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  1. K

    Question Acer Aspire One Kav60 D250 AOD BIOS Update

    Hello, I want to update the BIOS for my Acer Aspire One Kav60 D250 AOD model laptop, but the links on the official site have been removed. Currently, version 1.26 is installed, but there are many errors. Can you help me with the download link of the latest version, which is 1.29?
  2. M

    Question Is it Time to Replace My 13-Year-Old PSU?

    Would an aging PSU, such as the Coolermaster RealPower 620W (Plus White certification), on a modern and power-efficient Windows 11 system (i5 8400, B360, RX6600) potentially impede system functions like sleep mode, boot time, or other features? As it is 13 years years old, I'm contemplating a...
  3. B

    Question Old Dell optiplex gx280 upgrade

    I am building/fixing my first pc ever and it is a very old dell optiplex gx280. I have relatively good knowledge of pc building from countless hours of videos. I know I need a new psu and thermal paste and maybe some more ram. Does anyone have links to parts that would fit into the system...
  4. quirohn02

    Question Recover old Toshiba Satellite C50-B-14D

    Hi, I have this old Toshiba Satellite C50-B-14D that my family used years ago. Actual specs: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU N2830 2.16GHz 4 GB RAM 500 GB HHD (basic HHD of Thosiba) Windows 10 Currently the computer runs very slow (to open the file manager takes almost a minute), it is practically...
  5. Airsoft11

    Question Older HP laptop intel cpu overheating i7-3740qm

    Hello I’m having trouble with my overheating cpu in my hp laptop. The laptop is 10 plus years old running windows 10. The cpu is a i7- 3740qm and the laptop has a gt650m gpu. The gpu temps are ok it’s just the cpu. It idles at 65-70 and hits 100 plus during light use or gaming like csgo or tf2...
  6. Diesel_.

    Question can't get windows installer started

    Hey! I'm having issues with my MSI MS-9661 Speedster2 mobo. I have an USB, which may be bad, but its getting recognised by the mobo, starts up fine, in bios i select the usb to start from. Pc starts up again, press key to start from usb.. ok , i press it, but then a little _ is flashing in the...
  7. M

    [SOLVED] my RTX 3050 is underperforming

    hello guys I recently upgraded to RTX 3050 from GTX1650 GD5 and I'm having a problem is I'm not getting the same fps from what I saw on youtube my rig is i5-9400F (3 years old and was always on high-performance mode 15 hours a day and sometimes full 24 hours) ASUS PRIME h310m-e 2x8 3200{2666 on...
  8. Ethereality

    Question Display issues with old game

    Hi everyone, I tried playing this old game from 2002 called Soldiers of Anarchy but I'm having some issues with the display. Strange flickering colors and patterns as can be seen in the video I took (link down below). View: https://imgur.com/a/feoXH96 I already switched the compabtibility...
  9. Jad3dFox

    Question Alienware R2 17 - Seriously slow

    Hello forum, long time lurker. I have an old Alienware laptop, R2 17 with i7 CPU and Nvidia dedicated Graphics card, 1TB hard drive and 250SSD. I recently reinstalled windows onto it and boot it up for installing programs, but everything is incredibly slow. I managed to install one program, but...
  10. C

    Question Monitor not working properly

    I have a new PC Intel Core i3 10100 8GB DDR4 500GB NVMe SSD NVIDIA GTX1650 4GB and old monitor Samsung SyncMaster 216BW 21.6-inch LCD Monitor PROBLEM Monitor is turned on,same as PC , everything is fine except there is no display on monitor. I have tried to left monitor on and then use...
  11. Tama17

    [SOLVED] 14 year old HDD in new system

    Hello, I recently bought a prebuilt PC that only has a small-ish SSD with Windows 10 on it. However I have a 2008 hitachi SATA HDD (HDS721680PLA380) lying around that I used years ago, and it still works fine in my old system. I was wondering if I could use it in my new PC to store a couple...
  12. overclockedhuman

    Discussion Thoughts/Ridicule?

    Here's a benchmark of my old system that played most games at 1080p 50-60fps before I upgrade. Thoughts? Ridicule? I'm surprised it does what it does tbh https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/50342758
  13. A

    Question Can I use a 4k monitor with a i3 6100 and Gigabyte h110m-s2-cf Motherboard?

    I am currently using a 24 inch 2k monitor and it seems to work just fine with my old i3 6100 desktop. Although, I am planning on upgrading my system, I was wondering I could buy a 32 inch 4k monitor now and upgrade my system later. What are the things I should keep in mind? Will I face any...
  14. Brzoskwin

    Question Laptop shutdown after turning on ?

