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  1. JunkSniperJoe

    [SOLVED] Issues with Office: text disappears for a second in Word

    I'm not sure if this is the best place to ask this, but I thought I give it a shot. For a while now, my office installation has been a bit weird, Word especially. When I type letters temporarily disappear, then come back when I'm done typing. My other Office applications don't have this issue...
  2. noyaus

    [SOLVED] Excel cannot be open the file 'filename.xlsx' because the file format or file extension is not valid

    Hi Guys, I have an issue with my Excel which is part of my Microsoft 365 Subscription. So what happens is whenever I try to open a document called 'A' on my USB I get the error: "Excel cannot be open the file 'filename.xlsx' because the file format or file extension is not valid." This issue...
  3. BillWiTheScienceFi

    [SOLVED] Possible microsoft 365 for lower price?

    I am curious to know if there is a website i can get microsoft 365 for a much lower price or even free like i did when i got windows for my new pc (got for much cheaper price and still works today). I just want to learn how to use them for potential job openings and thats it, but i don't want...
  4. R

    Question Outlook Rule to flag unanswered emails after a specific amount of time

    The company I work for is slowly trying to re-structure our email system, specifically how we respond to emails sent to our main support distro. Now instead of pretty much everyone responding to support emails as they come in, only our scheduling department (2 or 3 people) are supposed to be...
  5. E

    Question Office 365 video export

    I haven't used any actual Office software from Microsoft since 2016, however, I'm considering buying an Office 365 subscription, since my 1:1 ripoff free Office software is really buggy, and the latest major update has been a complete catastrophy. So here's my set of questions that my purchase...
  6. patsisrael

    Question Office 365 ProPlus won't install

    Hi. My Office won't install and instead gets stuck at "We're getting things ready" splash screen and I tried almost every solution I found on the internet. I have an Office 365 Subscription that came with my University account, which is the one I used to download the installer for Office. I...
  7. [SOLVED] Text in MS Word looks very bad. How to fox

    I have given a screenshot comparing the same text in MS WORD and Notepad. I dont know if you guys can make out, but on the MS WORD one, (Left) the text looks like its cracking. It looks horrible, and after few minutes it really hurts my eyes . I have two monitors, one is 1080p VA panel and...
  8. S

    Question Migrating Outlook to the Cloud

    After decades of using Outlook only with a local PST file, I see the need use Outlook online. I need my different devices to be able to access old emails and for access to sync and be consistent across my PC, my tablet, laptop, etc. I have the proper license, but have no idea how to clean up...
  9. C

    Question Microsoft Office is creating a slow motion effect when dragging above the top navigation bar

    As the title mention, whether it is Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, my Microsoft Office applications is creating this "slow motion" effect when you drag the app across the screen. But when I'm dragging other applications, everything else is smooth and perfectly aligned with the click of the mouse...
  10. B

    Question Exchange rule to automatically delete all international mail

    Hi, I need to configure a rule in the Excahnge admin center for office 365, that will automatically delete all email from countries other than the US, and in all languages except English. This will apply to a specific user. I created a spam filter, for this user, that I thougt would meet these...
  11. N

    [SOLVED] Web-browsing / Office Suite Desktop | 300-350$ Budget | Small form-factor

    Dear Forum Purposes: I am helping a friend build a desktop PC with a budget of 300-350$ for the following: Browsing the internet. Watching Youtube. Working in Office suite (Word, Excel, etc.) Checking Email. The PC must have a small form factor, without sacrificing too much upgradability...
  12. S

    [SOLVED] Office 365 room issue

    so we have an Office 365 Tenant and we have a user who is our president but he has a corporate email outside of our tenant how can he request a room to block out time to reserve it I have had him try to email the email address of the room to no luck please let me know
  13. S

    Question Update BIOS

    I can not find a new bios version for my gigabyte ga-78lmt-usb3 r2 and i can not enable BitLocker without updateing it
  14. A

    [SOLVED] CMOS battery failure

    I have had the problem of CMOS battery failure. As I was unexperienced about how to change CMOS battery, though I have studied much about how to do this. When I tried to push the coin cell out, the holder in which cion cell is, has broken , now suggest me what should I do now.
  15. M

    99-100% cpu usage in windows 10

    Setup: R5 1500x 3,5GHz GTX 1060 3GB 8gigs of ram 500W B350 Pro VDH MotherBoard So basically I ran into this kind of thing a while back when I started a game and had lags.. I opened my task manager and saw 100% cpu usage so I started googling and found a lot of tutorials which contained...
  16. D

    Which way to plug fans in?

    Hi. I have a ga-ab350n motherboard, which has one CPU fan slot and one system fan slot. The problem is I have 5 fans and an aio water cooler. The way I currently have it setup is I have a powered fan hub going to the CPU fan slot, and all five fans and the water pump connected to that. Is there...
  17. F

    My Cpu spikes to 100 anytime i play a game.

