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  1. khubani

    Best minicase suggestions?

    Hi, I need to buy a case for my new build. I travel often so it has to meet certain measurement criteria - L x W x H (14 x 22 x 9). Bear in mind while the height, 9 inches seems small, but the case will be lying on its side in my carry on bag. The case can support micro ATX or mini ITX -...
  2. B

    Building Comp for Gaming/Streaming/Browsing Simultaneously!

    Hello, I am going to be completing a new build soon and I am trying to go somewhat on the high end to keep this computer for a few years. I really want to make sure I pick the correct parts to meet my needs and maybe slightly extra in case I start doing other things. I know a lot of post already...
  3. P

    Build now or wait?

    Here is what i planned to build: Deepcool tesseract CX430 i3-6100 WD 1tb Blue EVGA gtx 950 8GB DDR4 2133mhz GSkill Gigabyte h110m Motherboard Should i build now or should i wait till AMD/NVidia release Polaris/Pascal??? Thanks!!
  4. C

    Overclocking a GPU

    I was reading a lot of threads here, but I am a little less knowledgeable as what half of them are talking about. I remember someone told me a while back when attempting to overclock your gpu..there's a general rule you try to follow. Every 100mhz you increase on your GPU clock offset, you...
  5. K

    Can I paint my SLI Bridge?

    Can I spray my SLI bridge from ASUS (The orange bridge) with Krylon spray paint? Here is the link for the spray paint and its specs:
  6. K

    Bad Power Supply???

    I just built a new PC using a new motherboard with the newer memory ddr4 but kept my older power supply of just under 1000 watts because some of the slots of my memory were found bad on my old desktop after testing them with memtest. Now that I've had a completely new machine with new parts but...
  7. G

    How to: digital connections to soundbar with multiple devices and older TV

    I have an older LCD TV with an hdmi in and optical port out and analog out. I want to get a new 5.1 soundbar system but I'm struggling with what to get for the connections. To the soundbar I want to connect the following devices - older TV (no HDMI ARC) - DVD player - Roku - possibly a game...
  8. mostafa360

    What is the difference between Gskill Ripjaws4 Blue, Red and Black?

    i want to buy a ram: Gskill Ripjaws 4 16GB 4GBx4 2800Mhz DDR4 Black or Gskill Ripjaws 4 16GB 4GBx4 3000Mhz DDR4 Blue Prices are almost the same. which one is better? What is the difference between different colors Ripjaws 4 series ?
  9. G

    Is my GPU Faulty?

    Well, i have some kind of a problem with my new system. Here are my system parts: CPU: AMD FX-8320 MB : ASROCK FATAL1TY 970 PERFORMANCE RETAIL PSU: THERMALTAKE SPS-630MPCBEU SMART SE SERIES 630W RAM: KINGSTON HX316C9SRK2/16 16GB VGA: GIGABYTE GEFORCE GTX750 TI The problem is that sometimes...
  10. M

    want to know if my ram is going to work in my stepup

    hi i have just started to build me 1st gaming pc and have a set of kingston hyperX T1khx1600c9d3t1k2 which say they are for intel and when i got them i did'nt know that the mother board i am using is GIGABYTE GA-970A-D3P AM3+ with a am3+ fx-8320 cpu but dont know if the ram will work
  11. L

    Moving old hard drive to a new desktop

    Hello all, Recently I've built myself a custom pc with new a motherboard, graphics card (radeon R7 260x), and more. Although I've kept the hard drive which I retrieved from my old laptop in order to keep the data from it including the Windows 7 software. After I booted up the system, the boot...
  12. L

    Upgrading my Sapphire Hd 5830

    Hi there. Was wondering what kind of card I should upgrade to. (I'm not super techy but here's the info I can answer) APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: 2011 BUDGET RANGE: CAD ($150-200) USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming - Minecraft with ultra graphic textures, GTA 5 and modern FpS. I do...
  13. S

    Is my CPU failing?

    Okay before I begin thanks for reading. Anyways, this is my first build and its not displaying to my monitor. I do not have my GPU yet but my CPU has integrated graphics as does my mobo so It should matter (im using an i3 4150). The CPU fan and the case fan are working fine when I power it on...
  14. A

    Is this CPU an upgrade?

    If so how much of one? Old: Intel pentium dual core E2220 2.40 GHz 1MB /800(assuming MHz) New: Intel core 2 quad Q8400 2.66 GHz 4MB /1333(MHz?)
  15. Phil923

    Good Laptop for Photoshop? ($1200 budget)

    Hi Forums, I was just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a laptop that would be good for programs like Photoshop. My budget is ~$1200 USD. Thanks. Phil
  16. R

    Possible horrid cpu bottleneck with gtx 760 4 gb twin frozr? please i need help...

    I have a amd FX 8120 and in a ton of games ive been getting bad framerate preformance drops. It gets slightly better after the cpu heats up. I had some work done on my pc when my hdd failed and a ton of drivers got corrupted. So i got the new hdd put in and the stupid people at fries cloned...
  17. P

    Black bars on screen

    I used to run at 1440x900 but today I got myself a new screen that is 1920x1080 but for some reason it does have black bars even though its running in its native resolution I installed the newest drivers (14.12) GPU: R9 280X Monitor: AOC E2460SH
  18. C

    Server help set up needed

    Been asked to set up a computer server network for 10 users, the network must meet the following criteria. Each staff member must have have their own networked pc All staff to have access to their own pc suite - SAGE ? Sales staff to have access to sales ledger software - SAGE? Each member of...
  19. O

    Looking for a mid range gaming monitor - PS4/PC - Please help!

