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  1. J

    connected? bios won't update windows defender going crazy possible electrical damage

    I have a new build and windows defender is killing the loading of Dorico and Kontakt within it and I don't know why. It is the always aware function that even if you turn off will turn itself back off in a bit of time. I excluded my drives but it was that always looking feature. It holds it...
  2. O

    I have a lenovo laptop with ideapad 110 with 4GB ram and the processor is AMD E1, can I change the processor?

    Changing of processor of lenovo ideapad 110 with AMD E1 processor
  3. C

    wireless/internet troubleshooting ideas

    Our ISP is comcast/xfinity, 250 down/ 12 up. Modem is an Arris SB6190 Router is a TP-Link AC3150 Wired connections - Ooma telo phone, Sonos bridge. The Sonos bridge is then connected to 7 different speakers so the router sees them all as wired. Wired/powerline connections - dvr and home PC...
  4. Justiceinacan

    i5 8600k - Very high temperatures.

    Hey everyone. I recently upgraded to an 8600k and I refuse to believe these temps are normal. Yesterday I was idling at 40C, didn't write down voltages or anything, but when I tried to play a game (Borderlands 2) my temps went to 100C on all six cores! I am using a 2 year old Corsair H60 and...
  5. T

    Windows 10 USB boots to black screen only when HDD is connected

    Trying to boot laptop from windows 10 media creation tool usb, after an interrupted clean install, but after the HP splash screen, it only shows a lit black screen with no cursor, UNLESS I disconnect the HDD. With the HDD disconnected I can access the advanced options, command line, but as soon...
  6. A

    pc wont turn on i made a mistake

    Hello, recently i played a game of cs:go ,got mad cuz i had problems with headset then quit the game i was on youtube watching a video i still had audio issues then i got mad i pulled out the headphone cable and accidetly sticked it in the USB port next to my headphone kack then my computer...
  7. bryangraph

    Should i upgrade gaming mouse?

    I have a Redragon M601 now, but is it worth it to upgrade to Corsair M65 Pro RGB ? I play Battlefield, PUBG, Overwatch and many other shooters. I use palm grip and my actual gaming mouse is for claw grip. Actually, the M65 pro RGB value is 32$ on Amazon, but i don't know if will be a good idea...
  8. G

    Claymore miner not working

    Hi. I've been mining without problems for the past year, ethereum on 2 1070's. Today after i restarted pc i want to start miner but i got all kinds of errors, i tried googling but people seem to only get one of those errors so im not sure which solution is applicable to me. I will post log...
  9. R

    Upgrading my old Acer Aspire 7738G

    I am thinking of breathing new life into my old -nearly dead- Acer Aspire 7738G. Nowadays, it is just a, rarely used, secondary system but i thought, what the heck, if it is low cost why not giving it a second chance? Apart from the SSD and the RAM, is it possible to also upgrade the processor...
  10. D

    Motherboard cpu speeds

    I have a old MS 7613 motherboard, iv just bought a i7 870 off eBay, 2.93ghz, and a turbo boost of 3.60ghz. i looked on the HP website about information on my motherboard, under the "processor upgrade information" section, it says "maximum processor core frequency <= 2.93 ghz" Does this mean i...
  11. R

    Windows 10 Boot Issues

    The issue I am having is I cannot boot up to windows 10. If I try to boot from my hard drive I get the screen that says select a proper boot device. If I use boot manager to load I get an error that says “Unmountable boot volume” I’ve made a Recovery USB but when I plug it in and go into my bios...
  12. X

    Windows 10 Crashes?

    So im not sure what is causing these crashes either afk or doing something it crashes. not sure if it was a driver ,software, or update but it needs to stop. i dont get any bsods just crashes but it never did before. dont think its my ram they're pretty new
  13. O

    Cpu bootleneck with R5 2600x?

    I was wondering if a ryzen 5 2600x would be good with a gtx 1070ti. I am looking to get a 1070ti for a big upgrade and also some future compatibilty. ty
  14. J

    Cant find the right place to put the 4 pins for my Antec Kühler h2o k240

    Hi! I recently bought all the parts to build my very own gaming pc, which one of them is the Antec Kühler h2o k240. I build it myself and I got to the BIOS but now i see when i start my pc only 1 of my cooler fans doesn’t rotate. I got my fans connected to cpu_fan and AIO_pump. But I don’t...
  15. D

    Problem of Bios and Ram.

    Hi everyone, I have bought two ram sticks separately , Ballistix Sport 4Gb DDR4 2400 mhz. They are exact sames, they are set on the same frequencies. Actually they work in single channel and the dual channel don't update itself as I see in the bios of my motherboard a Asrock x370 Killer SLI...
  16. E

    My BRAND new PC won't boot, I need your help!

    I just built a brand new computer and it wont post. It turns on the fans spin, and everything seems to be running fine, but it wont display on my screen and the usb ports don't work on the front or the back. I cannot for the life of me figure this out and hope you can help! If there are any...
  17. L

    Recommended Overclocking/Voltage for Ryzen 1600

    I recently got a Corsair h100i v2 CPU Cooler and I'm ready to overclock to the max. I have overclocked it to 3.8GHz with the stock cooler but reset it to normal after a day. I am planning to put the radiator/fans on the top of my Phanteks P400 case, I have 1 fan in the rear, and 2 in front. What...
  18. T

    Server for office networking

    Hello there! I need a second option on this one. I work with computational simulations (projects with tens of GB) working on a network. I'm going to retired a desktop, and buy a dedicated server on a rack. 8 Pc's works on a network with that size of files. What's is your recommendation for...
  19. ahmediqbal1

    Overclocking 750ti OC edition 2gb 2 fans

    So I wanna overclock my 750ti heres a pic of someones 750ti tho its the exact same as mine except mine has dx12 support and i use win 10 anyways how can I overclock and how much can i overclock? thanks in advance
  20. S

    Don't know what graphics card to buy

    Hey Im am looking at buying a graphics card for my PC. However i am not sure if my CPU will be compatible, I have ryzen 5 2400g with rega 11 integrated graphics my motherboard is a A320M gaming pro i don't know what graphics card i would need or would be compatible with my motherboard and...