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    Question Unexplained drop in FPS (possible power issues)

    Hello, I don't post very often but I have been struggling with this GTX 1070 that I have had for a long time. I've never really been able to successfully overlock it (using msi afterburner) and recently I've actually noticed some FPS drops in games and I'm wondering if it is related at all to...
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    I just got a PC recently , but getting Unexpected Results

    So last week i bought a low-mid range gaming PC after researching on Youtube seeing benchmarks of everything in it... specs are Ryzen 5 1400 ( OC to 3.8GHz @ 1.3000v ) Asus B350 A Prime ASUS GTX 1060 ROG STRIX Edition OC CX 550 Bronze Certified Zebronics matrix Cabinet 8GB RAM DDR4 @ 2400MHz...
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    Ethernet not working after thunderstorm

    My Ethernet does not work, but my Wi-Fi works fine. My modem is an Arris DG1670. Here's my set-up: My modem is connected to my desktop via a USB to Ethernet adapter because my Ethernet port on my desktop is broken (it has been broken for quite some time). I do not have a router. My Wi-Fi comes...
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    Ping time-outs, spikes, and unstable connection

    Dear all, I have the following problem: - Unreliable connection and many time-outs/data errors, even while surfing - I narrowed it down to a latency issue: pinging my WiFi-router, the ping is between 3-10 ms, but every 10th attempt or so (no constant) is a ping over 2000 ms or a time-out. In...
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    How can I factory reset my tablet from aptio setup utility

    I have iropro tablet with american megatrends set up . How can I factory reset from aptio setup utility
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    New build - questions/problems

    I've been looking into the possibilities of using 6x monitors in a sli/cf rig. They're 1080p monitors and would be mounted 2 high 3 wide, 5760 x 2160 i think is the res. What do you think I would need to get good FPS on reasonable details? I've been looking into sli 980's or cf 295x2's. I...