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  1. F

    Computer slower then before after resetting(delete all files)

    I was resetting computer because of a malware software were installed, I downloaded tons of removale programmes and got rid of it. I resetted anyway since i just wantted and wanna make a clean move.After resetting, my pc takes forever to load the my pc(computer) thingy and overall perform even...
  2. h1ghf1v3

    Sata drives not found in BIOS [SOLVED]

    Hello so I've seen many other threads about similar problems but not to the level of my problem so here it is. I am unable to install windows because there is not sata devices connected according to my bios. Motherboard is a MSI z270i with the newest bios. I've tried hooking up the ssd to my...
  3. L

    Windows 8.1 bypassing UEFI

    I've a Lenovo laptop, its about 2 years old. I've looked through countless similar problems on here, before you ask , but cannot find an answer to this windows 8 is in a continual repair loop . I cannot get passed a preparing to repair statement. It goes straight into this bypassing UEFI /Bios...
  4. M

    Best gpu for i3

    Hi guys so im planning to buy a new gpu and idk if i should go for the: gtx 960 turbo, r9 380 strix or the hd 7970 keep in mind that all of these are 100€ and my specs are: i3 2100, 4gb ram, new 450 psu (didnt buy yet) gt 730 4gb ddr3 and 320gb hdd. Btw i m going to upgrade the cpu, mobo, ram...
  5. C

    Seagate Barracuda making clicking sound

    Hello guys, can someone please guide me what is the problem with my HDD. From today my HDD making odd clicking sound, it's only 21 months old now, however i tested it with chkdsk command, Hard disk sentinel, Windows disk error, also Seatools but everywhere it passed, but i can not figure out...
  6. S

    PC Build for Sound Design & Light Gaming

    Hi, I'm trying to build a pc and would appreciate any recommendations or help on choosing the right components. I'm planning on building a pc mainly for the sound design (I mostly use a software called Propellerhead), and a bit of gaming with three 1080p monitors setup for both sound design and...
  7. J

    Umi Super Euro Edition

    Hi all, I'm looking into buying my first phone but dont understand bands and all that. From the reviews I was able to read the Umi Super looks like a good buy for the price(under 200). According to the articles Ive googled the latest release(Euro Edition) was supposed to solve the issue and...
  8. 1

    Building my first pc need some advice

    Hello people, I'm looking to build my first pc myself. I have put together a parts list after doing a lot of research and I came up with this https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/7jXxQV I'm just wondering if someone can have a look at it and let me know what they think. I'm only playing over watch...
  9. I

    QNAP vs Synology for collaboration on documents

    I am looking to choose between QNAP and Synology for a NAS that will be used on a job site as a mobile server for collaboration on documents, spread sheets, power points. Does anyone have an opinion on one vs the other with regards to collaboration on those types of documents? We had...
  10. K

    Is this a good build?

    Processor: AMD Athlon X4 860K @ 3.7GHz (Quad Core) Graphics: Radeon RX 480 8GB (Base clock of 1120 MHz, boosted is 1266) RAM: 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3 @ 1600MHz PSU: EVGA 600 Watt 80 Plus Cooling: Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus
  11. C

    Microstuttering with new PC

    Hi, I just built a PC and am having some problems, before and after installing my graphics drivers I have experienced micro-stuttering and it's really annoying. I even went to get my hardware checked and apparently it's fine, I booted my PC back up after installing my drivers and the video cut...
  12. I

    Can i use my psu with this system

    Hello, I upgraded my cpu ang vga but i have old psu I test my system it seem ok and no problem Should i upgrade my psu or i can work with my old psu? My system is: Psu: redmax atx 300 (max 252 watt) 2 sata 7200 rpm hard disk Cpu e8400 core duo intel Vga amd 6450 2 gb 1Usb wifi adapter Keyboard...
  13. N

    How do use 2 routers in my house

    I have spectrum and a router plugged in (obv) and I have another router that I haven't used in a long time from time warner and I wanted to plug it in my garage to extend it and have 2 routers (I don't wanna use a wifi extender I want 2 routers) I have a cable in the garage and stuff, would I...
  14. R

    About skylake processors

    Hi Will skylake processors support from windows 7 forever because I don't like Windows 10 environment at all and I will never use it again. If skylake processors don't support from windows 7 then I should use socket 1150 like i3-4170 How much is the difference between i3-4170 and i3-6100...
  15. J

    Custom Back cover for rx 480 reference card.

    Where can I buy a custom back cover for a visiontek rx 480. I plan on water cooling and I want a back cover on it (I'm new to watercooling). Thanks in advance!!
  16. New Void

    GPU vs CPU vs Monitor OC

    My Build: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/NewVoid/saved/4yKgsY This will be my first gaming PC and I want to OC. I know all listed in the question can OC but what is worth it? I have a feeling its the CPU and GPU and maybe the monitor but what are the benefits of each and what should I go...
  17. S

    My laptop run game slower than before

    I bought my laptop last year and download gta. First time, i can play it smoothly in medium settings. I got bored of it after so i delete it. Lately i have reinstalled it but i can't run it as smooth as it used to be. I keep getting fps drop and lag. Is there any way I can improve this guys, pls...
  18. S

    Driver rollback unresponsive

    Does graphic card driver rollback take too long? And goes unresponsive while rollback operation is going on? Nvidia quadrok620 8gb ram, i3 4th gen processor nvidia quadro k620 2gb graphoc card
  19. A

    Usb modem vs Phone internet share

    Does a usb modem have a lower latency than if i connect to internet via my phone using wired internet share (phone is Honor 7 i don't know if this is a common feature)? Because it would kinda make sense that a device that is built to give you internet access (usb modem) should perform better...
  20. C

    Need Help. CPU Overheating

    Having an issue with my i7 4790k, which isn't overclocked, overheating and reaching temps of 100C. I thought it might have been a bad water cooler, so I switched them out. It's still reaching 100C and now I'm out 60 dollars. Any idea what it could be? Using a H60 on an i7 4790k in case anyone is...
  21. D

    Buzzing with any headphones plugged into PC

    Okay, so I've read a few existing questions on this and none of them have really seemed to 'help' me. My headphones are plugged into a USB audio card, and I've tried different headphones and also without the audio card but I seem to get a weird buzz. When I move my computer away from...
  22. M

    7700k VS 6850K Feedback please on whats better for ME.

    Hey all! Title basically says it! I'm 80% gamer and 20% photographer. I use Photoshop and Lightroom to do my editing!! I use to make youtube videos but I don't really see myself doing that in the future anymore. The photography is almost more then a hobby at this point. I'll be running a M2...