    Looking for a new gaming monitor to use with my PC and PS4. Currently have a 24 inch widescreen, its okay but not the best by far. Would like a 27 inch, 1/2ms response time, good refresh rate. Willing to spend around £150, a little higher, but lower if possible. ADVICE IS ALWAYS WELCOME...
  20. R

    asissans creed unity asus 2gb nvidigeforce 610 can game play?

    i need to play asissans creed pc is dual core 2.6ghz,2gb asus 610 video card and 4gb question is can i play this game for this requriments?
  21. B

    Need help for my first computer build

    Hey all! This is my first computer build but I'm having trouble staying under budget with my parts, so I thought I'd ask for some help here. I live in Canada, so my budget is 1500 Canadian Dollars before tax (I don't mind going slightly over, but certainly not 1600+). I need to start from...
  22. R

    Worst experience at the car dealership

    What's your story?
  23. T

    Gaming PC Build

    Hi, I am about to start my first PC build. I would appreciate any comments on build and if someone was able to let me know if everything is compatible? And if the power supply is the correct wattage or whether it is too high? Here is the permalink Thanks a lot
  24. K

    how to get mic to use on call of duty ghost

    how to get mic to use on call of duty ghost
  25. M

    ASUS R7 250X 2 GB vs Sapphire R7 260X 1GB

    Hi everyone :) What is more smarter thing to do : - Go for 2 GB model of weaker card - Go for 1 GB model of stronger card The resolution on which I will be playing is 1680x1050. BUT I also have second monitor with resolution of 1280x1204. The second monitor is "used" mostly by my dad, who...
  26. L

    $1000 Budget Build Help!

    So I want to build a gaming rig that runs games smoothly for $1000. Is it possible? Please post your builds so I can check them out!
  27. D

    Can I remove this plate thing in my Casing?

    I'm planning on buying a R( 270X but the plate thing which I think holds the HDD (maybe?) is in the way making it impossible for the card to fit. Is it possible to remove it? Picture of Case: The plate I'm referring to is the one...
  28. T

    Why do my ear phones (headphones) make a constant static noise when plugged in?

    It makes a constant humming sound when the headphones are on, like if the sound is all the way down or muted, it does not make the sound. Only when they are running. It is not a problem with my headphones, I tried it with multiple headphones (both Panasonic, if the problem is that), and they...
  29. B

    what is RAM? basic questions

    Hi I don't know a lot about memory. I'm building a new PC. probably z87 motherboard, i5-4670k. I know what RAM is and some basic things. But I have lots of questions. There are many different offers on DDR3. DDR3-1600 and -1866mhz, both cas9, with about the same price. Then there is DDR3-2133...
  30. V

    titanfall 32 bit

    Hello so i want to download titanfall my home connection isent the best but at work we have 100mb but the problem is that all the computers are xp so they are 32 bit and origin dosent even let me download the install file because it says i need 64 bit, But i just want to download the install...
  31. B

    Any proccessor can be overclocked?

    I have intel core i5 3450s and some guy said you can overclock any proccessor not just the K ones,true? False? Why does it say my proccessor can be turbo boosted to 3,5ghz but it's clocked at 2,8 and I can change the voltages in the bios. So overclockable or not?
  32. A

    R9 270X, Which One?

    I am having trouble deciding which one would be best to go for outta these two:
  33. T

    Need an optical drive, motherboard opinion + review this build

    What would you prefer? Keep Asrock z87 extreme4 OR an Asus motherboard? explain please. I don't need a fancy optical drive, something to just install the OS, and read old disc games. PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant / Benchmarks CPU: Intel Core i5-4670K 3.4GHz Quad-Core...
  34. S

    MSI A78M-E35 Confusion

    so I am looking at this motherboard because as I have read on the internet it carries support for my a10-5800k and its 7660D graphics, and I have also read that it does not. I have also read and seen a video of someone using an FM2...
  35. L

    New build...won't post beep with memory installed first build so please be gentle....Components I am "breadboarding" out of case are: MSI H81M-P33 Motherboard Intel core i5 processor/fan Crucial Ballistix Sport 8gb memory EVGA 500W Bronze Power Supply (also a Powercolor PCS graphics card to be installed once I get past this issue)...
  36. T

    iBuyPower 'Build Your Own' Gaming Desktop Bundle -Select Case, Processor, Memory, Hard Drive

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum and it's great. I have a budget of around $500 and want to purchase a pc gaming(BF4 & Wargame Airland Battle) and 3d graphics (3ds Max). Is this possible. Also I see some cutom builds on Is this a good pc or should I build my own. Please help...
  37. S

    No input signal and six beeps after putting in new graphics card

    I recently bought a XFX Radeon R7 260x graphics card and due to circumstances, a Dynex 520 watt ATX power supply to accompany it. After putting the power supply into my computer, I am able to boot up and start everything normally with the integrated graphics. However, when attempting to boot up...
  38. FreezeRay

    AMD A10-6800K, thoughts?

    Looking to get an AMD build started on the kind cheap, but I want to know the community perspective on this APU, your experience with it, etc etc. Any help, thoughts, comments, hate mail will be appreciated. I've never built an AMD platform before, however I do want to stick to the FM2 socket...
  39. aceaverse

    R9 290 or GTX 770?

    I found this GTX 770 for about €284 and this R9 290 for €318. Seeing as the difference in price is so small, I am considering getting the latter, but, still, is it worth it? I am aware that performance-wise the R9 290 would get me a couple frames over the GTX 770 and that it crushes the Nvidia...
  40. A

    R9 270 for Core 2 Duo?

    Hello, I am considering GPU upgrade. My current configuration is: Asrock P5B - DE, c2d E8600 @ 4ghz, 6gb DDR2 800mhz and HD6770. I am thinking over R9 270, but I´m a bit afraid about bottlenecking since my CPU and RAM is not very modern. Should I go for R7 260X? Or is it worth spending extra...