    Just looking for ways to trouble shoot this.
  18. N

    Evga 1070sc not working on b85 d3h

    Hello guys, I’m currently using b85-d3h rev1.1 mobo, with a gtx 770. Yesterday, i have bought an evga gtx1070 sc. I’ve installed the new gpu, but it cannot be recognized, the pc only runs onboard graphic. I tried put back the 770 and its working ok. Tried to update my bios, but situation is the...
  19. H

    Upgrading my pc

    So i want to upgrade my pc, currently got a gt 630 and an i3 2120. I want to buy a GTX 660 and a i5-3470 for around 100$. I found them on SH. The thing is that i don't know what PSU will i need. I found a "Sirtec - High Power 500BR-A12S, 80+ Bronze, 500W" Rail +12V 1 +3.3V 18 A +5V 17 A +12V 1...
  20. L

    Static IP running slow, netgear router, MC OS

    Hi There, Hoping someone can help. I work for a nonprofit where I'm basically IT, management, help desk....all the things. I'm usually pretty computer savvy with most basic things, but having some major issues setting up our static IP. Usually I'm able to research and figure it out myself, but...
  21. T

    Slight melting in my 24 pin atx connector

    Before I found this flaw in my system, my computer has strange behaviour. Like crashing with no BSOD, monitor losing signal, and random restart. Then today I was installing a videocard when I removed my 24 pin connector to cable manage it when I saw the melted part of the 24 pin. Here are the...
  22. J

    Need advice on upgrading a CPU

    I have an old PC which I'm refurbing to run Windows XP Pro x64 and some older XP software that I still like using. It runs a bit slow and I'm wondering if replacing the CPU would be worth the cost or effort. I don't know a whole lot about comparing processor performance and I'm wondering how...
  23. R

    Rx 580 psu compatibility

    Hey I have ordered a asus strix rx 580 and needed to know if the psu I purchased works with it. On pc part picker it states that they are incompatible. I purchased the corsair cx750m V2. I done so because I recently had a asus strix rx 480 and had the original Cx750m and it worked without any...
  24. R

    VR capable Graphics?

    PC has Ryzen 7 1700 cpu,4g RX550 GFX, 16GB DDR4 Ram, what more do I need for VR?
  25. N

    Computer starts booting after 3rd time.

    So yea as title say my computer starts booting at 3rd time.First 2 times power led turns on and off after 1 seconds,after like 3 seconds repeats the same thing.At 3rd time boots up and works fine. I have Biostar (I know it is bad mbo brand) TB85,I5 4460,GTX 1050Ti,Xilence 730w PSU.
  26. M

    Unable to install Windows 10 on laptop

    I have a Dell Latitude E6510 laptop which I purchased used with Windows 10 installed. I recently tried to install the Sims 3, but was having trouble with the .NET framework not working Windows update refusing to work. I did as much searching and troubleshooting as possible, but it seemed that...
  27. A

    Undervolting Caused Performance Downgrade

    I watched a video about undervolting. I used the intel program, but realized my laptop CPU ran cool already, so uninstalled the program. Now, Paladins which ran at ~60fps runs at ~25, and Rocket League went down a good 20fps as well. Minecraft, which I used to run at 190fps, also went down to...
  28. L

    Computer won't wake up from sleep

    Just got a new build. Was going out for a short while so I thought put it to sleep instead of shutting down. When I got back it won't even start up. The power button on my casing was blinking so I pressed it, 5 minutes later still nothing. So I shut down the computer via the power button and...
  29. S

    Gigabyte GA-AX370 Gaming K5

    What does the OC button on the MB actually do?
  30. L

    Hard drive dead?

    Asap help please, just been playing some games as I normally do when my HDD 1tb just froze my comp I had to hold power button, restarting it back up it makes a clicking noise then like a wizz noise like its winding back up? looking into my case nothing in the way of the HDD causing anything even...
  31. G

    Modular Psu + GPU Confusion

    Hey guys, I bought an RX580 recently and I wanted to use it with my Corsair RM650x modular PSU. Do I need two cables from the PSU, or only one, since the cables are split into two 6+2 pin connectors on the GPU side.
  32. I

    Liquid Cool help

    I currently have soft tube and it was all really simple to install, and works well. But one of the tubes, kinks up no matter how i try to fix it. I was going to go hard tube eventually because it looked better. Anyways i have watched videos and read articles about the fittings and still do not...
  33. T

    Building a AMD PC

    I am looking to buy parts to build a PC with a AMC processor and motherboard. I would appreciate any suggestions and or help. I've chosen parts to build a pc under $600 which I believe should work together. ATX AMD motherboard: Computer...
  34. J

    Can my asrock g31m-s motherboard run Gtx 1050ti?

    Hii, i have a asrock g31m-s ddr2 motherboard, it is our first computer, and now, i take it out of the storage to use and upgrade, i am thinking of buying a 1050ti for its motherboard, and im having trouble finding out if its compatible or not This is my mother board...
  35. O

    Any suggestions to this build?

    Is there anything I could improve on with this build or save more money?
  36. R

    Do i need to add any fans

    Below is my build that we are completing on friday once the gpu and monitor show up. My question is i have the aio mounted in the front of the case and the aio fans mounted behind on the inside of the case behind the rad. (h100i v2). And one stock 140mm on the rear of the case as a exhaust. Do i...
  37. S

    Server is reading fan error with all fans powered on

    I recently bought an HP Proliant G6 SE326M1 from a very well reviewed seller on Ebay. If this problem persists they are willing to cover all costs but as per usual time is of the essence and waiting 2 weeks for a turn around is not really the most ideal solution. Anyway this server is reading an...
  38. C

    Random but consistent crashes in all moderate to graphic intensive games on a brand new laptop. Desperate!

    I just bought an MSI gaming laptop i7 6870 nvidia 1070 16g ram 1tb ssd. Whenever I am playing any game that is remotely graphics intensive it freezes my screen and won't allow me to alt tab or use the task manager after I open it up. It is not uniform either. It randomly crashes. Sometimes it...
  39. S

    r9 390x smps

  40. edward78

    Is this legit??? if it is, it is great... Cheap is good...