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  1. X

    Question GPU stopped working suddenly

    My GPU would suddenly turn off and I would have to disconnect and reconnect my dvix cable and hard reset and that would fix it. This time my GPU wont turn on at all. I checked inside the case and it doesn't seem to be getting power. I tried reseating it and putting it in a different slot but...
  2. NateTDOM

    [SOLVED] GPU power cables

    Okay, i’m new to the whole PC building scene so bear with me. There are lots of similar questions like mine but i’m not sure if many are exactly my situation. I have a rtx 2070 which has a 8 pin and 6 pin power connector on it. My PSU(the corsair rmx650) has two pcie cables that come with it...
  3. H

    [SOLVED] Is a be quiet! System Power B8 550W will be enough for my new GPU?

    So I am upgrading my GPU from a Asus RoG strix 1060 6gb to a RX 5700 and I was wondering if my PSU will be enough or not. The rest of my System: CPU: R5 2600 (not oc) RAM:2x8 3200mhz G.Skill Trident Z MOBO: AsRock B450 Pro4 1x SSD 2.5 120GB 1x 7200Rpm 1TB HDD 1x5400Rpm 500GB HDD 6x120mm Fans+1...
  4. Koushik Das Sunny

    [SOLVED] Can I use GTX 750 Ti OC Dual Fan without 1 Additional 6pin power connector ?

    I have 450w PSU I want to Install GTX 750 Ti OC Dual Fan Graphics Card.... Can I Use GTX 750 Ti OC Dual Fan without "1 Additional 6pin power connector" ????
  5. R

    Question Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 FE - Power cable(s)

    Just wondering if I should power my GPU with 1 cable or 2? My PSU came with an 8pin cable that goes to 6+2 and then splits to another 6+2. should i use that or use two separate cables? Saw a thread about this topic but it was for a 1070. Just want to make sure a 2080 isn't different. This is my...
  6. U

    Question PC fans and lights on the motherboard are working, but my display doesn't receive signal

    Hi, My PC isn't working. I started it today and worked fine. I went away from it like 30 minutes, because a neighbor rang at my door. When I came back the screen was black and I thought it went into standby. I moved the mouse around to start it, pressed some keys but the display stayed black. I...
  7. M

    Question Are 650watts enough ?

    Hello guys. Im going to build that pc. ryzen 3600 Msi x470 carbon 16 gb trident Z DDR4 3200mhz Rx 5700 XT Etc etc Is corsair tx650m enough?
  8. C

    Question CX450M Powering a MSI Geforce GTX 1660TI

    Hello and sorry in advance for the naive questions, I'm absolutely new to this. Received a PC as a gift with very decent specs but a bargain-basement graphics card, so I'm trying to update that. Power supply is a Corsair CX450. Graphics card is an MSI GeForce GTX 1660TI. Here is where the...
  9. N

    Question GIVE ME A GOOD AND CHEAP FIX PSU FOR GTX 760(dual 6 pin)

    Hey guys i just need proper solution not a suggestion like getting a new psu ..... the problem is i have a 550 w all 30 A no company PSU and it does not have a 4 pin or 6 pin and i want to power my 760. can i use molex to 6pin + 6pin to dual 6pin
  10. S

    Question Need to know if I'll have enough power for pc?

    I recently bought a EVGA RTX 2060 SC Ultra Gaming Graphics Card for my computer since I'm upgrading little by little. http://prntscr.com/o30vjr - Link to all my parts Will I have enough for my new gpu? Yes, I know I have to upgrade my cpu and motherboard.
  11. I

    [SOLVED] 4+4 pin ATX 12V == 8 pin PCI-E ?

    Recently, I bought a gtx 970 which is powered through an 8 pin PCI-E connection. My power supply only has a double 4 pin 12V connector. As far as I've heard, these are only for the motherboard or CPUs, but it fits into the PCI-E slot. Will it work?
  12. Ariesyolo

    Question Is litepower 650w enough for 980ti?

    So I am on a very tight budget. My config is : i5 7400 Msi gtx 980ti 240gb Corsair Force Le ssd Toshiba 1tb hdd 3x Rgb Fan And Cryorig h7 cooler 8x8 16gb ram. Will Thermaltake litepower 650w be enough to run this safely ? Pls help thank you
  13. A

    [SOLVED] RX 580 or GTX 1070 for 450W PSU?

