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  1. D

    [SOLVED] Computer crashes seemingly randomly with loud screeching noise coming through my headset

    I recently got new parts for my computer, basically making it a whole new build apart from my 2 hard drives. Ever since then, I have been experiencing crashes at random moments. By random, I mean I have crashed right as I logged in to my computer, or crashed after 3-4 hours of playing intensive...
  2. A

    Question PC Suffered a Power Surge - New Build -Assistance appreciated

    So heres the short story. A few weeks ago my pc suffered a power surge. I bought a new power supply but it stil didn't work. I took it to a repair shop to get the problem diagnosed and the components tested. The diagnosis was as follows: CPU - Untested (he didn't have a suitable motherboard)...
  3. D

    I can't adjust my screen's brightness - Nothing seems to work

    Hi everyone. I can't adjust the screen brightness on the laptop that I'm using. It's running Windows 10 Home Edition. When I click on the battery icon, the icon that you would normally click on to adjust the brightness is grayed out and unclickable and it's at 0%. I've tried one possible...
  4. A

    update my gpu and cpu cooler

    I want to update my system in gpu and cpu cooler my pc is: CPU I5 Processor 7600k cooler corsair h100 v2 Motherboard z270 gaming 7 aorus Cooler master maker 5 cabinet Memory RAM 16gb corsair led blue 3000mhz Monitor asus vz229h Power Supply 650w supernova gold g3 Storage 1tb seagate barracuda...
  5. F

    Lenovo Ideapad Y700 i5-6300 HQ CPU @ 2.3Ghz, 8g Ram, Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M

    Hi guys, I've been streaming Overwatch on Twitch via OBS for the past week and lately, I've encountered some issues with my stream and recordings. The video output get stuck at a screen (usually Overwatch Homepage) and the audio continues to run at the background. This happens for both recording...
  6. S

    If I have a dual band router, do I need a dual band modem?

    I saw on my ISP's website there's an option to upgrade my modem to dual band, but my current router is dual band and I'm able to access 5ghz already. Is the upgrade necessary, or even helpful at all?
  7. G

    Unistall AMD driver

    Hi guys I currently have AMD crimson 15.12 and im having some issues un some games. I think is a good idea to downgrade to CCC 15.11.1. But how should I unistall the driver?
  8. R

    Cooler master HYPER 101 VS Deepcool GAMMAXX 200 WHICH IS BETTER

    hey guys im planning to get a new cpu cooler the Cooler master HYPER 101 VS Deepcool GAMMAXX 200 which one should i go with the price difference between the two is very small so money is not an issue i have checked that in gammaxx 200 we get a 92mm fan while in 101 we get a 80 mm fan but...
  9. D

    Re installing OS onto a new ssd with same product key.

    So I got a new rig a few days back. Made a stupid decision to not get an ssd and had it assembled at the store where they installed the OS for me. Now I got an ssd and when I try a fresh install on it using the USB not generated by the windows media creation it says windows image not found for...
  10. D

    Will I have enough Power to upgrade my graphics card?

    Hey guys i'm upgrading my card from a 760 (2gb) to a 970 (4gb). I'm worried that I would not have enough power to run it and if I did would I be able to add a extra 8gb (RAM). 600w corsair power supply Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4670K CPU @ 3.40GHz Manufacturer Intel Speed 3.4 GHz Number of...
  11. B

    Is 8GB RAM enough?

    I'm looking at a getting a gaming PC for roughly £700-£750 and 16GB of RAM is pushing up the price so I was wondering whether 8GB is still enough.
  12. M

    problem in upgrading memory

    hello guys, I have a ASRock FM2A55M-VG3+ motherboard. I am plannig to upgrade my ram. currently i have a 2gb dynet 1333mhz 2GBBNEUCCCA ram, and i have ordered Corsair DDR3 4GB Desktop RAM (CMZ4GX3M1A11600C9) so is there any chances that there may occur any problem if i add 1333mhz+1600mhz and of...
  13. W

    HP G72-259WM any suggestions for upgrades please?

    My girlfriend has an HP G72 and I'd like any body's advice on upgrades. She doesn't do a lot with it and I'm already looking at an ssd to put in but would love to know if there's anything else that can be done.
  14. N

    Fm transmitter only playing a small number of songs

    I have been having a problem with my fm transmitter I synced over 1100 sings onto a 64gb memory card but when I put my gm transmitter into my car it only shows 102 songs to play can anyone help please
  15. W

    Is this a good laptop for gaming?

    Is this laptop made by MSI good for gaming? Is MSI reliable for producing laptops cause i never heard of them? NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M 2GB 4th Generation Intel Core i7 4720HQ (2.60GHz) 8GB...
  16. K

    Do you need a good cpu for CAD

    I am looking to go into engineering and am considering learning CAD. I am looking at computers to build so i can practice CAD and do school work. Can you reccomend a powerful enough pc for these parts for the smallest price possible as i am still doing gcses
  17. J

    What is the original remote desktop password and user name please help me i can't access my othe pc am running the internet ca

    i need help on this remote desktop password corse i cant access it
  18. K

    Good prebuilt gaming pc for a first time buyer?

    Looking for a good prebuilt gaming pc because i don't have the time nor the expirence to build one. My budget is around $500 to $700. I want to be able to run CS:GO at medium settings, as well as other games like minecraft, unturned, don't starve, etc.
  19. L

    GTX 980 or 970?

    I am looking to build a new system and I am unsure which card to go for. I am aware the 980 is £200 more for 10% more performance but the 980 is the king of the GTX cards (not including the Titans). Please only answer if you have experience with both
  20. meloninja

    Looking for a new gaming mouse

    So I'm tired of using my crappy HP mouse and I'm looking for a fairly decent mouse. I'm not a fan of gaming mice with tons of programmable buttons and I usually play games like Skyrim, Fallout, and Payday 2. If anyone has any recommendations on a nice gaming mouse, preferably under about $100...