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  1. 5

    new Gaming PC configuration.

    will this be a good PC configuration??? PROCESSOR :Intel BX80677I37100 Core i3-7100 Socket LGA 1151 Processor MOTHER BOARD : Gigabyte GA-H110M-S2 LGA 1151 6th Gen F20 Updated BIOS Motherboar(DDR4) - Corsair Vengeance HARD DISK - Seagate 2TB 7200RPM FireCuda RAM - Corsair vengence SMPS -...
  2. J

    Looking for a PSU for my build, what are some quality PSUs?

    Im just wondering if there is any compatibility issues (Mobo fitting in case, Ram compatible with new Z370?), what PSU would you recommend for this build and would 550 W be enough. Thanks in advance. https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/zhkzm8 Build (Open to any recommendations and suggestions to...
  3. Y

    Good PC getting terrible fps in all games

    In all the games I play, my FPS will drop from 100+ to 20 for a couple minutes then go back to 100+ for less than a minute. My FPS also drops to 3 during loading screens. I've tried reinstalling graphics drivers, scan for viruses, optimize hdd, checked cables for gpu, cpu, and psu, i've checked...
  4. lewis02

    Did I win the silicon lottery? (Ryzen 5 1500x)

    I recently overclocked my Ryzen 5 1500x to 3.9 ghz at 1.28 v (stock cooler). My temperatures are as follows: Idle: between 35 and 40 degrees celsius Gaming on max settings with uncapped framerates: Between 40 and 48 degrees celsius Did I win the silicon lottery or is this normal?
  5. T

    Dual monitor setup

    I was thinking of using two monitors for a setup. Will this work? Pc>hdmi>first monitor>vga or dvi> second monitor If it doesn’t, explain plz
  6. PotatoChez

    Will this work with my motherboard?

    Will this fit into a Z170A M5 Gaming motherboard? https://www.amazon.com/Intel-Optane-Memory-Module-MEMPEK1W016GAXT/dp/B06XSMTN31/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&qid=1514525980&sr=8-2&keywords=intel%2Boptane%2Bmemory&linkCode=sl1&tag=techsource02_dealsource-20&linkId=2864dbbc31518dc1a70416ae44db1a7e&th=1
  7. D

    1920x1080 Full HD Monitor Only Shows in 1024x768

    I recently built my PC hooked it up with a "Full HD Monitor" and noticed when it started in windows it was in 1024 x 768 mode. What is weird is that I'm 100% sure that it is HD ready because when it starts up it displays a note that says it is in 1024 x 768 and to change it to 1920 x 1080. Is it...
  8. M

    Dedicated Video Ram

    I have a PC of ASUS UX 330 and with i7-6500U 2.5 GHz and 8 GB ram, and I am currently stuck at 512 dedicated video ram. Is it possible to get more? I tried BIOS and the way of adding GMM into regedit in intel. It only get me to 512 MB from 128 MB. Plz help i cant run PUBG .
  9. R

    i5 4690k and GTX 1070 bottleneck?

    I have a i5 4690k overclokced to 4.4 ghz running with a GTX 1070. Right now I play on a 60hz 1080p monitor, but I plan to upgrade to either a 1080p 144hz monitor or a 1440p 60hrz monitor. I use vsync when I play most games, and when I play Battlefield 1, my frames sometimes drop to below 60 on...
  10. Georgetoker_21

    RX580 Overclock Specs

    Hi, Wondering if anyone knew what the best spec overclock would be for a red devil 8gb rx580? Have tried working down from 1450mhz core clock and 2100mhz mem clock with both a 10% power increase and core voltage increase and some games refuse to play without crashing still? The card comes...
  11. A

    overclocking laptop core voltage

    my laptop has a 1050ti, i5-7300hq. how would i benefit from increasing core voltage, and is it safe?
  12. H

