Question Does my XTX Pro Series Core 650W PSU work with a MSI RX580 8GB GPU?

Mar 1, 2019
My MSI GTX 970 died.

So I want to buy the MSI Radeon RX 580 ARMOR 8G OC (It's a good deal in my store, only €210 or +/- $185 + You get two free games. So I can cancel my Division 2 pre-order, making it even cheaper. And you also get DMC5.

So it's a good deal for me.

BUT can my XTX Pro Series Core 650W PSU work with the RX580?

My GTX970 had both a 6 pin and 8 pin connector and the RX580 has 8 pins (or 6+2)

I think my PSU has two 6 pin connectors, not an 8 pin.

(Not sure why is has TWO connectors, is that for SLI/Crossfire? It sure does advertise SLI/Crossfire Ready on the box)

Can I somehow hook it up? I'm not sure if my PSU has a 6pin + 2

Are there cables that I use to turn a 6pin coming out of my PSU to an 8pin going into my GPU?

According to the specs provided on my local store, the RX580 requires 500W

My old GTX970 had two pin inputs: One for 6pins and one for 8pins and came with a little cable that turned my 6pin PSU output into 8pin GPU input

But my PSU has TWO 6 pin outputs

I haven't bought the RX580 yet, so I don't know what cables it comes with.

My XTX manual says it supports both 6pin and 8pin GPU's though.

Here's picture of a cable that came with my GTX970: Picture of cable on Imgur

PS: My system specs are:

i5 2500K + Scythe cooler
MSI GTX970 4GB (now dead, temporary using old ATI card)
and XTX 650W PSU

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Cable Connectors:

Fixed FDD : up to 1

Fixed Peripheral : up to 7

Fixed 6+2-pin PCI-E : 4....You should have the cables you need.

Fixed ATX12V / EPS12V : One 4+4-pin

Fixed Motherboard Connector : 20+4 Pin

Fixed SATA : up to 8