    Hi. I found old laptop Asus F5RL. I tried to turn it on and it starts but after few seconds (after displaying Asus logo on the screen) the laptop turns off. Any ideas why it doesn't work? I will appreciate every help.
  15. L

    [SOLVED] old Laptop is loading slow help fix

    Hey, i have my like 4 years old laptop and when i turn it on, its loading like for ever, and i wanna fix it so i want to ask if its an: bad ssd? bad rams? Thanks
  16. T

    [SOLVED] Lost crypto wallets on partition

    I have a few crypto wallets from 5+ years ago, which I think would be worth something now. Bitcoin, Monero and Dogecoin, and perhaps one more. I had these on my old hard drive, which I migrated to a new hard drive as a new partition. I've been trying to find these wallets a few times but to no...
  17. H

    [SOLVED] Fans on old motherboard

    So, I have a new Lian-li mesh 2 performance and a old A320MH, I want to know if I can connect the Fan Hub from Lian-Li into the Sys Fan Header or the Cpu Fan Header, what would you guys choose? Each of the 3 fans that comes in the case uses 0.18A! And also, the connector on the Sys Fan is only 3...
  18. L

    [SOLVED] Help Identifying Old Acer Mobo

    I have an old g41 express chipset motherboard from an old 2010 Acer Verition 775. I'm trying to identify if its a standard board (ATX, ITX, etc.) so I can possibly replace it with a newer board. Pictures below: Pic 1 Pic 2
  19. Y

    [SOLVED] Need help with upgrading my setup

    My Current Personal setup: (Not overclocked) CPU: Ryzen 5 2600 Motherboard: Asus PRIME B450M-A Memory: 16GB Crucial Ballistix 3200 MHz DDR4 DRAM (8 * 2) Graphics: Asus Nvidia GTX 1060 6 GB Monitor: ASUS VG248QE 24 inch 144Hz PSU: Corsair TX650M Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 Storage: Western...
  20. D

    [SOLVED] Need some help on upgrading a treetrunk

    Hello don't want anyone thinking i'm wasting your time with this couse it might seem as a joke, so pandemic hit and now staying at home with no job, I have some time to kill, and I was never into gaming that much but recently I started playing here and there and enjoy it a lot, but my pc is...
  21. kieferz7777

    Question "Illegal Instruction" Error - Linux Gaming on Celeron 333MHz

    I have been trying to run Undertale on increasingly old hardware. I had success on a Dell Inspiron 8600 using Puppy Linux. I am now trying to run the same exact OS and command on laptops with intel celeron ~300MHz processors. but when I run ./runner or sh run.sh it gives the error "Illegal...
  22. C

    [SOLVED] Buying a Windows XP computer for Games

    I want to play some of my old PC games again mainly Black and White 1 & 2 also Sims 1 and SimAnt. I checked Amazon and found two Windows XP computers, I don't mind if I can't play on High Setting, I just want to make sure they won't lag and it will run Black & White 2? Which one should I get...
  23. T

    [SOLVED] Ping high in games after new PC.

    Hello I recently built a new PC and I have been facing high ping in certain games since new PC was up and running. Used to get 5 ping on my local server in CSGO and Dota2, now each server has ~+30 ping, and some servers are now unplayable as my ping is now ~100 from usual 60-65. On my old system...
  24. D

    [SOLVED] Lots of issues with old PC, is it worth trying to fix?

    So I've had this PC since 2012, and have not been kind to it. It's started shutting of randomly so I opened it up and noticed the only case fan isn't working, one GPU fan isn't working, and after checking the temp readings etc it seems quite BAD. Is it worth me trying to get it sorted? I've...
  25. anzekal

    [SOLVED] Second GTX 770??

    I have a 7 year old GTX 770 2GB, I baked it lase year because it stopped working, then it worked again and now it has been working for over a year. Anyway I checked online and found a guy selling used 770 for 50€ (it is supposed to be in good condition, etc.). Is it worth to buy it and install...
  26. Nuke7777

    [SOLVED] used 1060 6gb vs new 1650 super 4gb? future proofing for budget pc

    Hello, I am building my budget pc for first time. and I don't want to spend too much money. I am going to buy B450M mortar max and Ryzen 3100 I bought CV550 corsair psu But I am not sure about graphic card. I am getting used 1060 6gb around Rs.9000 and new 1650 super 4gb around Rs.15000 Both...
  27. ZetaX_D

    Hello, Guys what happens had removed post!

