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  1. Deanyo2k7

    [SOLVED] 2x Xeon E550 in HP DL360

    Hi guys im looking at getting my first server to be able to host multiple wordpress sites on using ubuntu 18.04 on hyper-v and apache with mysql and php. I may also be hosting email servers on it too but im not sure yet I haven’t figured that out. I found this server on eBay...
  2. ahmediqbal1

    [SOLVED] Apex Legends SSE4.2 emulator/bypass fix?

    So i am trying to play Apex Legends,Downloaded and installed it with origin but then when i try to launch it loads up to the splash screen of easyanticheat then it crashes and brings me back to origin So i googled around a bit and found the game needs SSE4.2 But i have Core 2 Quad Q9400 so i...
  3. R

    Small good Phone

    Looking for a really good and small phone, the height of the phone should be about 125mm and be pretty rigged and not break easily, ip68 and all other stuff. The price doesn't matter
  4. B

    i5 8400 vs i7 8700 performance in gaming

    So i'm planning to upgrade my CPU mainly for gaming. I will also be upgrading my board and getting 2x4gb ram at the least. i'm stuck between getting the i5 8400 or i7 8700 (non-k). I have the GTX1060 6gb as my GPU now and was looking at assassin's creed odyssey benchmarks. I know my card...
  5. A

    Error 17 - WHEA Loggers flooding by thousands for hours

    Event 17, WHEA Loggers (PCI Express Root Port) had been flooding my event viewer for hours. In just 10 seconds, over 16,000 of the warnings came. It went on for an hour or two before finally stop, and after shutting down the laptop to end the day, the next day it came out again. So far, these...
  6. 2

    Increasing battery life by disabling GPU and using intergrated graphics?

    Hi! i just bought a laptop for university (MSI GF62). It has a GTX 1060 6gb, and it only has like 4-5 hour battery life. I heard on youtube that you could increase your battery life by letting your laptop run on integrated graphics instead of the big GPU. But i'm not sure how to do that...
  7. N

    Wirelss ac1200m repeater

    I have installed a wireless AC 1200M repeater/reuter/ap and it appears on the list of wireless points but when I click on it, it asks for a password. when I input the password for my network [as per instructions] it says incorrect password. Can anybody help please.
  8. A

    LG Smart TV

    So I cannot turn on my LG Smart TV..I cannot connect it to mobile hotspot/wifi because It's not on...Even if I push the on button let's just say I cannot connect to hotspot/wifi. Is there a simple smart tv app that I can put on my phone to turn it on with no wifi?..Most apps say you must be...
  9. B

    Compound Audio Driver issue: No audio or jumping to 100

    I have an issue where if I unpause media content, the system volume jumps to 100 without it actually "being" 100. The solution to this problem is usually to uninstall the sound drivers and then restart to force them to reinstall. When I do this, it causes my headphone jack not to work at all...
  10. M

    Xeon or i7, what's the difference?

    Hi, is there any difference between these two processors in terms of performance: 1. Intel Xeon E5-1620 v2 Clockspeed: 3.7 GHz Turbo Speed: 3.9 GHz No of Cores: 4 (2 logical cores per physical) Typical TDP: 130 W Single Thread Rating: 1956 CPU Mark: 9495 and 2. Intel Core i7-3770...
  11. M

    Download speed randomly varies from normal (100 Mbps) to very slow (0.5 Mbps); upload is normal

    D/L speed will randomly vary from normal (100 Mbps) to slow (0.5 Mbps) intermittently through the day. Last time this happened was 8 months ago and was fixed by replacing all coax cables and splitters from CABLE-IN to the modem. Replaced again this time with no improvement. Have...
  12. S

    Looking for gpu driver for compaq presario f500

    I need the Nvida gpu driver for compaq presario f500 cto laptop I have windows 7 enterprise 64bit os
  13. W

    No Signal or Keyboard, Mouse/Fans/DvdRW all powers up.