    Does It matter which way I install my drivers

    Does it matter which way I install my Asus Drivers
  13. L

    Windows 10 Asia computer drps wifi

    I have the same problem I have windows 10 my Wi-Fi keeps dropping and it’s not the modem I checked with the neighbour and it still doesn’t connect
  14. K

    wqhd or 4k

    sir i have gpu zotac gtx 1080 mini ice storm with i7 4790 processor i am confused to buy monitor for gaming AAA games please help wether i buy lg 27 inch 4k monitor or wqhd gsync Acer predator 27 inch.please please help me.
  15. D

    Building a new rig for gaming (PUBG,CS-GO,LOL)

    Hello Everyone, I’m planning on building a new PC for the following reason I wanna play PUBG/CSGO/LOL and so on but not much demanding games. Basically I need a PC running the PUBG very well.. My budget would be around 1KUSD (not including the monitor) I already have a BenQ 2411z Kindly...
  16. L

    PC Upgrade needed (Gaming+ Streaming on Twitch

    Hello, currently im using my computer only to stream to Twitch over my PS4. When I play and stream at the same time on my computer its just lagging. I need a CPU that can handle streaming and playing at the same time with minor performance issues. A 2 PC System is currently not an option for...
  17. M

    Does my motherboard support pci wifi?

    Hi! i just want to know if my motherboard Asrock G41C-GS support any wifi pci adapter? thanks in advance.
  18. Inojim

    Changing my password on Tom's Forums

    When I log in to my Profile area and attempt to change my password, I get the message: "the connection does not exist" Say, what?
  19. J

    Ryzen 5 1600x Wattage and temp spikes

    Hello, At idle I keep getting temp spikes from around 24C to 38C, with the wattage going through spikes as well. I have checked my temp and wattage on HWmonitor and HWinfo64. HWinfo64 shows my cores going through load spikes as well, normally going from 2199MHz all the way to 3698MHz. In the...
  20. C

    New Build Freezing Constantly

    I recently went through the process of building my first PC. However, after installing windows, it has begun frequently freezing. It sometimes takes about one minute, sometimes a few seconds, and the issue is present in BIOS as well. It never fails to do so. I've tested my RAM and PSU, but my...
  21. J

    Please help me out here.

    My build is as follows. Fx 8350 Xfx r9 280x Asus M5a97 r.20 mobo 8 gb gskill 1600mhz ram (ddr 3) 2 HDD 1tb And I just got a new psu (https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817438014&cm_re=evga_600w-_-17-438-014-_-Product) <- that one my old one was a 730watt raidmaxx that was...
  22. neiler0847

    Has anyone tried to install Cryorig A40 AIO with Ryzen?

    I bought the Cryorig A40 Ultimate, and sent away for the AM4 upgrade kit. I'm stuck on the first step in the instructions: removing the Intel Mounting Ring and replacing it with the AM4 mounting ring. They say you should just be able to turn it and remove it, but I can't make it turn. I'm...
  23. N

    4K OLED TV or 4K IPS monitor

    Hi everyone I'm having difficulties choosing whether to buy a LG OLED tv or a decent monitor to game on. I have a high-end PC, a PS4 Pro and a Nintendo Switch, and would like to connect them all to my new display. Advantages/Disadvantages of LG OLED: + screen quality is top notch + HDR -...
  24. G

    Choosing a Mechanical Keyboard

    Hi, So, i'm choosing between 4 different keyboards and i'm not sure which one to pick -Asus Rog Claymore Core (160€) -Corsair K70 RGB (180€) -Corsair Strafe / RGB (120€ / 156€) i don't realy care about having num pad, but would prefer having layout PT and an aluminium body. For example i...
  25. I

    PC Part List Review

    Hey, I'm brand new to PC building and I took a stab at finding some parts on pcpartpicker! I'll be honest I have no idea what I'm really doing and I lack the knowledge of what goes into building a PC. If someone could check over my part list and give me suggestions that'd be great! Id like to...
  26. P

    help with what cpu to choose?