    Hello, Guys what happens had removed post! Can I have access to it again my old threads and messages? Hello ZetaX_D, ssddx has posted a new reply to your question "Going Crazy About Sound quality, Which Upgrade are helpful ?"
  28. J

    [SOLVED] What graphics card is the best for my current old pc?

    So i was planning to save money to buy a new gaming pc. But i was wondering if i should buy graphics card first since my current pc is still working fine. I will also post my next pc specs here so i can give you ideas. These are the specs of my current pc. AMD A4-6300 APU Dual Core 2x2 DDR3...
  29. ProgamerIV

    [SOLVED] i7-2600 in 2020 for app development, occasional gaming

    Hi! The situation is the following: I do have quite a modern rig at home, but we're building our new house, and it's now in the stage where I occasionally want to stay there for a few days to get a few things done (painting, gardening, building the garage, etc - stuff I can get done) - but...
  30. A

    Discussion What's the oldest part in your current system?

    What part of your PC is the oldest? Of course, this only applies to people who have transferred parts between systems or upgraded theirs with newer parts over time. For me, I have a HDD that's about 7 years old. I hardly use it and if it died, it's all backed up. I only keep it as an easy to...
  31. M

    [SOLVED] Can someone recognize the model of this asus wireless adapter.(pic)

    https://prnt.sc/smt55b It was being used by a Windows XP pc. I just want to check if I can find any Windows 10 compatible driver with the model but I can't find the exact name of it. It's connected through a small not detachable cable to a network card.
  32. M

    [SOLVED] Upgrade Wifi Card of Acer E5-521g

    Hi, I have an old acer laptop, with amd A8-6410. It still works ok, the only major problem I have is the slow internet speeds. In my main laptop I can get 100mbps in the 2.4ghz network and, in the exact same stop, at the same time, in the same network, I can only get at most 20 mbps in this old...
  33. G

    [SOLVED] Superposition Benchmark freezes PC - Is it the PSU or a bum GPU?

    Salutations! I recently upgraded my GPU in my 5 year old System from a GTX 760 to a new GTX 1660 Ti. As I usually do with a new GPU I ran a few benchmarks on it. Unigine Heaven provided me with a, in my opinion, weirdly low score for a new 1660 Ti so I tried the Superposition Benchmark. The...
  34. K

    [SOLVED] Component Replace

    Hi, i have an hp laptop bought in 2013. It's an HP 15-g006sl. My battery is dead, and i want to change it's components cause the pc is really slow. I want to change: The RAM, The GPU, The CPU, The Mother Board. Sorry for my english, but i'm italian.
  35. bigiron14

    [SOLVED] Quick question upgrading from a gtx960

    Howdy. I've very green to pc building. Built my 1st one quite a few yrs back with an amd fx 6300 (6core 3.5 ghz) cpu, 8gb ram, 500w bronze power supply & a gtx 960 gpu. It's worked great for years. Trying to get into some newer multiplayer stuff with friends & it's pretty rough. Is just...
  36. henterpriser

    [SOLVED] Is it right that older GPUs work better with older MoBo/CPU?(sufficient PSU)

    Hello! Asking overally that will older GPUs perform better than new GPUs in old system combos?(such as am3+ etc.)? i agree this fact by myself as i tried it. just wanted to ask the community about this fact and the reason it may happen. Thanks for reading. GoodLuck!
  37. Desafio hardwaree

    [SOLVED] Will a phenom ii x6 running at stock support a rx 570 at 100%?

    At Cod Warzone
  38. Giannaros

    [SOLVED] Selling old GPU | What to include?

    Hey, I am about to sell my old GPU and I was wondering whether or not I need to pack any other stuff with it, like cables or whatever. Anybody who knows?
  39. tralph3

    [SOLVED] A PC died on me out of the blue and I don't have an obvious culprit

    Hi all. So, I found a PC lying on the street a few days ago, and it was fully working to my surprise. Neat. It has a Pentium D 2.8Ghz processor, an NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GS, two sticks of 512MB of RAM, and another two sticks of 2GB each for a total of 5GB of RAM. These are not the best specs as...
  40. T

    [SOLVED] What to upgrade in an old PC to make it functional for basic stuff

    Hi everyone, I have this old PC which is almost 10 years old and it has become really slow, as I have also removed parts like the GPU and one of the RAM cards because they stopped working. I am interested in making a little faster so that it can handle basic daily stuff like browsing, videos...