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    Question Can't find OC Scanner in MSI Afterburner?

    Hello so I am trying to overclock my RX 580 4gb in MSI afterburner with the oc scanner but I can't find the button in the top left or in the core clock. I tried reinstalling it with the normal and beta driver versions. Any help is appreciated.
  2. V

    Question f4-3600c16d-16gvkc OR f4-3600c16d-16gtzn

    Ok guys need help, this two tips of memorys was with a good reviews but different prices and different manufactures Hynix and Samsung that was I know, also I know that samsung is better for overclocking better quality bla bla etc... I have question f4-3600c16d-16gvkc OR f4-3600c16d-16gtzn? What...
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    [SOLVED] r5 3600 or i5 10500 or 10600 or r53600/x for gamin and higher fps?

    Ok I know that this question is so frequent but now I have r5 3600 on b450 tomahawk max and two ram sticks of 8gb (16gb) on 3000mhz cl15, and Arctic freezer esport 34 duo, gtx 1060 G1 gaming ( in future planing to upgrade to RTX 3070)... But in meantime the prices of i5 10600 or 10500 in my...
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    Question Best ram kit 16gb for Ryzen 7 3700x for highest FPS in gaming? not expensive one but best value performer?

    Hi people, I have r7 3700x paird with ram kit kingstone two 8gb = 16gb with cl15 3000mhz, but I want the max performer ram kit (some 3600mhz will be ok), to switch this kit I already have with it... please for help. P.S. I watched gamer nexus, hardware unboxed and etc.... but I need some opinion...
  5. A

    Question Sapphire Radeon RX 560 4GB OC Pulse System Freeze/Crashes under GPU Load Windows 10

    Hi All, In Windows 10, my PC crashes/Freeze under GPU on Load. I cannot run any graphics demanding GAMES or some benchmark softwares(Geekbench or Heaven Unigine) except Passmark benchmark as it will freeze the System. Then I need to force restart or shutdown the System. But there is no issues...
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    Question Is H310 MB usable for i7-9700?

    My MB died because of a bad PSU... I had AsusM5A97Pro+Fx-8320 I was low on budget and the cheapest CPU I could find in my local market that was better than Fx-8320 was i3-9100F ... so I got it + Asus Prime H310-PLUS R2 ... But now I have the budget to get a i7-9700 ... So should I change the MB...
  7. CrunCheez

    Question Please help me, dram frequency shows 1066 for trident z neo 3200mhz.

    I have purchased 2 new ram stick, 3200mhz Tridentz Neo (8GBx2). I did overclock my motherboard and I am still stuck at 1066mhz. I tried every possible thing and still having difficulty. I have a MSI B450M pro vdh2 motherboard with Ryzen5 1600. Please help me.
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    Question b450 tomahawk max bios setup for max boost

    hi people, I want to ask someone who knows which is the proper setup in bios for b450 tomahawk max to boost maximum my cpu r5 3600? which settings in bios do I need to enable or disable (smt, pbo etc...)? Iam totally noob what that all settings are for. thanks 😊
  9. Kintsugi

    Question Ryzen 3800x overclock.

    I have a Ryzen 7 3800x set at 4.4 Ghz with 1.125 volts and i wanna try to push it to 4.5Ghz but every time i try.. bluescreen. What's the best volts and frequency setting that i should use? Now with 100% of CPU usage the temperature stay within 70-72° C so.. any suggestions?
  10. buriza

    Question Can i run the rams at the 3200hz speed?

    Morning people, I have a Asus b150m-plus motherboard and an i7-6700k cpu.I m got a pair of 16gbs Corsair vengaence 3200 rams yesterday and im trying to run them at the max speed of 3200 but it dosnt let me pass the 2133hz.When i do set it on the bios and then restard my pc, my pc goes into some...