me choose a good cooler! (air coolers)

    Okay, the pump in my Antec Kuhler AIO died who-knows-how-long ago and now I need a new cooler to replace it... What cooler should I get? I'm looking at dual tower 140mm coolers capable of keeping an FX8320 OC'd at 4.0 ghz under 45 degrees celsius under load. My choices so far are: Raijintek...
  7. TrollHunter

    Upgrading Current PC

    So, I Got This Little Brother Who Love To Play Games, His PC Was Old And Consisting Of Parts Like Core 2 Duo E6750 (2.66 Ghz), Intel Motherboard (DG31PR), 9400 GT 1 GB, 2 Gb DDR 2 Ram, 400W Not So Good PSU As U Can See His PC Is Pretty Outdated And Yet He Used To Play All Games @ Full Res With...