    Hi, I recently got a system without a gpu and am looking to upgrade it. I am deciding between an XFX RX 580 4GB and a Zotac GTX 1070. The cost is irrelevant. I just want to know which one will draw less power. Thanks. Specs- i7 4770K@stock Stock cooler ST45-SF-G (450W) 16gb 1600mhz 250gb ssd...
  14. C

    Question a litle hellp plz

    so im runong i a problem last 3 4 days at first i could not turn on my pc at first try so i tryd to disconektn my gpu and it turnd on so i plugd in gpu back and i turnd on fine again and evrtying was normal . same thing hapend after 2 3 days i did the same thisng so it workt again , im playing...
  15. J

    Question New Graphics card (8 Pin) with my current powersupply

    Looking to buy a new graphics card (GTX 1660ti https://www.gigabyte.com/Graphics-Card/GV-N166TWF2OC-6GD#sp ) which needs an 8 pin PCI-E cable. My current power supply (Corsair CX430...
  16. J

    Question Power

    I just bought a new GPU Rx 570 and my psu is only 500w and this gpu requires a 8 pin connector. My psu doesn’t have an 8 pin it has a 6 pin would a 2 moles to 8 pin adapter work
  17. H

    Question Will My Corsair TX650M Run AMD Vega cards?

    Hi, I have a Corsair TX650M in my build that I bought recently because my last PSU failed. I saw it had really good ratings and the 650 watts is plenty for my current specs. However, I am thinking of upgrading my RX480 to either a Vega 56 or 64. I'm just wondering if it is wise to attempt to run...
  18. hadiahmed29

    [SOLVED] Thermaltake 550w Lite Power

    Hey guys i m recently planning a custom build PC so i wanted to know if Thermaltake Litepower 550W PSU is enough to power Asus 1060 Dual OC 6gb card and i3 8100 with 12 gb or 16 gb ram and might put on some RGB lights as well Also will i3 8100 bottleneck with This card Thank you every response...
  19. T

    Question Is the power supply good enough?

    Cpu: i7-9700K Gpu: rtx 2080 PSU: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01LYGFRL6/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1 Also if yes can i overclock the cpu with this psu? If no thats fine, I just want a good PSU to provide enough power for my components.
  20. A

    [SOLVED] How do i connect the psu cables to my gpu and how many?

    So i have a evga g3 650w psu and a msi gtx1070 ti. So the gpu has 8+6 pins for power, so am i supposed to put one 8 to 8 pin cable from the psu to the gpu and one 8 to 6 pin to the cable, or one 8 to 8+6 pin i got in with the psu because i dont want to limit my gpu performance due to low power...
  21. G

    Question GTX 1070 G1 Gaming - power

    I am thinking of getting this graphics card but my PSU only has 2x6 pin whereas this card has 1x8 pin. Will the box from this link...
  22. R

    Question Does my XTX Pro Series Core 650W PSU work with a MSI RX580 8GB GPU?

    My MSI GTX 970 died. So I want to buy the MSI Radeon RX 580 ARMOR 8G OC (It's a good deal in my store, only €210 or +/- $185 + You get two free games. So I can cancel my Division 2 pre-order, making it even cheaper. And you also get DMC5. So it's a good deal for me. BUT can my XTX Pro Series...
  23. W

    Question Does my GPU get the power i needs?

    So i have a msi gtx 1070 ti and a EVGA supernova g3 650. Just recently i strated wondering if my gpu got the full "recommend" amount of power (it works tho). So my PSU got 8 pin cable that splits in the other end to 8+6+2. Since my GPU only has a 8+6 pin connector, i plugged them all except...
  24. M

    [SOLVED] Is this Power Supply good enough for my Computer?

    I'm planning to buy this Power Supply. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B014W3EMAO/ref=psdc_1161760_t3_B01LYGJL0E?th=1 If anyone knows does it have 8 pin. If it doesn't i'll just buy 8 pin. My question is should I buy that power supply for my pc? Specs: i7-2600k GPU: Amd MSI RADEON RX 470 Will...
  25. R

    command prompt popping out in the middle

    hi i am encountering the same problem of cmd popping out in the middle and found out the culprit program by screen capturing which is none other than c:\windows\system32\ipconfig.exe.....now what to do, please guide me.