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    Question Which is the better cable modem?

    I'm looking at choosing between the Docsis 3.1 cable modem, Arris SB8200 and the Netgear CM1200. Both are very similar, though on Amazon the Netgear CM1200 is $50 more, but also has 3x the amount of customers rating it. Even though the overall rating between the two is nearly identical. I just...
  2. C

    [SOLVED] Massive ping spike when any other device is on the network.

    I'm not sure how unique this specific issue is, or whether there is a possible solution at all, but I have personally exhausted any possible solution to my problem that I could think of, and have come up completely empty thus far. To give background to my situation, I just moved into a new...
  3. A

    Question Internet starts to fluctuate after 2 days of fixing

    Recently encountered an issue with my router (I assume) whereas my ping starts to fluctuate after 2 days of fixing. I reset my router & extender, release & renew, flush, even reset my computer, and still receive this problem. The interesting thing is, my wifi and the speeds are fine on my...
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    Question Hotspot to PC to router to devices... Help

    So I am trying to streamline my internet and media server network in my RV living situation. I have 2 mobile hotspot devices I use for internet and streaming. My phone and a Verizon mifi device. I want my Netgear R6220 router to either serve as a repeater, or to connect my PC to my hotspot...
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    Question Packet loss and "roboting" in discord after upgrading to gigabit

    About a week ago I had my ISP come out to install fiber lines for gigabit internet. They ran the lines fine no problem (however they are still above ground in my backyard and have yet to be buried, said someone should be out in around 14 days to bury). It has been below freezing point past few...
  6. sloke123

    Question Wifi Range Extender Signal Drops

    Hi, Recently I purchased a Tp-link Range extender(TL-WA855RE). But I am having connection issues with it. I have a cable broadband(100 up,50 down) and My main router(Netgear WNDR3400) is in the ground floor. I'm getting poor wifi reception on first floor. So i bought and I put the extender...
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    [SOLVED] High Ping when playing games

    So I bought a new router because I thought my old nighthawk was at it's end because while playing games out of nowhere my ping would shoot up over 700ms. I unplugged the router and went from my cable modem straight to my pc and the ping was back to it's normal latency. So i bought the RAX 200...
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    Question HP Spectre x360 issue with Netgear Orbi Mesh RBR50 Router

    I searched and didn't see a thread where anyone else had this issue. I have a HP Spectre x360 13-ap0023dx laptop which I bought back in April. Long story short, I didn't notice this until after the 30 day return period however when the computer first boots up or connects to my home wifi I...
  9. E

    [SOLVED] Router Speed is Half of wall speed.

    Hi guys, so I am having a bit of an interesting problem. First and foremost I want to make it clear that I followed the guide found here to get my router to even establish an internet connection ( Model: CM1150V|DOCSIS 3.1...
  10. Y

    Question HELP!! Netgear R700 Won't get internet access, ISP Router does!

    Hi there, Im hoping you guys can help me as literally nobody else can, Not my fibre installer, not my ISP and not even Netgear community... So I purchased a second hand R7000 Router and I got home and literally plugged it in and all was sweet! One day the internet was going slow, so I hit the...
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    [SOLVED] Loss of download speed through router

    My router is a netgear N600 wireless dual band gigabit router. (model wndr3700v4) I pay for download speeds of 100 Mbps. I connect my router to my modem via an Ethernet cable. I then plugged my desktop computer into the router with an Ethernet cable. Nothing is on wireless. When I plug...
  12. T

    Question Adapter cannot connect to wifi at apartment.

    I recently moved into an apartment and set up my desktop only to realize my adapter is having trouble connecting to the wifi. The apartment provides free wifi to tenants; it's wireless mode is N and it uses WPA2-PSK encryption. The USB adapter I'm using is the Netgear WNA3100 N300 model. It is...
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    [CLOSED] How do i get OpenWRT on my Netgear R6220 working with my DOCSIS Modem?

    Hey yall! I've recently bought myself a new router, the Netgear R6220, but i cant seem to get OpenWRT working with my DOCSIS Modem. It's an old Thomson THG571, the Router shows that there are packets received/sent between the modem and itself but it just will not connect to the internet, no...
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    [SOLVED] can i hook 2 printers to a router with a usb port using a 4 port usb port hub

    i don't like a bunch of wires everywhere when im doing printing jobs, any way i can connect my netgear router to muitlple printers using a usb 4 port hub i found on amazon?
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    Question Internet Unusuable Every 24 hours

    Hi everyone. I've been having this problem for two months now and I'm at my wit's end. Approximately every 24 hours, my internet suddenly becomes incredibly unstable. I'm still connected to my wifi, but loading webpages becomes much slower, youtube stutters, and I face almost constant DCs while...
  16. soldier5637

    [SOLVED] Is AX wifi worth it for me?

    Hey everyone, So I’m wondering if Ax Wifi is worth it for me. There’s about 30 devices connected to my network due to living with 4 other room mates. A 4K OLED tv, my Sony 4K 900F, phones, google homes, tablets, etc, etc. But everything is obviously made for AC. Will I still see the benefits of...
  17. velocci

    Question Netgear R7800

    Hi all, I noticed on the router ranker on that the Netgear R7800 beats a lot of other routers. But this router was released in 2016. Why is it better than most of routers if its 3 years old? Is that good or are the new routers these days not built as well?
  18. S

    Question Netgear Nighthawk won't allow cable connect to Pioneer VSX 70 Audio system

    New Netgear Nighthawk R6700v3 . Multiple cables - all good but Pioneer VSX-70 audio system won't connect. Worked fine with old router. Loopback shows all ok, but still nothing. Multiple unplugging power cables from modem, router and audio system, starts and restarts, etc. but still no sign that...
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    Question Cannot connect to router IP or printer IP

    Hello, As the title describes I am having an issue where I cannot connect to my router's IP nor my printer's IP with my windows 10 desktop however I can connect with my laptop. The desktop can connect to the internet, only the IPs are blocked from accessing the. I was using BitDefender and...
  20. A

    Question Best router under INR.1500

    Can anyone suggest me the best router under INR.1500 Please. I found 3 but not sure if they are the best under INR.1500 1. Netgear r6120-100ins Router (Black) ( 2. TP-Link Archer C20 AC Wireless Dual Band Router (Blue)...