    Please help me, I built a new Ryzen 3 2200G with Radeon Vega Graphics onto a MSI B350M Gaming Pro motherboard and ddr4 3000MhZ RAM. When I power it up everything powers on but no signal to my monitor or keyboard.I have tried all the basics like SINGLE STICK OF RAM, or unplug the bios battery. I...
  14. kcarbotte

    The Latest Steam VR Beta Addresses Vive Pro Audio Quality, Sort Of

    Valve’s latest Steam VR beta update includes a firmware update to address the poor audio quality of the Vive Pro headphones. We tried the update, but we’re still not impressed with the sound that the Vive Pro produces. The Latest Steam VR Beta Addresses Vive Pro Audio Quality, Sort Of : Read more
  15. A

    Old GPU two 6 pin plugs, new GPU one 6 pin plug

    Hi, I have just installed a new gpu into my pc, the old gpu required two 6 pin plugs and my new one only has one 6 pin plug. When I plug in either of the plugs to the new gpu it gets power but the monitor shows no signal. I have also installed a new cpu and sshd at the same time. Gpu: ASUS...
  16. A

    Power Supply Upgrade For My Pc

    Hi! I have a Hp Compaq 8000 Elite with a 240W of Psu..I am Planning on Upgrading my Psu with 400W+ but i have a Small Case Can someone recommend me a PSU which can fit in my Conputer Case And is compatible with my Hp Compaq 8000 Elite.Thanks! My Current PSU: Hp-D2402E0(240W) My Computer Case...
  17. T

    Please need help

    my laptop is asus x455l i try to open it but it stucks at preparing automatic repair it not continue its stuck for almost an hour please
  18. D

    Two Samsung tablets won't hold charge

    I have a galaxy tab A 10.1 and a Samsung Nook reader. Neither has ever held a charge and unless you totally shut them down when charging, they will take two days to charge.
  19. K

    Quiet server for home use?

    I'm looking to get a server that I can run my free pbx box off of, along with a few windows vms for gaming servers. Are there any cheap and quiet servers anyone can recommend?
  20. S

    New or refurb

    Now I'm looking to buy a laptop at about the 800 range. I'm primarily looking at 1050 ti or maybe this 1060 or others if someone could suggest one around the same price? The reason for this post is that I'm just wondering if it's worth buying the 1050 ti because it's new, it wouldn't have...
  21. B

    Need help,thank you guys

    I need help: I have EVGA gtx 960ssc 4gb and i have samsung 32inch monitor, What cable should i use to get the flawless 1920x1080 resolution!
  22. A

    Keyboard works in bios but stops working after loading windows 7

    I just upgraded my computer yesterday and spent a couple hours building. After pushing the power button and having it turn on I was pretty happy but now I seem to be having some trouble. Asus z270-a motherboard intel i7 7800k cpu razer blackwidow keyboard Windows 7 os When I turn the computer...
  23. T

    BIOS update failure, won't boot Win10

    Computer Model: MSI GE70 2QD Apache I just updated the BIOS by downloading the official version applicable to my computer model, but now I am unable to boot Windows 10 at all. Whenever I reboot, the system automatically goes back to the BIOS. I can't even seem to open the settings to boot from...
  24. D

    For Adobe CC: Quadro 4000 2GB or GTX 1050 Ti 4GB?

    I'm an editor/animator; I have a Hackintosh, which I mainly use for Adobe CC (After Effects, Premiere, Illustrator, Photoshop) ... which card is better? No gaming. Or for that matter, what's the best card I can get for <$250? Thanks!
  25. A

    Computer stutters when watching Netflix/HBO

    So on my second PC, Ive noticed something thats never happened before yesterday. When Im watching videos on Netflix or HBO, my entire computer stutters once every few seconds. I can game and watch YouTube videos and Twitch just fine, but Im lost as to the cause of it all. Specs: 8GB RAM i5 4460...
  26. M

