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  1. A

    [SOLVED] Upgrade from an i5 6500 to an 7700k will it be any difference in VR?

    I have 16 gb of memory and a 1060 and I'm thinking of getting an HTC VIVE. Am I going to get any benefits if I upgrade or not worth it? It will set me back a couple of mounths if I upgrade.Thank you so much!
  2. G

    assassins's creed 3 is lagging with 1080 ti

    i used to play ac3 on my laptop(G750JW) which had a 765m and ran perfectly fine with the occasional stutter here and there. Now, i'm trying to run it on a new pc with a 1080 ti and it seems to be lagging quite a bit and stutters every couple seconds. Even the menu screen was glitching out with a...
  3. A

    [SOLVED] Farcy 5 vs Ac odyssey

    I wonder which one runs better? Ac odyssey or farcry 5 in terms of optmization. Which one should i buy? Can anyone help me.. I heard odyssey is quite good than origins.
  4. iAmFrank

    Mini Jack to mixer??

    I currently have 3 inputs (xbox, ps4 & pc) but only one sets of speaker. It's the logitech Z-5300. My speaker only have 3 mini jack as the output. it plug perfectly on my pc without problem but i can't plug my 2 other consoles.. is there any small mixer or any other easy way I could plug all...
  5. M

    Receiving ARC audio output from the TV and sending video to the TV with one HDMI cable?

    My home TV setup is a bit unusual making modifications difficult. My TV is wall-mounted in the front of the room and all of the A/V equipment is in the back. The cables running from the back of the room to the TV and speakers are all run through the walls, so adding new cables would not be easy...
  6. C

    Ethernet controller driver

    My mobo is ASUS M51AC
  7. V

    GPU Benchmark Results Readout? Please help

    Hi so i'm looking to buy an used GTX 1070 from a guy in my local online marketplace, I asked for some GPU benchmark tests and he showed me these 2 pictures: Pretty new to the PC scene, so i'm afraid in dont know how to...
  8. H

    Added a new ssd - hdd won’t boot

    Hey everyone, I just installed a samsung 860 evo and used the creation tool on a usb to make it bootable. Now, my hdd won’t boot: when I set it to first priority, the ssd boots anyway, without the ssd, it can’t. The files are intact, I can read and write on it when using windows on my ssd...
  9. 2

    Boot up time very very slow.

    I have Dell Inspiron 5370 (Windows 10). After having some issues with my laptop I had to change my motherboard which in turn would have also changed the bios settings. Now the problem is that to boot up it takes up a long time for some reason. The Dell logo also shows up twice on boot up after...
  10. R

    best budget micro atx motherboard for amd fx8350 cpu

    can anyone recommend a budget micro atx motherboard for the amd fx8350 cpu? i have the ASUS M5A78L-M/USB3 but have common overheating issues with the mosfetts with this board causing cpu throttling. Does anyone know of any micro atx motherboards with good reviews that will not have the...
  11. Z

    Sound doesnt work after clean windows 7 installation

    i did a fresh installation of windows 7 in my asus n53sv and everything worked fine after installing the drivers from the asus website until i noticed i have no sound, it says there isnt an output audio device connected. I tried to update drivers, reinstall drivers, unninstall and restart the...
  12. T

    Very Low Cinebench score (512) with overclocked i7 8700k

    Hey guys. So yesterday i overclocked my cpu to 5ghz, and when i booted up again i ran a Cinebech r15 test. When the test was done i got a score of 512???!! Can someone pls explain how this has happened? i got a max temp of 70 celsius (158 Fahrenheit) which is not too bad. I have a noctua...
  13. C

    Casing with full side window in $80 range?

    I've decided to get Cooler Master MasterBox Pro 5 RGB but it says that the motherboard needs to be compatible in order to have the RGB effect. Is Gigabyte B360m Auros 3 compatible with it? Is it a good case? I'm on a tight budget so I want to buy something really good in this budget. Can go...
  14. A

    Is GTX 1080 TI stock cooler enough for overclocking?

    I'm going to get GeForce GTX 1080 Ti AMP Edition. And i'm wondering if stock cooler is going to be enough for overclocking this card. If not, should i get GTX 1080 Ti from another company or just buy aftermarket cooler?
  15. J

    Unable to achieve consistent 144fps (for 144hz monitor) in most games?

    Specs: GTX 1080 i7 4790k 16GB RAM Games I've tried include Borderlands 2, DOOM, Destiny 2, Saints Row the Third, Monster Hunter: World, Guild Wars 2, Rimworld, Resident Evil 7, Killing Floor 2, and many more. Most of the time I can achieve around 80-100fps in most games. I notice that...
  16. D

    Outlook duplicated folders

    On my outlook, I have folders at the bottom left, located below the usual folders. Just below the tasks folder are additional folders that duplicate the ones in mu personal folders. Emails sometimes arrive in the personal folders, sometimes in these other folders. It's quite frustrating. How...
  17. T

    Cpu issues while running games

    Okay so I'm having some trouble while playing games. My CPU usage goes to 100% and I start to stutter and lag ingame. The setup I'm running is the i5-6600K 3,50Ghz with a GTX 1070 GPU and 16gb memory. On the bottleneck calculator it says that my cpu is too weak for my graphics card, but would...
  18. A

    Port Forwarding on Asus RT-ARCH13, port 19132

    Hello! I have a Asus RT-ARCH13 on Spectrum (this is my only router) with which I am trying to set up a Minecraft: Bedrock edition server for some of my friends and I to play on. I've set up Minecraft: Java edition servers (port changes, that's it setup-wise) before, however that was on a...
  19. P

    What Should I do with Metro 2033 Videocard's Vendor Error

    Hi I Can't Run Metro 2033 Error:detected Unknown Videocard's Vendor, That's Unsupported Guys What is The Solution?
  20. R

    980 TI GPUs

    there's a mystery bothering me with these cards. why is it that it remains as an option despite its monstrous power consumption and pricing when you can get 1070ti for a much cheaper price plus a greatly lessened power please educate me on this because if it remains in the option list, naturally...