    I just cant make up my mind between getting a ryzen 1500x or a i5 7500 or spending a bit more and getting the i5 7600k or the ryzen 1600, or maybe going for a second hand i7 6700k form ebay, my main concern with buying second hand is i am worried it is a bit of a gamble. I play 1080p but alot of...
  27. Z

    Impossible to boot on w10 bootable key using UEFI

    Hello, I am trying to reinstall W10 on my crucial mx200, I want to use UEFI in order to format it and have GPT partitioned disk, but I end up everytime with this error: My ssd was using MBR maybe it is related, but the usb key is recognized in both UEFI or legacy mode inside bios. I already...
  28. N

    New laptop gpu and cpu temps

    I have a Eluktronics N850HP6. It's got a 1060 and an i7-7700hq. Both of which seem to be overheating, with the gpu hitting consistent 90c and the cpu 85c, only after 5 minutes of gaming. This laptop is 2 days old. Are these safe temperatures?
  29. H

    Laptop gaming performance

    I wanna increase my laptop gaming performance can you help me ? my notebook is Asus X555L.Thanks
  30. D

    Need Help With Parents Constantly Getting Viruses! (& Prevention)

    So my mom and dad share a laptop (I bought my mom a computer, but I can't give it to her until her birthday) and my mom is tech-savvy enough to avoid viruses and navigate throughout windows 10. My dad on the other hand could not be more opposite, he likes to watch youtube videos, but also in...
  31. M

    Frames keep randomly dropping to 0

    I've had my pc for about two months now built it myself but I've been having problems while playing most of my games, its been dropping to 0 frames for a few seconds while playing games such as Rainbow Six: Siege, Rising Storm 2, and The Witcher 3. My OS is Windows 10 and PC specs are: GTX 1070...
  32. D

    PC Build Ideas <= $3k USD

    Hey I want to build a new PC so I can play destiny 2 in 4k at 60 fps and or above. My budget is 3k but the cheaper the better because well I get to spend less money lol. I also need to get a new monitor that supports for 4k and is good with FPS games so keep that in mind. But I also play wow...
  33. V

    PC Build Compatibility Help

    I will not overclock anything! [✓]Case: https://www.bitfenix.com/global/en/products/chassis/colossus-window#specs [RED] [✓]MOBO: https://uae.souq.com/ae-en/msi-z170a-gaming-m3-motherboard-11669329/i/ [✓]SSD...
  34. 1

    MSI RX 480 problems fps inconsistencies and stuttering

    My specs are: msi b150 motherboard, 16gb ddr4 gskill ram, samsung evo 250gb and 1tb wd, 600w evga powersupply, msi rx480 8gb gpu So for a while now, i've been having multiple problems with lag and fps drops with my graphics card and almost every time ive updated my graphics card drivers, the...
  35. A

    PC Upgrade Advice (motherboard)

    Hello, I have an aging PC (about 7-8 years now) that I built back in college. It’s been a great machine, but I want to take a little bit of time and money to give it an extra bit of umph. My needs are light gaming (occasional Halo/Farycry/KSP), CAD and Matlab along with regular office/email...
  36. D

    Can not install windows. Please help.

    When I'm installing windows 10 or 8.1 im getting this error: Windows cannot install required files. The file may be corrupt or missing. I tried external dvdrw but still no success. I've already formatted c disk and i can not turn on my pc. Please help me, what should i do.
  37. X

    Power failure PC won't boot

    The power went out the other day and my pc no longer boots up properly. I don't hear any beeps (although I don't remember if it ever did or not before). The fans spin (but they seem slower than usual). No display. I have done most of the usual: -Reset bios -Remove battery -Unplug, hold power...
  38. TechnologyHatesMeButILoveIt

    Computer having multiple issues, not sure what is the cause.

    So the issues I am having consist of this. Most started three months ago, but have worsened the last few day to where it is affecting my work. This is the third pc I have built, and the last I ever will because it has been the biggest headache of my life. 1. Computer won't turn off. If I place...
  39. R

    New monitor help

    I currently have a H236hl monitor and I want to upgrade. Can anybody link me to any monitors around $100-$200 that are really good? Thanks in advance!
  40. S

    Laptop a tad slower than it should be?

    My laptop has recently been... basically rebuilt after liquid damage. It's a Lenovo Y500, previously a pretty good laptop for gaming and 3D graphics, but since the new parts have been put in it's struggling with the most basic things, and I can't even run games on the lowest possible graphics...