    Uncommonly Low FPS

    I recently made a build to run Destiny 2. R7 1700 EVGA gtx 1080 16gb ddr4 WIN 10 64 WD SSD 500w PSU So I am running on high to medium settings and I am getting 60-80 fps average in game, and 144 in menus. Even if I nuke the anti-aliasing settings I still get 60-80fps average. I have no idea...
  27. M

    CPU overheats with noise

    Sometimes this CPU overheats (idle temp 34-> 44C) with machine running noise when booting computer. This is why I replaced mobo with new one but this symptom restarted as ever. where is the problem cpu or mobo ?
  28. L

    144hz gaming monitor and 60hz 65" TV problems

    Hey everyone! I recently bought a Philips 65'' 4K tv and obviously it runs on 60Hz and it's plugged into my NVIDIA GTX 970 and i'm using a 144hz monitor for gaming. I got the TV plugged in with a HDMI cable the my gaming monitor with a DP cable. The problem i'm having is that, whatever I do...
  29. N

    [Solved] Motherboard won't boot after installing graphics card, EVEN after reverting build. Please help, any ideas?

    Hello, I'm currently finishing up a build with a graphics card. Because of the current market, I had been using Intel integrated graphics for about 6 weeks now with my build, no problem. Recently, I snagged a EVGA GTX 1060 SSC 6 GB for a good price, so I was so ecstatic to finish my build once...
  30. N

    Help! 32g micro SD card

    I have purchased a brand new Galaxy Ace phone (not really technical) and a 32g SD card and I can't get my SD card to allow me to download anything. Please explain in layman's terms what I can do TIA
  31. P

    Motherboard/Cpu/Gpu/Psu compability and further parts

    I've got an Intel G620 lying around and a somewhat old intel motherboard to go along with it. I was thinking of maybe upgrading it with a GTX 560 for a little while but im limited by the PSU. I looked around and found the "AXP Simplepower (AXP-630P12P) 630 Watt" PSU. Now my concern is, how good...
  32. S


    I have a H100 v2 Corsair liquid cooler and my case is cooler master force 500 ATX mid-tower case. Apparently,there is no possible to fit the coller in this case. But theoritcally it is compatible.
  33. M

    Chrome using 9 GB of RAM

    Hello, I have 16GB of DDR3 RAM and lately I saw that google chrome is using 9 GB of ram which is a lot How can I fix this?
  34. R

    Nvidia Display Driver has stopped working and has Recovered. GTA V

    I have a Core i5 3.22 GHz 8 GB RAM DDR3 Nvidia GT 610 2GB I am able to run most games smoothly such as Wolfenstein : The new order, Bioshock Infinite, Assassins's Creed Rogue etc. But whenever I Run GTA V, the game runs for like 3 minutes before the textures mess up and the game freezes. The...
  35. A

    Memory space problem

    Just got an SD card for my Samsung tablet and I moved an app to the SD card then I tried to update the app but it said theirs not enough storage space. How do I fix this issue?
  36. C

    What should I upgrade first/last?

    Hi all, I'm really struggling on what priority to upgrade my computer. I'd like to class myself as a gamer and do enjoy good graphics and performance. Below are my specs, please let me know what you believe should be my next upgrade priority? CPU - i7 4770k Mother board - Asus Z97K GPU - GTX...
  37. S

    Is It good for eRendering

    Is Asus g series is better for rendering.
  38. V

    Hitman direct3d 11 issue

    Whenever i run hitman this shows up nad I dont know how to fix it Error Executable not found (Direct3d 11)
  39. P

    Putting SSD into Laptop?

    Im planning on putting an SSD into my laptop because it will not only serve as a bit of storage, but I want to boot windows 10 from it. So Lets start off by showing my laptop model: Asus Rog GL551JW- WJ71(WX) and I am certain I can put an SSD inside of it, just refer to this video here...
  40. L

    Do i really need hyper threading on?

    I have a Intel Core i7 4790K but i'm not overclocking. My temps while playing CPU heavy games like Battlefield 1 are bouncing from 55-59 degrees celsius. If i turn hyper threading off what are the pros and cons? I'm really looking for it to cool my CPU even more but still have the same...