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  1. themadhatta

    Question Getting Blue Screens Trying To Run a 1080 & 780 ti Pls Help

    Hey guys wasnt sure if this was the best category for this thread. Im trying to run a gtx 780 ti alongside my gtx 1080 for various reasons. However after installing my 780 i tend to get blue screens and then windows tries to run a startup repair. I can then uninstall the 780 and try to boot...
  2. TheFearfulPizza

    Question How can I setup the hierarchy of multiple GPU's?

    Hi there, I recently upgraded my Gaming PC to an RTX 2070S from a GTX 1060, however I can see that a lot of the programs and Windows classify my 1060 GPU as GPU 0 and my 2070S as GPU 1. I was wander if there is a way in order for me to restructure them around? Thanks!
  3. fkal

    Question Second m.2 ssd causes impairment in POST/BIOS Display

    Hello, Having my initial display port set to PCIE Slot 2 all worked as planned, although I had to run a Bios update to get this to work.(I use 2 gpus one for computing and the other one for display.) After I tried to install a second m.2 sata ssd in the available port, the initial display screen...
  4. J

    [SOLVED] Could you use vGPU as a successor to Multi-GPU setups?

    Could you use multiple GPUs together and use a VM to connect them into a vGPU (if the Graphics Cards support virtualization) so that you can have parallel tasks running together on the multiple GPUs? (e.g. using 2 GPU and connecting them into 1vGPU)
  5. T

    Will a Corsair H80i V2 fit in the front of an S340?

    I have the radiator already and I was wondering if It would be compatible with this case im looking to get
  6. N

    Ethernet Adapter and Extension Lead?

    As I was downloading a game today, I quickly realised that my down speed was a measly 300KB/s (not Kb), instead of 4MB/s. Anway, after some troubleshooting, I pinned the problem down to the new 6 port extension lead I just bought (if it helps, I live in the UK). For the time being, I'm sharing...
  7. M

    intel server replacing the cpu fan to loud ? any help ? got a idea

    hey guys i got a intel server and it use blowers and they our really loud dont fancy spending 30 pounds on cpu coolers for it , each , so i wonder if i could put two fans on the cpu heat sinks instead would it work there not alot off load on the cpus due its a 2x quad core here a picture as...
  8. S

    Android sound problem

    Sound not coming from android phone. I can hear the caller but the caller cant hear me. However the problem does not occur when I use the earphones. Is it some software or battery problem